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Happy hour for Joe

February 27, 2010

Joe is so happy; there has been so much gloom lately with everything in his camp coming apart.

 Just a few of the bad days:

 But things have changed for Joe!  And you won’t believe who made him happy.  I mean Joe has never been able to find a good word for any Republican, leave alone one Scott Brown from Massachusetts.

 But look for yourself:

 Joe gets ecstatic: “You’ve got to love it. Scott Brown casts a sane and completely justifiable vote for a jobs bill that is essentially a tax cut for small businesses … etc.  I thought Joe was deliriously happy, and he was.

But sadly, it lasts less than 30 seconds before Joe realized that he can’t be happy with a Republican and when nobody spoke, not even the Tea Party, Joe does it for them:

 “C’mon Tea Partiers, this guy Brown has no principles! He’s a politician. Cast him out!”

 Moral of the story?  Joe will never be really happy.  After all, how does a Republican dare to cast a “sane and completely justifiable vote?”

Home again and out of Touch

February 22, 2010

Badly out of touch, mindlessly entirely out of touch with reality, is Joe.  And his readers are telling him so in no uncertain terms.

 Look at this just a few months ago:

 Obama’s Foreign Policy Needs a Domestic Boost,8599,1925834,00.html?xid=rss-joeklein

 “If Obama wins health care, he will have the political capital to move any way he wishes on Afghanistan — with the military, or against it.”

 Then he goes off to wherever in the troubled ‘Middle East.’

 “We’ll see.  Optimism at this point seems foolish; but pessimism seems a bit reflective too.  We’re at a new stage of this war.  This year culminating in the next Obama policy review in December, should tell us a great deal about what can and can’t be accomplished.”

 Home Again

 Back from the “Flooded War Zone” [“the foreign boost” of September 2009] he waffles on about:

 “It seems very clear that if Petraeus ever did decide to run for President as a Republican–a move I’m not convinced he’ll ever make–he’d be far too moderate… etc” before he takes the Administration of the Presidency that he had helped create to task “In these circumstances, it seems time for the President’s (alleged) friends in Congress to stop playing their own political games–especially the Appropriators–and join the party of adults. It is the only way they save their skins come November.”

 He denounces the malaise in the Administration:

 “Administration too often sends political aides into the fray–they tend to be youngish, defensive and ridden with talking points. More than a year later, there is no single, authoritative voice on foreign policy, either. This is getting to be a real problem.”

 A VERY “real Problem” indeed I would say, made worse by this idiotic article:

 Enough Already

 “I certainly hope he resumes playing golf soon; I love watching him play.”

I have never seen Joe taken to task by his own Regular Readers Corps as in the flood of Comments on this disastrous defense of a man with no morals.  You read it [LOOK FOR THE COMMENTS BY SACREDH] and judge it the way you see it.

 Joe Klein has lost all touch with reality; he has been going down ever since Massachusetts.

 Poor Joe, what a way to go?

Woods in Darkness

February 21, 2010

 “Tiger Woods has apologized.”  Yes Joe, he has.

 He lapped it up when the limelights were bright; that was the time for him to think about his wife, his poor young children who adore him, and maybe even about his sponsors.  Now he must atone in the same public eye where he loved to be adored.

 To compare Edwards with him now [readers, click on apologized.] and to make that unfortunate soul into the skunk in the Woods story, is folly.

 Read one comment in the Post by sacredh [comment # 18]:

“IMHO, when you sign all the endorsement deals and market yourself like Tiger did and then fail spectaculary in your personal life like he did, you deserve all the attention you get. He didn’t seem to mind all of the hundreds of millions he got for being a role model, so why give him a break when it comes out that cheated on his wife with all of the other women?

Does anyone truly believe that he didn’t know that he was a mega celebrity in the public eye? If you’re going to put yourself out there, you have a responsibility to the people that pay you the big bucks to hawk their product and to the fans that follow you. He may be the best golfer that ever lived, but he’s also one of the most shameless. I feel bad for his wife and kids. For Tiger, nothing.”

Tiger Wood sowed the whirlwind [in gay abandon] and his belated apologies come through for what it in truth is; he is feeling the money pinch as the sponsors leave the rat hole.

 Do you believe that he is sorry?  Well, I don’t.

Time will tell

February 20, 2010

That’s how we always said, but not this Time.  Joe Klein is back but doesn’t have a lot to tell us, which is unusual for Joe.

 But he has obviously had a lot of Time to reflect ever since Massachusetts and he does produce two great articles from his sojourns to war torn Middle East.

 “We’ll see. Optimism at this point seems foolish; but pessimism seems a bit reflexive, too. We’re at a new stage of this war. This year, culminating in the next Obama policy review in December, should tell us a great deal about what can and can’t be accomplished.”


 “Tiger Woods has apologized. He has apologized for stupid things he did in private with consenting adults.


 I hope he can now put his life together, outside the glare of my noble colleagues (although I realize that’s probably impossible). I certainly hope he resumes playing golf soon; I love watching him play.”

That will be all for the day, Folks.  We will know more in December; that’s what the man said.

Alternatively, for those who still remember the old sixties movie [the first or one of the first on the wide screen] on ‘How the West was Won.’  Well, this Post tells you ‘How the West was Lost.’

The Oscar Nominations and the carefully concealed Truth of History

February 18, 2010

I at first wanted to headline this Post ‘Compliments to another Blogger’ in honor of the Post that came up as Automatically Generated in another Post that I had done.  Here is the gem:

 One short excerpt says it all:

 “It looks like it was biologically designed in a laboratory to win Oscars.”

 Good Sir, you have an uncanny ability to see the truth.  Congratulations!

 Thus without distracting from his masterpiece I refer to my Post and one other on the same subject:

 And then you need to read about the reason for adding “and History’ in my Headline:

 My WordPress Post got a good few reads but very few comments.  But a similar Post in the UK Telegraph drew wide reaction and some informative discussion on the history of Mandela; I merely combined all the Comments that I got there and added it to my WordPress Blog for discussion.

 It is lengthy, and many contributors sometimes sidetracked; you will note that I myself state no views or interpretations.  You may check the dates and facts in my Post, and recheck and compare; one should always read and analyze all three sides of the story in history.

 But in conclusion my colleague the Blogger above in my view qualifies for a double Oscar for his observations.

Relocating an Open Mailbox to the USA

February 18, 2010

This Box is open and will be checked every day for any incoming mail from anyone.  You may use it as you like.

 I have set it up for the convenience of my UK Telegraph Blog friends [and foes] who may wish to say a last goodbye following my hasty departure when a vacant seat enabled me to hop over on an early morning plane.

 But is open to anyone; WordPress is now my home and I shall take UK Visitors on a tour of our superior facilities.

More info will follow later.

Retrieval of deleted Ike Jakson Blog Posts at the UK Telegraph

February 18, 2010

Please bear with me Folks.  There will be nothing much in here to start with and I shall fill you in later.

 It is therefore, for a start merely a temporary Post that I am setting up to obtain a link for Google and other Searches on my previous research work with the UK Telegraph Blog Site.

 Over and out for now.

IT and Technical Assistance for Ike and Whoever

February 17, 2010

I have set this Post up as a place where I am getting technical and other assistance from my new friend ColinB Sciencebod who knows about these things and may be able to help others too.

 It is however, my pleasure right the very first time to assist him as he is a new WordPress Blogger but I have been here a while on his question about the WordPress Preview facility.

 All Bloggers have at times difficulty getting a Url Link in and not knowing for sure that it will be live in the Post.

 Shucks, now I have to explain to him as a recent convert from the UK My Telegraph Site where they use other terminology.  WordPress is the Blog Site; they give you space for a Blog in your own name; the article that you summit is a Post.  We all better get used to it.

 I have simply stopped using the WordPress Preview facility because I found a better way.

 I prepare my new Blog Post off-line and send it through the US English Spellchecker when it is ready for Posting.  It is important because if you don’t do it WordPress will accept any links in your Post but they may not be live in the Post when it comes out after submitting it.

 My easy method [from trial and error] solves all that as you go along.

 I prepare my Post with headline and content in MSWord, run the spellchecker and then Copy/Paste the heading in first.  You must of course, have the New Post WordPress Dashboard ready for action and at this stage you MUST go Online.  There has never been a problem with the Headline.

 However, if you have not followed the previous steps with the Spellchecker your link may not be live; a quick manual glance will tell you soon enough.  If it does not obviously show that the Link is live you have to use the cursor to mark the content of the post and press delete.  Start over marking the text body with the cursor, press copy.  Then, making sure the cursor is in the right place when you press Paste you must have an information window popping up in the middle of the monitor asking whether you give permission for the program to access information from that source.  If that window does not appear it will place the content but your link won’t be alive.

 But all you do now is delete the Post content.  You may have to move the cursor in and move it around to be able to delete the content but you will soon get on top of it.  Now you repeat the copy and paste and the moment the window comes up asking for your permission to access, click on yes and your Post will be complete with live links.

 Press Publish [in Blue on the right hand] straight away.

 And of course, go to the Post straight away via “visit site” and read it through another time because if you are still not satisfied you can always press edit at the end and correct your mistakes.

 In total you will save a lot of time, hassles and frustration because the Preview Route is much more time consuming and still does not guarantee that you won’t have “to much” somewhere instead of the correct ‘too much.”

 Try it out.  But remember to use the Spellchecker!

Here today gone tomorrow

February 17, 2010

Yesterday’s heroes: here today gone tomorrow like leaves in the wind.

 It looks like scant respect for the President of the New World Order.

 Then you have this beauty:

 One small excerpt [verbatim]:

[Commence quote]: “As Michael Shear, my similarly-named nemesis at the Washington Post reported on Monday, these conclusions were formalized in a recent White House review of communications strategy. When it comes to Obama’s public schedule, less is suddenly more. “The threshold for things he will go out and talk about is higher,” one senior aide told one-syllable Shear.

The reasons are multiple, but the most important one is self-preservation. White House aides want Obama to be seen as more of a Washington outsider, even as he leads the town, and that means he can’t always be the face of his own administration.” [End quote]

And Comment # 4 [also verbatim]:

[Commence quote]: “Michael Scherer:

Did Axlerod really say “We’ve got the greatest running back of all time, so the tendency is to want to hand off to him on every play”?

Do you have a link for that quote?

If that’s truly an indicator of this Administration’s mindset, we’re in for a long, long November, and then a long, long three more years.

They’ve got “the greatest running back of all time”? The best national politician ever? Electoral water-into-wine?

No wonder they’ve turned OFA into a fourth-rate MoveOn.

No wonder they didn’t think they’d need grass-roots/netroots cooperation in generating genuine public support for getting legislation passed, once they were out of crisis mode (once Citigroup stopped publicly threatening the country).

No wonder they think that they can blatantly flip-flop on campaign rhetoric (like his clear denunciation of individual mandates, for example).

No wonder they think they can tolerate public knowledge of their back-room deals with PhRMA, like Cheney did with the oil guys before the energy bill.

No wonder they think that they can pass horrifyingly unpopular and ineffective health care legislation without electoral consequence.

No wonder they thought they could just bail out the banks.

What else do they think they can do without consequence?

If that’s the premise, that Super-O can just swoop down from the White House to save the Martha Coakleys of the midterms, then their heads are even further up their asses then previously imagined. They’re achieving Bush II-level bubble-dom.

Please link to that quote, Michael Scherer, so that we know that wasn’t just a quip or joke.” [End quote]


As the man said: “we’re in for a long, long November, and then a long, long three more years.”

I recall what Former President George W once said about changing polls: “Poof … and they are gone.”

 Just like yesterday’s heroes.

The Oscar Nominations

February 15, 2010

Are they for real?  Is Hollywood real?  Is it a reflection of reality, or just another …?  Let’s take this year’s nomination of four Oscars for Invictus.

Purportedly to tell the story of the events culminating in South Africa’s victory in the 1995 Rugby World Cup, it does nothing like that.

 Instead it raises many questions with no attempted answers.  The rugby displays are mediocre, the imitation of the South African accent and English pronunciation is as real as my Chinese or my Greek, neither that I have ever attempted.

 The entire effort was neatly choreographed to be released around the same date twenty years ago when Mandela walked out of prison a free man.  It makes no mention of why Mandela spent 27 years behind bars so one is left with the myth that he did actually go to prison for teaching Sunday school fifty years earlier.

 It does not mention or refer to the small fact that Mandela rapidly became one of the richest men in the World in a matter of five years after his release from prison; well, call it ten years if you wish.

 Who bankrolled the movie?  Who nominated it for the Oscars?  In fact, who paid how much to whom would make interesting reading if the truth is ever revealed.

 What about the Rugby Cup victory?  South Africa had just emerged from years [decades in fact] of enforced isolation in all World Sports, in which the name Mandela featured prominently.  Like it or not, Mandela was the man who had demanded the isolation.

 There is therefore a minority opposing view that the real fifteen guys played their hearts, minds and souls out to take the crown that day in 1995, in spite of Mandela and not because of him.  This viewpoint seems to ring true if what happened later is examined.  After the 1995 euphoria Mandela invited himself to the next three outings and South Africa lost all three.

 In fact, the governing Mandela ANC had virtually taken over South African Rugby on the flimsy grounds that Rugby “is a National asset” and got pretty close to ruining the game before the players revolted.

 Eastwood presumably made a good deal in his twilight years and so the main actors.  But the unanswered questions remain.

 American sportsmen would never allow their Government to interfere in the administration of sport, leave alone the selection of players in a team event.  Why did they expect that from South Africa?