A hearty Tennessee welcome from the Hollow

Our SATSA President will meet with other Tennessee Squires and some foreign dignitaries in the Hollow on July 24th this year to deliver his SOTA address and to commemorate his first 25 years as a Tennessee Squire.

 As has become customary for prior discussion and research on speeches I shall now covertly leak some excerpts for you to study.  Hmmm, yes I shall start right at the beginning of the speech with the opening words of the President.

 “Ladies and Gentlemen, Fellow Tennessee Squires, and first time visitors to the Hollow, we are gathered here today in the same place where, and on the same day 25 years ago when I started this Journey through America.”

 [Short pause to adjust the teleprompter]

 “When we started out we did not all know where the Journey would take us and I want to tell you today where it did.”

 [A Standing applause is anticipated.  And now I shall jump to President’s last remark at the end by which time everyone present will be gazing with star-struck eyes at the beloved President.]

 “Our journey with you the People has brought us here today.  The State of the Association is Strong, in fact stronger than ever before, allowing us to take in some new Members, selected from locals and foreign applicants who qualify for Membership.  I believe we have a contingent of foreign visitors with us tonight, including one from Australia, our good friends in the Southern Western Hemisphere, and a distinguished visitor from Ireland where many of our ancestors departed for our shores.”

 [Thunderous applause will be awaited.  Those to whom this is leaked to, kindly prepare to make it sound convincing.]

 Before the President takes his seat after a few closing words he will ask Axel Rotman to present the Quiz for the selection of new members.  Axel is now leaking the questions to all who may visit:

 1.  What is the favorite name for the State of Tennessee, and why?

 2.  One of America’s Great Presidents was [saka] Old Hickory.  What was his name and why was he saka Old Hickory?

 3.  Where [in which State] was Old Hickory born?  [There is a catch here, be careful and Google well];

4.  What is the real name of the Hollow and where is it?

 5.  What is the product that made the Hollow loved and famous?

 6.  Name some other well-known Tennessee Squires.

 7.  You need a certain qualification if you want your application for the status of Tennessee Squire to have any chance of success.  What is this qualification?

 New applications will be endorsed by the President in person, of course subject to the condition of the last question above being met and that the President is personally satisfied with the truth thereof.

 Ah well, I have decided to leak the President’s closing remarks as well.  It is the hallmark blessing bestowed on all new Tennessee Squires:

 “May they always ride an easy-walking horse, sleep ‘neath a rain-tight roof, and eat high on the hog every day of the year.”

 See you in the Hollow Friday July 23rd, 2010.


34 Responses to “A hearty Tennessee welcome from the Hollow”

  1. jamiemacnab Says:

    Ike, I’m just not sober enough right now to attempt your questions. My regular breakfast bottle of Jack Daniels hasn’t helped. But, come tea-time I should be feeling better – I might even find July 23rd in my diary.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      You have made great progress! The word “regular” fits in the question on the requirements for becoming a Tennessee Squire. Go on, you will get there.

  2. jamiemacnab Says:


    The very title ‘Squire’ fills me with dread. How could I live up to such a position? Wouldn’t I have to shoot some tenants or something? Or barbecue some poachers? Isn’t that what squires do?

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Sir Jamie

      You were much closer in your first comment and it thus saddens me that you now ponder on misdeeds such as you mention.

      No Sir, none such is involved; we are talking about the finer things, some in this instance will call it THE finest of all fine things in the World [though a good Scot may object to that]; be you talking of earthly or things divine, the finest of them all.

      But I have no doubt that a gentleman of such fine qualities as you are indeed, good Sir, will soon drink from the well of knowledge and judge for your own good self. Never good to rush the good things, no Sir, joy cometh from waiting and the spirit rejoices in peace.

  3. Ike Jakson Says:

    Don’t be shy guys; the bashful won’t make it but I have a clue that may help you. Just Google ‘Belle of Lincoln’ and submit your comment.

  4. Cheech Says:

    “A hearty Tennessee welcome from the Hollow”.

    Ike, I’m not sure I undrestand this post, however, I have driven through Tenneesee several times and it’s one of the most beautiful states we have.

    Well, after looking up “‘Belle of Lincoln’ I guess maybe I do after all.

    “6. Name some other well-known Tennessee Squires”.
    Al Gore Jr, but we would just as soon forget him. :^)

  5. Ike Jakson Says:


    I thank you.

    Frankly, I don’t know whether Al is or ever was a proper Tennessee Squire. I do know that his Father, Senator Albert was a great man in Tennessee but I don’t know whether that entitles Al to Squire-hood in the sense that I am referring to here.

    The Post is for fun making of some Blogger friends who operate from Gatlinburg TN, to tell you the story but nobody is taking a bite at the bait.

    I would like to keep them in suspense for a little while and will tell the story then. The entire story is based on real life experiences and the facts are part of Tennessee history. There is also a connection between the Hollow and Belle of Lincoln.

    Maybe a last clue can help; Frank Sinatra was an active Tennessee Squire. Try Google Early American Art and see what you get. Or try Tennessee Walking Horse; well, try whatever.

    JP, where are you?

  6. Cheech Says:

    Ike, Is this it?

    The owner’s have given their horses names reflecting many areas of their own personal passions. Here are some examples; RPM, Out on Parole, En Vogue, Santana, JFK, Victoria’s Secret, Sharon Stone, Johnny Cash, Labron James, Indy 500, P Diddy, NYPD, Jose Cuervo Gold, Whole Nine Yards, Ted Williams, Angelina Jolie, Holyfield, Howard Hughes, Frank Sinatra, Tyson, Formula One, Ritz, El Nino, and we could go on and on!

  7. Cheech Says:

    Ike, you are a horse owner?

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      No Cheech

      I am a Tennessee Squire for 25 years this coming July. Lynchburg is near the Tennessee Walking Horse area and they have a close association, showing the horse on your Certificate of Membership.

      Membership depends on how much you like Jack Daniels, the finest sippin’ whiskey in the World.

  8. Cheech Says:

    Okay Ike, but you are in S. Africa sippin that Jack Danials, right?

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Yes Cheech

      I am the President and Founder Member of SATSA [South African Tennessee Squires Association], but I obtained my membership from Jack Daniel HQ in Nashville following a visit to the Hollow in June that year.

  9. Cheech Says:

    Ike, I’ll never understand how you guys do it, sip whisky. I love the taste of beer, even though I haven’t had one in about a year now.

    My wife is yelling up wondering if I’m about ready to go out for some Mexican chow, so I’ll be going for now. Be back tomorrow.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      We are talking about the good stuff here. You have a special glass; no water; no mice; and first you smell him; then you start on him gently, just wetting the tongue and rolling around in the mouth.

      And you have just one per evening too; no more; just one before the meal and the wine.

      And I love Mexican chow man, the whole enchilada and some.

      Go well.

  10. Cheech Says:

    Ike, we had our favorite, Beef and Chicken Fajitas for two. We are lucky we have 3 good Mexican restaurants close by. Several great Italian places too. We have lots of Italians living here on the south side.

    I was going to tell you. I remember driving down through Tenneesee back in about 1979. I was going down to Florida to help out another “Bell System” phone company that was short handed. I worked a local test board at the time.

    It was in the dead of winter and I was on the interstate highway.

    As I was just entering a beautiful valley with the trees covered with hoar frost, two beautiful 18 wheeler rigs passed me. They were talking back and forth on their CB radios and playing good country music back and forth. All I could think of was what a feeling of freedom those two guys had going fo themselves. It rubbed off on me to the extent, I’ve never forgot it.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Heck Cheech

      Now you are talking my language on my life. The food first and then the open road in a Motorhome was my life.

      I spent most of my travelling on the back roads [the blue routes] but I ran I-75 down to Marco Island many times from Hiram GA. In the early years I always stopped and ate at the Truckstop 76 lots when I was on the Interstates, but in later years discovered that I go in for an evening meal at any small eatery on a blue route and told the owner that I would like breakfast next morning and may I park my vehicle there where it is now, and I would point to it to show him where it is.

      He would say “you don’t have to ask man. I wish I had me one of those” and in the morning I could see the longing in the eyes of the waitress to join me and just go.

      Heck, man you stir in old memories now.

  11. Cheech Says:

    Ike, back in the 70s i would go on vacation in colorado. I had 2 bikes, a BSA 650 Thunderbolt and dirt bike. The BSA was a perfect bike for the mountain roads. I would ride it out every morning to the most remote place aI could find up in the hills and look for a place to eat breakfast. I always found one and enjoyed the company of some very good people.

    I also had a 1973 International Scout II, that we would take on the Jeep trails.

    I sure wish I could relive a lot of those times.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      I remember the days when bikers were regarded as somewhat of a nuisance, and by the nineties they were so popular that many resorts and eateries displayed large ‘Bikers Welcome’ signs at the entrance.

      We owned two at one stage; used them for local rallies and “breakfast runs” but biking was never a safe sport here because motorists seem to take it as their duty to drive the biker off into the ditch; I gave it up when I discovered the joys of motor homing.

      But I can still tell you one thing always turned my eye and I longed for one with a passion. Harley made a “tour bike” once and called it, or the owner of the one I saw parked in the street, had marked it ‘King of the Road,” shucks it had a reverse gear and all.

      But I had become a “creature for comfort” by the time I reached 45 and, well even today, give me the open road and my Fleetwood Jamboree. Eat, sleep, drive, dream or just sitting there as and whenever you feel like it.

  12. Cheech Says:

    The “Jamboree” also looks pretty good to me today.

    However I remember a time one summer when a bunch of us had parked our bikes along side of the stream that runs through Spearfish Canyon, in South Dakota. We had taken off our shoes and had our feet in the ice cold water. A big tour bus came by and you could see the people peering out at us from behind the green tinted glass.

    We were probably simultaneously thinking, about each other, “Just look at those poor bastards, they don’t know how to really live”.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Yeah Cheech

      You have to find the way to live and live it! I did and I have very few regrets.

      I can’t remember Spearfish Canyon in South Dakota but I remember a summer day in Scenic on the way to the Black Forest Area, a week in there and then out North towards Butte where I stopped because someone had told me to do that and I looked back as he had suggested.

      You know then why it’s called the Black Forest. It’s awesomely beautiful. Driving through the many valleys when you are in there you have an impression of evergreen and color everywhere; looking back from that distant hill near Butte it becomes dark black and either ominous or beautiful depending what eyes you use that day.

      Shucks, I miss being there.

  13. Cheech Says:

    Ike, this is my favorite event in the Black Hills”,

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      Thanks for the link. I shall study it later and comment. Why did I say Black Forest? Of course it must be Black Hills.

      That is something I shall always remember, and the other two are the grasslands and the Badland Hills from a distance late afternoon on a summer’s day.

      The Mount has quite a history apart from the carvings. You must read it up. President Coolidge chose South Dakota for his summer vacation one year and this fellow who had also done the Stone Mountain GA job flew into SD to impress the President in order to get the job on the Mount. You must read it.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Cheech

      I can see that you are going to have a ball in the Black Hills come August; don’t worry about me. I shall be there I my spirit in the Jamboree.

      And I will have a wee drop of Black Jack ready in case you feel like one.

  14. Cheech Says:

    Ike, I should have used the past tense, It was for years, my favorite place to go in August. I started going in 1978 and the last time I was there was in 2006.

    The cost for spending a week there had skyrocked in the last few years and I decided it was too much. Besides, all the good looking women I sawe the first few years are now grandmothers. Maybe great grandmothers.

    The badlands are a few square miles of some of the most rugged landscape you would ever want to see. The rock formations are unique to that area and not found anywhere else. I can’t imagine what the old pioneers thought when they came up on this place. Probably, somewhere in their minds was the idea if they can’t get around all of this we might as well turn back and go home.

    The “Black Hills” was orginally ceded back to the Indians and it was only when gold was discovered the trouble started. The whites rushed in and never left.

  15. Ike Jakson Says:


    If you refer to Marco where you visited often, my friend lived in the Goodland part [what he called the poor part] [that is also the part near the bridge over to the mainland] and his elder brother lived in one of those blue condominiums on the Gulf side with all the rich.

    If you ever went to the Goodland side, there was a restaurant called The Goodland Fish House. I spent many a night in there.

    Dakota? I once visited a family of Indians on one of the Reservations [I was running an errand and delivered some stuff for someone down in Florida who had heard that I was heading “up the Great River Route that year] and sat with an old couple in their home. They were poor but immensely proud, but the one son was bitter and referred to “The Knee” as they call The Battle of Wounded Knee. That’s some tragedy of history.

  16. Cheech Says:

    Ike, you may have me confused with another poster, I’ve never been to “Marco”.

    Say, How do you go about putting your picture up on this site?

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      I was referring to the first par of your previous comment:

      “Ike, I should have used the past tense, It was for years, my favorite place to go in August. I started going in 1978 and the last time I was there was in 2006.”

      That’s why I said “If you refer to Marco where you visited often” because we had previously talked about Florida and I had mentioned my Marco friend in another post.

      Sorry, I mixed it up, but then I am one ahead of you LOL. You take the Tamiami Trail route straight off the Expressway around Miami and virtually exactly 100 miles straight west through the Everglades you go over the causeway into Marco Island, make a left and you are in Goodland.

      Sorry for the mix-up.

      “Say, How do you go about putting your picture up on this site?” That I only know when I do a new Post in the WordPress page for that purpose. I have seen other people do it in comments but I haven’t a clue. Be my guest, ole man from Iowa and open a WordPress Blog. I will introduce you to some good fellow countrymen o’yourn, and they would love to meet you. How’s that?

  17. cheechdog Says:

    This is a test

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      I got both comments but the avatar does not show any change. Wish I could help but I don’t know how that works.

  18. cheechdog Says:

    Ike, I’m wainting for my avatar to show up.

  19. Ike Jakson Says:

    Cheech, just 4U.


  20. Randy Says:

    So did Jamie ever make it as a Squire?

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