Never before Miss Sarah

Sarah Palin has not announced that she will be running for anything: it is three years before the next Presidential Election and the incumbent is confident about two full terms.  It is at least a year before we can expect the customary early announcements from hopeful contenders, which will really be a waste of Time as Time is saying that Obama is doing such a swell job he is surely in for another seven years.

 But Sarah Palin has created another First in the Land of Firsts because the past week has seen a flood of Blogs, videos and Articles all telling us that Sarah will be a lousy President.

 This is just a small selection from the greatest news vendors Time Warner/CNN/Swampland and Joe Klein the Anonymous Bully.

Footnote: And this?  It is not for the sensitive reader but speaks volumes for her opponents:

 Miss Sarah must have done something to warrant all this activity.  I mean, they are spending all this time and money whilst saying that she is so useless nobody will ask her to run for anything.

Do enlighten me because I see:

40 Responses to “Never before Miss Sarah”

  1. jamiemacnab Says:

    Morning, Ike. Yes, for a politician to be condemned before she/he has actually said anything is a hopeful sign.

    From press reports here, I suspect that Obama will go down as the President who did nothing-very-much.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Jamie

      My general view of politicians is not a favorable one; and Obama is most definitely not my top favorite. However, my greatest interest [which makes me smile most] is really the Media in Politics.

      Time is my favorite in that category and you may find [though you have the right to disagree] that I love taking the Mickey out of them.

      They make it so easy for me. LOL

  2. 2thirdsrocks Says:

    Couldn’t have said it better Ike, I was just pondering the other day on how such an insignifigant, backwoods, dummy (swampers words,not mine) could generate such ridicule and hatred, and so much attention in general. Blog after blog, now, with no sign of stopping. I think they’re just plain afraid of her it’s that simple. But that’s just me, a dummy myself, at least according to Joe Klein and the gang.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks 2thirdsrocks

      I appreciate. It’s actually amazing how much they hate “an object that they deem so useless” but the reason is they are scared.

      Thanks for dropping in. If you Blog somewhere let me have a link and I would enjoy reciprocating. I have an ongoing war with the Time Rag as you will note from many of my other Posts.

  3. Cheech Says:

    Ike, Hello from the great midwest.

    Thank you for inviting me to post on your blogsite.

    Regarding Sarah Palin, The progressive left in not only this country but also in Europe and the UK have been on an all out warpath against the woman.

    I think it is because they fear her popularity with so many people.
    She is an interesting woman to listen to now that she has polished up her talking points. And, of course she is very pleasant to look at too.

    However, I don’t believe she will be a presidential candidate in 2012.

    One reason is she has been damaged by all of the attacks and the attacks will never cease. The other is In my humble opinion, she would not have the forceful personality that is going to be necessary to lead our country through what will be increasingly difficult times.

    Also, we are in a very intense anti-incumbent state of mind at the moment and Sarah Palin is not all that far away from being an incumbent. A new poll out today shows about 57% of voiters are ready to vote out every incumbent they are able to vote for.

    So here we are stuck with the most disfunctional White House and congress in history, waiting for the next elections, all the while trying to figure out how to destroy the two dominant parties and get organized into real opposition at the same time.

    The framers of our constitution warned against forming political parties and they were right!

    Ike, If you have time read a little bit of “The Federalist Papers”

    It will give you an idea of what and why the founders did what they did.

    I’ll promise to come back from time to time and I hope you will do the same for us at ours site.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Cheech

      I should thank you coming in from your Great State and for your words.

      It is indeed amazing to observe the confusion in the enemy ranks. You must also read the comment from 2thirdsrocks above. He sums it up so well.

      I love grinding the Time Rag and Blog on them quite often’ their left hand doesn’t have a clue what the right hand is doing, speaking with forked tongue from all sides of the mouth, just like their “child prodigy” turned President.

      But I detect a change in the Time Readers. Two years ago they were all ardent worshippers; now they have started to question Time.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      Please accept my apologies for replying only to the first part of your comment. WordPress advises me of incoming Comments but only shows the opening paragraph of a long one. I inadvertently thought that was the entire comment and replied with their “dashboard quick reply” on that. Then I saw the entire comment later.

      Regarding your full Comment:

      Yes, I have read some of The Federalist Papers stuff; actually the book was right at my elbow when I read your comment, but thanks for the link. I have an eye ailment and read more on the Internet these days because I can adjust the print size on the computer.

      Miss Sarah and the Media? It is very sad; and please I don’t only mean for her only [using the word ‘only’ twice quite deliberately] because it is a “general disease” that is sweeping the World.

      I see your point, but I also cannot see whether America has anyone else at this stage to get the people to go with her and her with them. She is probably one of the few honest politicians and I hope she runs in 2012; with her and Romney maybe. I shall always hope because part of my heart [a big part at that] is in your mighty land forever. I have close family ties and many very dear friends your way.

      Finally yes, I shall remain with you folks in the shelter. I left a note there last night. BTW when I dropped in there last night [read my note] I read some comments on “Dawid Amicus” that touched my heart. I had seen the dirt spread about him in The Club [yes that place] while I was there and that sort of thing was one of the reasons I decided to opt out. But I have always liked Amicus and made no secret of it. When you next meet with him, do tell him that and convey my best wishes to him.

      Thanks cheech! You are a mighty fine guy.

      • bydesign001 Says:

        Progressives throughout the world have indeed declared war on Sarah Palin, whom I admire and respect. They lambast her because they fear her.

        Each time someone I know joins in on the attack, I remind them that they are behaving like the narrow minded loon so many of them fought most of their lives not to become.

        I remind them that they are attacking the “underdog” they fought all their lives to support.

        I also remind them of where they get their information.

        All of the above tends to get me the silent treatment much of the time and a few unreturned telephone calls and/or emails. However, every once in a while, someone stops to think about it and takes the time to investigate on his or her own.

        The truth shall set us free, Ike not the news as despatched by MSNBC, CBS, the New York Times or that Time rag.

  4. Ike Jakson Says:

    Lady BD

    I know that many despair but I do detect a small change in formation. Look at what I found this morning in the Swampland post:

    gbidot said on

    February 7, 2010 at 12:32 pm

    “I am a black female, and I am surprise that some Americans can support the illegal person at the WH. His father is Kenyan he does not qualified to be the President of this country according to our Constitution.
    In my speech class, I was taught to make notes in index cards, any notes are necessary. This incident is not newsworthy. What is really shameful is to use a telepropter for every single word one is uttering. Mr. Obama uses this device even when he speaks to a group of middle school children. Is anyone in the mainstream media critizing him??!! Well…it is obvious that they are left just like him.
    This man has chosen to weaken us in all aspects: defense, the economy, and is totally against our constitution. He has made very clear, with the ill advice of Emmanuel, Holder, and Pelosi that he wants to push down our throats a socialist system. All of them should be tried for treason.”

    It’s one small step, but a very significant one if it appears in the “holy columns.”

    Thanks for the visit. I have been following your Posts and will soon pop in again. Regards to JP and his “bunch.” LOL

    • bydesign001 Says:

      Ike, there are more African Americans who are not impressed by Obama than the media and the Democratic Party would have you believe. There are those of us who are vocal and out front about it and then there are those who are not so forthcoming.

      Most of us realize that Obama is nothing more than a puppet for someone else’s agenda. I do honestly feel that Obama believes in what he is doing. He is just not smart enough to do it on his own.

      There are many in the African American community who are offended by the fact that the first bi-racial president, African American president, whatever one chooses to call him has no African American roots.

      I don’t pretend. I am one of them. My ancestors regardless of how they came here built this country. Obama’s American connection is limited PERIOD and to me such limited connection is intentional.

      Of course, there are those in the African American community whose views differ. While I do not begrudge them, I just don’t think they get it.

      Barack Obama is an embarassment all the way around. We deserve better.

  5. Ike Jakson Says:

    Lady BD

    You must ponder this one because I am sure that you will not have seen it before, but is based on my observations from here.

    It’s about Obama’s African-Americanism [whatever that is supposed to mean] and please let me reiterate that it is a new viewpoint perhaps never before mentioned.

    Sitting here where I am sitting and at my age having been closely involved with developments in the African continent, and deeply involved it its politics for more than my fifty adult years, I want to put this point on the table for discussion;

    We don’t have “double-barrel” descriptions like you use for any group in any Nation in the whole continent [please bear that in mind] but observing how Obama acts, how he makes decisions, and what he says and does he is all typical African who acts like an African and thinks like an African Politician. From where I sit, it seems almost strange to call him anything American.

    What you therefore, have for a President is no African- American at all; he is pure thoroughbred African, just like his daddy the Kenyan, who by the way was a misfit in his own country and died a drunk.

    Think about it.

    • bydesign001 Says:

      I can see where the terminology may get twisted. Black Americans in the United States often refer to themselves as African American. Many prefer that term. I myself prefer to be called Black American. It gets confusing, I am sure.

      Back to your comment: My point exactly Ike. When Barack Obama says to the black community in the United States, “I’m like you. I get you,” he is lying. He is like none of us. Furthermore, Obama cannot relate to the black community in the U.S. no matter how hard he tries.

      Of course, that in itself may have been the plus the Democratic Party was looking for.

      Jesse Jackson got it and so did Al Sharpton, but since they are leaders in the black community on these shores, if they said such a thing out loud, they would be lambasted and ran out of town, so to speak.

      I have seen the look on Jackson’s face when Obama speaks, not to mention, that little remark he made two years ago when he did not realize that his mike was still on. While Democrats and America lambasted Jackson for his words, I got it. I knew where he was coming from.

      As for Al Sharpton. My future daughter-in-law gets her hair done at the same hair dresser as Sharpton’s ex-wife who at the time was quite forthcoming as to Sharpton’s feelings for Obama and the fact that Obama wanted nothing to do with Jackson, Sharpton or any of the “old school” black community leaders. (It’s a small world.)

      If Obama had black American roots, he would have known better than to disrespect the black community’s “old school” leaders, however, the “old school” leaders having long ago sold their souls to certain factions for their pound of gold was not in a position to take a stand against Obama. In other words, Ike, the check was cashed and the money spent, therefore, the hands of the “old school” leaders are tied.

      I get where Sharpton was coming from which is where you and I are coming from.

      My viewpoint is this. If the Democratic Party thought the time was right for a Black president, from where I sit, if their intentions were well-founded, then why didn’t they get someone with black American roots?

      I take it as a personal affront to my heritage that they intentionally chose someone who did not have roots sewn in the United States. I am not the only black American who feels this way. There are quite a few of us who take offense at the Democratic’s choice.

      It’s just that saying it out too loud might invite trouble upon your person. Saying such a thing out loud often invites attacks from those who do not see the left for whom they really are.

  6. Ike Jakson Says:

    Lady DB

    This can become quite a debate; I am ready for it but perhaps we should put a time limit on it.

    You are making the point that I made in 2008 when I was still just contributing comments to a number of Blogs. [I was moving across a wide spectrum but only started my own Blog just more than a year ago today].

    My statement then was that if America wanted to go hell-bent and elect an African-American why not then elect Jesse Jackson who qualified if that needed to be a qualification? And I posted that on a number of occasions.

    Or, I asked, why on earth you need a double-barrel” name description to qualify for POTUS Why not simply elect an American, for which Jesse also qualified, except that he at least understand the truth of America which Obama never did.

    I posted quite a number of comments on the obvious dislike Jesse showed for the present incumbent, and I don’t think that has changed. Obama is therefore and Interloper and an Imposter to Black Americans as well. Do come back on this point by all means if you wish.

    In conclusion for now, I just want to go back to your statement near the beginning of your comment because these “double-barrel” descriptions drive me nuts.

    The one I refer to is in your first paragraph: “I myself prefer to be called Black American.” Why not just American, is my question?

    • bydesign001 Says:

      Yes, Ike I do consider myself a Black American. Regardless of how I feel about race relations, as a woman living in the United States, I have always been reminded one way or another of my race.

      It is unfortunate yes, but in the year 2010 as I travel to midtown Manhattan to work in the firm that I am employed, I am not allowed to forget.

      Without making this a drawn out discussion, let me say that my first job was working with the legal staff administrator of J.C. Penney. Their first order of the day was to tell me that I was hired because of affirmative action. Therefore, I made an extra effort to work harder than anyone else to prove that affirmative action has nothing to do with my skills and getting the job done.

      Some decades later I still cannot step out onto the streets of midtown Manhattan and hail a yellow taxi. They automatically assume that I am going to the “ghetto” because of the color of my skin. It does not matter that I am wearing a Harve Bernard suit with Nine West heels.

      I work at a lawfirm and take pride in my work. While I am here doing double duty, sometimes triple, there is always the blond haired, blue eyed Caucasian female with the triple D breasts somewhere near doing nothing more than her makeup or her nails. She is always totally incompetent, lacking in skills and intelligence BUT she gets paid far more than I do because pardon my expression, she fits the bill.

      Now I can try to have a discussion about this with my employer, but they will (a) deny it, (b) take offense, (c) label me a racist and trouble maker and/or (d) terminate me. If that happens, then I face being blacklisted in my field.

      I can challenge this in court but the system in the United States is set up to deny these truths.

      Lastly, I cannot walk into Macy’s, Lord & Taylor’s or Saks Fifth Avenue without security following me.

      Translation, even though these truths are self-evident to me, they are too often denied by others.

      In lieu of the above and much more, regardless of the fact that I am American, Americans see me as a Black American as well.

      Finally, I love being American as much as I love being a Black American. I hope I have not further confused you. For many, you have to live it.

  7. bydesign001 Says:

    Correction, I wrote: “In lieu of the above and much more, regardless of the fact that I am American, Americans see me as a Black American as well.”

    I wish to say that “Americans see me as a Black American FIRST.”

  8. Ike Jakson Says:

    Lady BD

    Believe me; I now admire you more than before. Please give me some time to study the “entire mouthful” in your comment.

    I only had time to “fast-read” it because I have a lot to do this evening but I shall report back.

  9. Cheech Says:

    Ike, I’ve noticed a lot of the people who fled the Telegraph keep dipping back in. Old habits die hard.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      MyT is as confused as their entire Country is right now. In fact, I have come to notice that MyT is just a small replica of Britain today.

      At one stage I feared for your land but had more hope for the UK. Lately however, I see signs [hope I am right] that America is getting ready to “take the country back” as some say, but I am afraid to observe that the UK is getting more “Ununited” by the day. It is becoming a country destroyed from within and MyT is just a reflection of what once was the “Greatest Empire” in the

      It is very sad, but unfortunately true.

      Do read my follow-up Post at:

  10. Cheech Says:

    Ike, I decided that Sarah Palin is to the progressive liberals, as the dalai lama is to China.

    One simple human, giving Thousands, maybe millions of others a good case of heartburn.

  11. Cheech Says:

    Ike, Living in S Africa, how did you come to spend so much time in the US?

  12. Ike Jakson Says:


    My computer and Gmail are going crazy.

    Let me just tell you briefly. I like reading historical novels and thus read Allen Drury followed by James Michener from the early sixties and I had become interested in American politics versus South African politics.

    You must read my entire Post:

    In 1980 my younger brother married his present wife, a girl from the UK with an aunt in Santa Monica and they went over to visit her. Early 1981 I had some money and was invited as a blind date to a party where I met this Polish lady who was an American citizen returning home to Vero Beach in Florida after her husband had dumper her here. Meantime Jewish friends of mine [a client had become a friend] had been inviting me to come over and see.

    Now you must read the same blog again.

    I went over, I saw Michener’s Chesapeake, I had rented a Motorhome for the first time in my life; I had always enjoyed travelling to nowhere in particular AND BECAME HOOKED FALLING HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH THE AMERICAN WAY.

    What more can I tell you? I returned for a short visit with my kids to Disneyland the end of 1981 and then I returned all the time and loved it.

    To summarize, maybe I can say Michener, Allen Drury and John Steinbeck took me there.

  13. Cheech Says:

    Uke, I will read the entire post later. Vero Beach rings a bell with me. I believe that is a town near Stuart, Florida, a place I worked iduring the winter of 1979 & 1980. I’m a retired telephone company man. At the time you could volunteer to go help out other “Bell System” companies when they needed it.

    I’ve been to Florida several times over the years. It’s beautiful and fun to visit, but Miami, where you can get into places where English is not spoken, can be a turn off.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      Vero Beach is sort of halfway up between Fort Lauderdale and Orlando. It was at that stage [in the 80’s] quite a town, middle-class but growing, nothing much more; the lady happened to live there.

      I never spent much time in Miami except flying in there often; on my first visit to LA in 1981 I met a guy from Marco Island [that’s a long story] and we became friends. Marco Island is off the mainland, often called just The Island because it is the biggest of 10 000 what, and that was a life experience.

      It’s right off the Everglades and the whole area that time was infested with drugs. During one of my visits this fellow told me that the drug squad had just the week before arrested the entire Everglades City Council on drug charges.

      But boy, Florida Stone Crab beats anything. It’s good, man, real good.

  14. Cheech Says:

    Ike, I happened to spend a night in a little camping area located behind an old 2 story “road House” , on Key Largo in 1984. It was neat because boats could dock right at the back door.

    The place was quite as a mouse during the day. However, it was a Friday night and I have never seen such a wild place at night. The place was packed with rednecks and college kids, a crazy mixture if there ever was one. The food and the live music was great.

    I went back several times over the years, once my wife and I were sitting there eating lunch and in walks Jimmy Buffett to have lunch. I found out he lived very close by.

    Like my trips to South Dakota, the visits to Florida came to an end.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Cheech

      Then we have been to many of the same places.

      I first visited the Keys all the way to Key West with the lady from Vero Beach on my first trip out in 1981, and then took my family [both kids with a friend each] out there for a trip in 1987 but that was my last visit to the Keys.

      The Conchers, as they called themselves were from every place but Florida. But I didn’t like Key West. The place was filthy and made my skin crawl.

      Have you read Richard Powell?

  15. Cheech Says:

    Ike, I rode my old 1969 Harley Sportster down to Key West. It was not all that much fun since there is only one way in and out. Any time you pull of the highway it seems like you are in someone’s yard or parking lot.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      That is a lovely ride. Our children were awed by the seven mile bridge, but otherwise it is not my kind of place. I am not much for the sea; give me the mountains, man. I love that.

  16. cheechdog Says:

    Yet another test

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      I got the comment but still no luck on the avatar though. Should I stay out of it until you see victory on your side?

  17. cheechdog Says:

    Ike, I’ll keep on working on it.

  18. Cheech Says:

    Ike, after about six attempts, the avatar finally made it.

  19. Cheech Says:

    Ike, do you have a link top get to your main page???

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      Firstly this is my Main Page, or Front Page as they call it at MyT.

      Secondly, WordPress allows you to get back to the Main Page from any Post [like this one where you are now] by just double left click in my Blog name [heading] at the top of the page.

      I hope that is what you mean. BTW, your avatar still shows the empty picture frame on my side. Open your own WordPress account. It’s fun, and you can meet a lot of your own folks. I shall assist.

  20. Ike Jakson Says:


    I came across this by sheer chance. I dedicate my find to you.

  21. Cheech Says:

    Ike, thanks, that’s a story i didn’t know about.I have been to Mt Rushmore many times. I remember the first time when I thought it was a lot smaller than I had expected.

    Some where I have a picture that can be taken from behind the first face.

    I love riding a bike through Custer State Park, especially the “Iron Mountain Road”.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Cheech

      Now you are talking a language THAT I CAN UNDERSTAND.

      God bless you and your land. I wish I were there now, but in my heart I am, and I think will always be.

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