Here today gone tomorrow

Yesterday’s heroes: here today gone tomorrow like leaves in the wind.

 It looks like scant respect for the President of the New World Order.

 Then you have this beauty:

 One small excerpt [verbatim]:

[Commence quote]: “As Michael Shear, my similarly-named nemesis at the Washington Post reported on Monday, these conclusions were formalized in a recent White House review of communications strategy. When it comes to Obama’s public schedule, less is suddenly more. “The threshold for things he will go out and talk about is higher,” one senior aide told one-syllable Shear.

The reasons are multiple, but the most important one is self-preservation. White House aides want Obama to be seen as more of a Washington outsider, even as he leads the town, and that means he can’t always be the face of his own administration.” [End quote]

And Comment # 4 [also verbatim]:

[Commence quote]: “Michael Scherer:

Did Axlerod really say “We’ve got the greatest running back of all time, so the tendency is to want to hand off to him on every play”?

Do you have a link for that quote?

If that’s truly an indicator of this Administration’s mindset, we’re in for a long, long November, and then a long, long three more years.

They’ve got “the greatest running back of all time”? The best national politician ever? Electoral water-into-wine?

No wonder they’ve turned OFA into a fourth-rate MoveOn.

No wonder they didn’t think they’d need grass-roots/netroots cooperation in generating genuine public support for getting legislation passed, once they were out of crisis mode (once Citigroup stopped publicly threatening the country).

No wonder they think that they can blatantly flip-flop on campaign rhetoric (like his clear denunciation of individual mandates, for example).

No wonder they think they can tolerate public knowledge of their back-room deals with PhRMA, like Cheney did with the oil guys before the energy bill.

No wonder they think that they can pass horrifyingly unpopular and ineffective health care legislation without electoral consequence.

No wonder they thought they could just bail out the banks.

What else do they think they can do without consequence?

If that’s the premise, that Super-O can just swoop down from the White House to save the Martha Coakleys of the midterms, then their heads are even further up their asses then previously imagined. They’re achieving Bush II-level bubble-dom.

Please link to that quote, Michael Scherer, so that we know that wasn’t just a quip or joke.” [End quote]


As the man said: “we’re in for a long, long November, and then a long, long three more years.”

I recall what Former President George W once said about changing polls: “Poof … and they are gone.”

 Just like yesterday’s heroes.

3 Responses to “Here today gone tomorrow”

  1. Joe the Peacemaker « Ike Jakson’s Blog Says:

    […] […]

  2. nolanimrod Says:

    Ah. I had forgotten about OFA.

    You know, this whole crew is just so smart and so nuanced and so with-it I’m SURE that it just NEVER OCCURRED to anybody that “ofay” is (or was) a standard term for a white.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi John

      Thanks for dropping in. But that crew is rattled now; it doesn’t seem like the once “so smart and so nuanced” team will be able to hold things together much longer. The divisions are too many and they are showing.

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