IT and Technical Assistance for Ike and Whoever

I have set this Post up as a place where I am getting technical and other assistance from my new friend ColinB Sciencebod who knows about these things and may be able to help others too.

 It is however, my pleasure right the very first time to assist him as he is a new WordPress Blogger but I have been here a while on his question about the WordPress Preview facility.

 All Bloggers have at times difficulty getting a Url Link in and not knowing for sure that it will be live in the Post.

 Shucks, now I have to explain to him as a recent convert from the UK My Telegraph Site where they use other terminology.  WordPress is the Blog Site; they give you space for a Blog in your own name; the article that you summit is a Post.  We all better get used to it.

 I have simply stopped using the WordPress Preview facility because I found a better way.

 I prepare my new Blog Post off-line and send it through the US English Spellchecker when it is ready for Posting.  It is important because if you don’t do it WordPress will accept any links in your Post but they may not be live in the Post when it comes out after submitting it.

 My easy method [from trial and error] solves all that as you go along.

 I prepare my Post with headline and content in MSWord, run the spellchecker and then Copy/Paste the heading in first.  You must of course, have the New Post WordPress Dashboard ready for action and at this stage you MUST go Online.  There has never been a problem with the Headline.

 However, if you have not followed the previous steps with the Spellchecker your link may not be live; a quick manual glance will tell you soon enough.  If it does not obviously show that the Link is live you have to use the cursor to mark the content of the post and press delete.  Start over marking the text body with the cursor, press copy.  Then, making sure the cursor is in the right place when you press Paste you must have an information window popping up in the middle of the monitor asking whether you give permission for the program to access information from that source.  If that window does not appear it will place the content but your link won’t be alive.

 But all you do now is delete the Post content.  You may have to move the cursor in and move it around to be able to delete the content but you will soon get on top of it.  Now you repeat the copy and paste and the moment the window comes up asking for your permission to access, click on yes and your Post will be complete with live links.

 Press Publish [in Blue on the right hand] straight away.

 And of course, go to the Post straight away via “visit site” and read it through another time because if you are still not satisfied you can always press edit at the end and correct your mistakes.

 In total you will save a lot of time, hassles and frustration because the Preview Route is much more time consuming and still does not guarantee that you won’t have “to much” somewhere instead of the correct ‘too much.”

 Try it out.  But remember to use the Spellchecker!

11 Responses to “IT and Technical Assistance for Ike and Whoever”

  1. Nolanimrod Says:

    This was the post I was trying to get to when something was crashed. What I was trying to tell you is that if you’re worried about invalid URL’s (or URI’s now – I can’t keep up with the initials) a really easy way to do it is to use Google’s G-Mail email client and put the hyper links in there. They have a fantastic little URL-checking widget that gives you a test button to click on which will display what somebody’s going to get by clicking on the link. Very quick and easy.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      Shucks, thanks my man.

      Someone else offered me advice but he had a question of his own too and I answered that for him in this Post as you will have noted.

      However, he has not come back to me on my problem but I shall try your method. I am more than just a little ignorant about this Global Village communication and IT and what not.

      I appreciate

  2. Nolanimrod Says:

    Speaking of testing URL’s there was a funny story about somebody who was a very fast thinker with a wicked sense of humor.

    When in Internet was young and a lot of people were in the first flush of exuberance about zipping around the world while seated at their desks there was a brief flutter about a web site for the White House.

    People just routinely put in the web site and added .com because that’s what everything was. The Wall Street Journal was, the New York Times was, the Washington Post was

    But if you tried that with the White House you got a hard core porn site. The White House that sits at 1600 Pennsylvania is .ORG, not .COM.

    The Telegraph was of course different because they’re Brits and don’t even know the proper name for an elevator. Lift. ‘Course neither name takes into account the fact that you might be starting out on the top floor.

  3. Ike Jakson Says:


    Your second comment must have crossed with my other outgoing ones but is the best of the day.

    I won’t call it smug or crafty because it is just plain gosh darn GOOD. I did however, consider “trashing” it for your protection. Some MyT idiot may see it and delete your profile for being anti-British.

    That poor island is in trouble; if MyT is a reflection of the entire country they will just as soon kill each other and the “invaders” that they all fear will take the entire country without having to fire a single shot.

    I feared for America once and still do, but I see encouraging signs, but The UK [the most “Ununited” Kingdom on earth at present] seem hell bent on destroying themselves from within.

  4. Ike Jakson Says:


    In your email you say:

    “Well, here’s my contribution to cultural disquiet on the Sceptred Isle.”

    The blue ‘my contribution’ becomes:

    And the blue ‘Sceptred Isle’ becomes:

    Firstly I suppose that is what you call “hot links” in IT [bear in mind that I am an ignoramus on IT] and I would like to be able to do it. How?

    Secondly I notice that though they are hotlinks in your email they don’t copy/paste as ”hot” in the receiving MSWord document, as you can see right here. I copied/pasted direct out your email. Can that be rectified? And how do I do it?

    You have asked for this LOL. Please gimme a hand, will ya?

  5. Nolanimrod Says:


    The short answer is don’t cut and paste from a web page or an email to a text editor and from there to a web page or email. Cut (or copy) directly from the web page or email and paste directly into the email or web page.

    Here’s the long answer. This assumes you’re using a PC platform. If your on a Mac WTF.

    I know very little about this but I do know a good answer to give you: Get a copy of “Word Press for Dummies.” It will be very helpful. There are also “Blogging for Dummies,””Websites for Dummies,” “HTML for Dummies” and “Internet for Dummies” but the WordPress one will help you the most since you are already on WP. I got them from the library, but there is a drawback to that, which is that there is too much info just to read and retain and when I needed to return to an issue I couldn’t because I had taken the book back. But they’re around $20 each. Since you already know that you want to have an Internet presence and you want that presence to be a blog and you want the blog to be Word Press you can skip the others. For now. If you get more into this racket you will want to know more and when you do you can get one of the others or find some other source.

    It DOES help to know a little HTML and where to find a reference when you need one. There are a lot of web sites that you can use to learn about things like HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets, which most WordPress themes use), one of which is

    Sorry about all the blather. Now, to answer your specific question.

    The Internet is a very dumb place. It has to be told exactly what to do and how to do it and it has to be told in a very specific format. For example, if I want to go to this blog post I would type:

    “” in the address bar of my browser. But I am not in the address bar of a browser so I make it into hyper text.

    If I am in a blogging client like the Word Press (or MyT) Post entry screen or in a web-friendly word processor like WORD I might type a URL – – but it’s what they call a WYSIWYG, pronounced wis-ee-wig, for What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get, environment. There is a lot going on behind the scenes that you don’t see, but it has to be there. And that is why when you did some cut and pasting what had been hyper text turned into plain text. What you probably did was do a copy, then paste into a text editor (Note Pad?), then copy from it to whatever. When you copy to and from a text editor it loses almost everything but the text (not always everything, but let’s not complicate things). Including the stuff that’s going on behind the scenes.

    If you just type an Internet address the Internet isn’t smart enough to know it’s an Internet address. For all it knows it could be the Gettysburg Address. So you have to tell it.

    For a server to know that you want to go to Beans Garbanzo’s web page it has to look like this:

    You never see what’s in between the “” but it’s there. That’s what got lost when you cut and pasted and that’s why the link didn’t stay “hot.”

  6. Nolanimrod Says:

    Well, shut my mouth and call me stupid. I typed some HTML in and your comments thing turned it into a hyper link. a plus sign and just pretend the plus is a quote symbol. This is what that last bit should have looked like:

    For a server to know that you want to go to Beans Garbanzo’s web page it has to look like this:

    You never see what’s in between the ++ but it’s there. That’s what got lost when you cut and pasted and that’s why the link didn’t stay “hot.”

  7. Nolanimrod Says:

    Well, hell, maybe if I use Cyrillic. Nah. In the immortal words of Emily Litella, “Never mind.” I’ll sent you an email with a text file attached and you can publish that. I don’t know enough about HTML to show it here without your comments thing turning it into hyper text. The + signs didn’t work.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      My computer and Gmail are going crazy and I have just noticed an email coming in from you. I shall read it now.

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