The Oscar Nominations and the carefully concealed Truth of History

I at first wanted to headline this Post ‘Compliments to another Blogger’ in honor of the Post that came up as Automatically Generated in another Post that I had done.  Here is the gem:

 One short excerpt says it all:

 “It looks like it was biologically designed in a laboratory to win Oscars.”

 Good Sir, you have an uncanny ability to see the truth.  Congratulations!

 Thus without distracting from his masterpiece I refer to my Post and one other on the same subject:

 And then you need to read about the reason for adding “and History’ in my Headline:

 My WordPress Post got a good few reads but very few comments.  But a similar Post in the UK Telegraph drew wide reaction and some informative discussion on the history of Mandela; I merely combined all the Comments that I got there and added it to my WordPress Blog for discussion.

 It is lengthy, and many contributors sometimes sidetracked; you will note that I myself state no views or interpretations.  You may check the dates and facts in my Post, and recheck and compare; one should always read and analyze all three sides of the story in history.

 But in conclusion my colleague the Blogger above in my view qualifies for a double Oscar for his observations.

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