Time will tell

That’s how we always said, but not this Time.  Joe Klein is back but doesn’t have a lot to tell us, which is unusual for Joe.

 But he has obviously had a lot of Time to reflect ever since Massachusetts and he does produce two great articles from his sojourns to war torn Middle East.


 “We’ll see. Optimism at this point seems foolish; but pessimism seems a bit reflexive, too. We’re at a new stage of this war. This year, culminating in the next Obama policy review in December, should tell us a great deal about what can and can’t be accomplished.”



 “Tiger Woods has apologized. He has apologized for stupid things he did in private with consenting adults.


 I hope he can now put his life together, outside the glare of my noble colleagues (although I realize that’s probably impossible). I certainly hope he resumes playing golf soon; I love watching him play.”

That will be all for the day, Folks.  We will know more in December; that’s what the man said.

Alternatively, for those who still remember the old sixties movie [the first or one of the first on the wide screen] on ‘How the West was Won.’  Well, this Post tells you ‘How the West was Lost.’

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