More Ikepedia for Sstorm and others …

I was never entirely satisfied with my little Blog:

 A feeling nagged at me that there was a missing link between Joe’s delirious happiness with Scott Brown and then the deep depression that fell over him when he realized that he had inadvertently paid a Republican a huge compliment,

 I knew there had to be a link, and then I happened to find this nice pondering of life and hopes in:

 I read it again and again; something told me the missing link was in there and I kept reading, until the last paragraph almost literally jumped out of the computer monitor, AND I THEN KNEW I had it.  Here it is, in the very last sentence: “Yeah, right…whose smoking weed now?”

 I had to scratch through recent Posts for the final link but got that quick as a flash.  Read it for yourself:

 I quote Joe verbatim: “A year ago, I columnized in favor of legalizing–and taxing–marijuana. I proposed this as a rare gift from us Baby Boomers to our children: if we went stoned into that good night, there’d be a lot less kvetching about our aching backs and reflux and incontinence. We might make fewer needless, self-involved trips to the doctor, thereby solving the health care crisis. It might also put a significant dent in the budget deficit. I proposed the slogan above as our battle cry.

Well, big surprise: marijuana use is increasing among the elderly. We are in the process of a back-door legalization, sweeping from the libertarian west to the east. Newspapers have begun to hire marijuana critics.

The fight goes on. The dream will never die.” [End of quote]

Joe is longing for free weed, Folks and to have it freely available to him [read his statistics on the increasing age of users; the group that he is in].  For the first time in ages my heart went out to a Lib, and I saw Joe spending his twilight years in utter bliss, just sittin’ there in languorous style blowing the fumes into the balmy night air, night after night and at early daybreak with the cool night air still on his brow.  I decided to grant him the desire of his heart and will immediately notify some Friendly Bloggers to intervene with the Boss in the White House to see that Joe gets his wish.

 Thanks Katrina Sstorm; you are a star.  Joe will love you.

4 Responses to “More Ikepedia for Sstorm and others …”

  1. sstorm0730 Says:

    My pleasure, Ike. I sincerely hope Joe finds his “inner stoner” to be a contented one.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks so much Katrina

      I am sure Joe will never forget your support and I shall pass the word to him.

      And it did me a lot of good to see the old spunk returning. We thought of you often.

  2. sstorm0730 Says:

    Ike, as you requested I have posted a blog (with photos) just for you. Since I am horrible at the link thing, just go to my site and have fun!


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