For my Blogger Friend, El Cid

JP, that’s my Friend the Great El Campeador, just published a Post :

 I didn’t want to steal his thunder because he is such a wonderful man and a great American, but his Post brought home to me how big a role the Internet plays in our daily lives.

 I first got the Donkey story as an email attachment in MSWord format with pictures, and some color.  After commenting in his Post I looked up for when I got it and found that my computer recorded it July 21st, 2006.  In fact, I keep transferring things to a ‘New Post Draft’ Directory and he beat me by a few days.  So this is the original Donkey with the pictures I received four years ago.  I am posting it purely for his pleasure.


 Is so much Internet Good or Bad for us?  Sometimes I wonder.  But it is fun, too.

 Go well, Great El Cid.  We all love ya!


2 Responses to “For my Blogger Friend, El Cid”

  1. JP Says:

    Excellent post, Ike.

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