Darwin, Indoctrination and the Flies

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 The controversy is raging on; they are now into indoctrination and I expect them to be into Karl Marx any minute.

 It’s the old story of little human beings full of bravado with tiny little .22 pellet guns fighting the big canon of “Life on the Mississippi’ by the man who came to be known as Mark Twain.  Though it was a story by this wise man who acknowledged his human frailties towards the end of his life that was supposedly the reason for the storm in the teacup, the participants remain blissfully unaware of what the issue is.

 Were Mark Twain there, or anyone who knows how he got this name, he would have told them to watch for the sandbanks but they have lost all interest in life on the Mississippi or any other realities of human life.

 It’s the personal ego that counts.  What a life?  But it does teach those who are observing the spectacle to notice the fly in nature, to learn and to appreciate, and to be humble.

 There is much we still have to learn but there is even more that we don’t have to know to be civil “towards thy neighbor” and not to burden mankind with concerns for the things that he doesn’t need to understand; things that he will never understand in any event.


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  1. Ike Jakson Says:

    Read the fourth and very final summation of this series of parody and the previous two Posts in:


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