Joe, the Journalist will now take your questions on General Petraeus on Israel


You have to give us some straight answers for once.  I will ask the questions from memory because you have the records and the resources.  Kindly quote them in your replies:

 1.   Would it not be more appropriate to address Senior Military Leaders by their rank, in this case General Petraeus, just to show some respect?  Do you agree?

2.   In 2008 then Senator Obama opposed the Iraq surge.  Is that correct.

3.   Did you oppose or did you support the surge?
4.   Did the surge contribute or did it not contribute to curb the hostilities in Iraq in order to end the war? 
Give us your view please.

5.   Did you personally interview the General for this Post? 

6.     If so, when?  If not, who did?  And when did it happen?

7.    Joe, a journalist is supposed to report the news and let the people decide on the validity or the importance of  the reported News.  The people are not stupid, you know.  Do you agree?

8.    If you do, why do I get the impression that you dished up your version of events in your two Posts immediately preceding this one?  You were heavily criticized in both, the way I see it and you had just about zero support.  The concerns as expressed by ‘We the People’ must be heard and it should be important to you.  Is it correct for us to ask: Pray give us your answer?

 We look forward to hearing from you, Joe

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