A Fountain in the Hillside

This is a true story that is carried forward in the Jakson clan.

 The story, so we are told, started a very long time ago of a man who had worked hard all his life and acquired much insight in Life, people and human affairs though he had never been to college or university.  The reason he had not been to any of these things was simply because it was a long time ago when there were no such things yet. But many had often asked him for his counsel and he always gave his best.

 One day in his twilight years he took his young grandson up in the hills with him and they came upon a cave from which gushed forth the purest silver water; a large rock that stuck out right there caused the water to form two streams that flowed down the hillside.  Thus nature created a sizable island that separated the two streams in a sculptured landscape of gently undulating hills.

 “That’s real pretty, Grampaw,” said the young boy, “and it will be nice to have a house here.”

 The old man looked at the young boy; then he picked him up and hugged him long and tenderly.

 “That’s what we will do then,” he said to the boy, “and let us get home to tell everyone.  I have a great idea.”

 The first school was built, then a college followed, and later a university.  They first trained teachers for the young ones; all chipped in to build and stock a library.  From these humble beginnings learning and knowledge covered the World.  They named the site on which the building stood ‘The Fountain of Learning’ and followed it up with technical schools to teach and train artisans, bricklayers and tradesmen; later came schools of arts and science.

 So the story goes till one day many generations later one Jakson produced a son who did not want to go to university; he wanted to travel the World.  They let him go his way.  Another son came who wanted to toil with his bare hands against the elements.  He became a bricklayer and they let him be.

 It has been like that with the Jakson’s ever since.  Recent generations have sent most of the young ones off to university, but we still have bricklayers and many artisans too.  One thing we all do though is to dip into the “Twin Fountain-Streams of Learning and Wisdom” as we call it today; both streams come from the same source though they each meander down its own course until both end up to unite into one once more in the river down in the valley.  They are equal in source of origin and purpose, meaning and the value system of human endeavor.

 Jakson politics differ today, our tastes for money differ, we have married into every religion in the World and they all differ.  But the Jakson’s have never had one single argument about these things.  We laugh a lot about it, hell man, we laugh HeeHaaww, HeeeHaaaww [we sound like a bunch of American sombitches soaked in corn whiskey when we laugh], but we don’t participate in arguments.  We listen well, we don’t steal another one’s possessions but we steal with our eyes and ears all the time.  No Jakson, whatever his position has ever stopped learning.

 We are quite a merry bunch.  Now you can read all this while I go and have a “look-see” in some of the other Blogs.

[Look-see is a nice word; all ‘hem Jakson’s use it all the time].

 Dedicated to Katrina at:


 And of course, to Lady BD, Lady Rebecca, towp, boudicabhi with and including the Great El Campeador; not forgetting a fellow who serves burnt toast down in Egypt MS USA.

4 Responses to “A Fountain in the Hillside”

  1. sstorm0730 Says:

    I really loved this post, Ike. Why the blues? It seems as though you come from a good foundation flowing with a constant “stream” of interesting thoughts and ideas.

    My Gramma from PA used “look-see”. Kinda in the same vein of colloquialisms as “down the road a piece”. 🙂

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Katrina

      I needed your comment; my blues have come from the constant antagonism [I think] between the “warring parties” on Healthcare; made me wish it were next week to put it in the past.

      Yes, we are blessed with a large family life with many ideas. We are very different in many ways but we love each other.

      Thanks also for your Grammas’ reference to “down the road a piece.” Bless you in abundance.

  2. sstorm0730 Says:

    Well, Ike, I STRONGLY suggest you do not read what I posted today. For the first time in my life I feel as though the country I grew up in is in danger of extinction. I am just sad and I apologize for dumping these thoughts on you. I, like you, will hold fast to the wonderful, simple strengths my ancestors so graciously gifted to me and I will gladly have coffee with you…someday…down the road a piece…

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Well Katrina

      I shall deal with your comment first and that is easy because I enjoyed the message behind the words. It made me feel good inside; and I will treasure the invitation for “coffee with you…someday…down the road a piece…”

      As for what you posted today, I shall study it and comment in your columns. I don’t know where America is going now but I fear the road ahead is going to be rough. Let us … I shall comment when I have given it more thought.

      Bless you.

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