The Future as heard on Talk Radio

I heard this a while ago on a Talk Radio program where they invite listeners to call in.  The topic for the day was the Future.

 When the first few calls were about food and gasoline prices, wars and hospital costs [all the doom and gloom stuff, you know] the Radio host said, no Folks, I didn’t mean that.  Let us look further ahead from today.  Use your imaginations, and talk about, say, 2050, and let us look at the bright side.

 He shouldn’t have said that.  A few gems for you.

 The very first caller after that envisaged a slick roomy car with no engine, only a small computer chip in there to “run everything” and no gasoline or oil.  You will just glide along and put OPEC out of business.  I am dead serious, that is what she said.

 A young guy jumped for that.  He was going to put all the motor companies out of business with new computerized shoes that will take you wherever you want to be in minutes.  There goes the need for roads and bridges; airports and fast planes too, and no more traffic snarl-ups.  That’s what the man said Folks, I am not lying to you.

 I forgot that one guy had made mention of Orwell during the doom and gloom start-up.  But that must have inspired the next caller after the Talk Host had said something about getting to work during one of the brief intervals between calls.

 This bright spark envisage going through the mirror.  He didn’t go into technicalities but he was highly enthusiastic.  Every house would have a large mirror somewhere near where you normally have a front door [like Orwell’s infamous screen, I suppose] and after breakfast he would greet the family and walk through the mirror, right into his office on the other side.  Or he could press a button in front and he would come out in the supermarket on the other side, or anywhere else just by pressing a different button.  He didn’t mention any pubs though I suppose he could design a button on the mirror for that too.

 That was enough for me.  I then called in but I shall tell you about my Future in another Post [on what I told the guy].  Watch this space, as they say, but in the meantime I await your comments on the above or any new technology that you foresee for 2050.

2 Responses to “The Future as heard on Talk Radio”

  1. bydesign001 Says:

    Walking through the mirror is something we need TODAY in NEW YORK. My morning commute to work by bus and train is 90 minutes, and that is on a good day. Evening are a little longer. So who wants to wait 40 years.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thank you Lady BD

      Or should I say condolences with your daily travails in commuting? I certainly don’t envy you because I remember the days when I was in the same boat, though not for the amount of time that you must endure.

      I am wondering about the mirror. The Time Rag is in ecstasy about a new “healthcare” lease on life for the Presidency. How about donating a one-way [exit only] special mirror to the man with the vast open outer space on the exit side and close the door behind him?

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