Cycles and Circles updated for 2010

When I first posted on this matter I got scant comment.

 I had also run the Post with the UK Telegraph in which an American informed me on February 14th, 2009 in a comment: “Ike, I don’t think you have a very clear picture of what is actually happening in Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America, right now. Don’t worry; it will all become more obvious as the year unfolds.”

 I ignored the slight.

 Less than a year later it has become a very clear picture indeed of Europe, Africa [it was really always a clear picture except to Americans who look at the vast continent through the “rose colored spectacles” of Jimmy Carter], Asia and South America that my American Blogger friend failed to observe.

 I want to concentrate mainly on American and the UK Cycles in this Updater and will deal with America first because it is not as complex a matter as the UK, and because I had misread America to some degree.

 America has lost the “automatic” previously always taken for granted number one position in the World but they have not surrendered.  A large enough portion and numbers of American voters are standing up to demand a return to Federal Government in matters such as Healthcare, same gender marriages, abortion and autonomy for the States.  There is indeed hope for America.  The USA President may not be the “Most Powerful Person” in the World any longer, and most definitely is not, but America will not surrender to Washington.

 Britain is a different matter altogether and I expressed hope for them a year ago; sadly I have been proved wrong.

 Another criticism on my viewpoint of a year ago that, for instance, questioned my view of India as a homogenous Nation.  My reply to those who agree with that criticism is simple: Go tell that to the people living in India and be prepared to hear their views on the matter.

 The UK has since collapsed as a Nation, leave alone or don’t even mention homogeny.  There is nothing remotely United in that sadly fractionized Kingdom that some would rather see as four Separate Kingdoms or even more.

 The English loved Tony Blair ten years ago; today a large section of England abhor the thought and despise the man; it is the same with Brown; and newcomer Conservative Cameron is reviled already by some.  Smaller sections of the population are hoping for UKIP, or for an increase in the fortunes of the BNP; some are even hoping for a powerful showing of Geert Wilders to assume the Dutch Premiership and buy Britain some grace or time that way.

 And to top it all as if that is not enough the UK Blogging sphere reveal the ugly race war with the Muslim Brit.  Some simply cannot grasp the fact that the Muslim is in Britain with permission, and often on invitation, of a number of previously elected British Governments, but instead of addressing their fears to their own Government these dissatisfied English gather in secret Clubs and talk about genocide, or at least immediate “repatriation of the Muslim hordes” the latter which is a complete fallacy because, for one thing at least, the Muslim is providing a stable influence through his Faith on matters such as abortion, etc in paragraph five above on America.

The devout Muslim also provides a strong bulwark against the:”believe in nothing” Faith that is sweeping through Britain.  These Extremist Fanatics are advocating the abolishment of all Religion and the Muslim Faith may just be able to save England from that disastrous fate.

 England, one a leading seafaring Nation, an Industrial Giant, leading Trade Nation and a Colonial Power with a fine record has slipped badly, first surrendering and fleeing the Colonies from 1960 onwards, losing her industrial and manufacturing skills; tried to become a Service Industry Country eyeing to be crowned in Europe; then sadly lost that to Dubai, at which stage the Englishmen of old just surrendered.

 America, Germany, India, Brazil and Russia may soon have to step in to keep them all on the dole.

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9 Responses to “Cycles and Circles updated for 2010”

  1. cheechdog Says:

    “The devout Muslim also provides a strong bulwark against the:”believe in nothing” Faith that is sweeping through Britain”.

    Ike, in the past, I have stated on “MY-Y” that “Islam cures atheism”.

    I never got much of a response from the non-believing crowd. They somehow believe themselves to be out of reach of ever growing Islam. They may have a surprise coming.

    Regarding America, we are in debt up to our necks and the current majority party controlling congress and the White House are doing all they can to pile on even more.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      I thought long and hard about my statement on Islam and I am pleased that someone agrees with me. The Muslim may save England from their follies because the “hate all religion” brigade is the real risk to England.

      I see your point on America but I have new hope. Americans are coming forward to do battle; believe you me. I have been a student of Time for twenty years and the Time Reader is changing. The role of America in the World has changed yes, but I have faith in the inherent goodness of America to rise again.

      Thanks for your contribution.

  2. Nolanimrod Says:

    What’s Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)??? The blogging equivalent of the UAV?

    I thought your remark about India astute. I have never been there. My father was there a lot but that was war and a few years after. I knew maybe twenty in New Orleans, but most of them were calling themselves Bangladeshi and were Muslim.

    The Muslims I knew were not the Muslims you see on magazine covers and in news photos. This was, after all, New Orleans.

    My sense of India is that the people are share a value system. Occasionally I look at the Asia Times, which has Indian stuff in it, and they seem to be pretty cool, not so likely to go off half-cocked.

    Homogeneity, especially value homogeneity, has a lot to be said for it. That is something the U.S. lost in the 60’s and hasn’t recovered.

    I heard stories about the U.K. which pretty much support your thesis.

    1. I heard about a driver who drove into a river. He got out but the kids in the car didn’t. English police stood on the bank while the kids drowned because they were waiting for a team of divers and were not, themselves, permitted to go into the water because they weren’t rated for it.

    2. I heard about an apartment fire where some kids burned to death while the police physically prevented several neighbors from attempting a rescue.

    Also, I know someone who has a cousin in the U.K. The cousin wrote a book and I helped proof read it. Once I told the cousin a joke. It went:

    There were three guys. A Canadian, a Texan, and a Muslim. They were at a filling station getting gas when one of them saw an unusual object in the trash, picked it up, and wiped it off.

    It turned out to be a magic lamp and a Genie appeared. Then Genie offered each person one wish. The Canadian went first.

    I’d like a longer growing season, Warmer Spring, and not so much rain at harvest time., and I’d like to be there right now.

    Done! said the Genie and the Canadian disappeared.

    Then came the Muslim’s turn.

    I’d like an impenetrable wall 100 feet high around the entire land of the Middle East where no Muslims could get out to be corrupted and no infidels could get in to do any corrupting and I’d like to be there right now.

    Done! said the Genie and the Muslim disappeared.

    Came then the turn of the Texan.

    Mr. Genie, he said, about that wall? It’s 100 feet high and completely impenetrable, and nobody can get in or out?

    That’s right, said the Genie. Now what is your wish?

    Fill it with water.

    The U.K. guy responded that, while some people might get a kick out of such racist humor, he really wasn’t one of them.

    Gee, thanks. BTW, who said anything about race?

    I should point out that this fellow has worked for MOD (Ministry of Defense) for a couple of decades and is probably so thoroughly programmed he doesn’t realize the extent of it. Although he does somewhat. In his book there was a scene where people were meeting in a cafeteria on a military base and, ehile everybody was hungry and there was food just on the other side of the cafeteria kitchen door, they couldn’t have any of it because, being colonels and generals and technicians, none of them were certified for food preparation and so they couldn’t go make sandwiches.

    John Derbyshire tells a story about a couple who had their home remodeled. While the work was being done they took the kids and went to a hotel. When the time came for them to move into their newly-remodeled house there was a problem because there were a bunch of real McCoy Gypsies living there. Then the guy made the fatal mistake. Instead of running them out by whatever means necessary he went to the police, who berated him for being a racist and demanded to know just WHERE the Gypsies were supposed to stay if they couldn’t stay in his house! I don’t know if this is true but the fact that it might be is pretty damning.

    Well, this ought to keep you busy editing.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      I am going to surprise you by leaving your comment just the way you submitted it and hope many read it. Somebody had to say it and you did it well. Therefore, no editing by me.

      Thank you.

  3. Metin YILMAZ Says:

    Hello Ike, a worth read blog..These Extremist Fanatics are not only western or non-Muslims problem, also they are our problem too..

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Welcome Metin

      In fact, a special welcome to you. I do not believe that any people, any race, or any group … you name it, are ALL bad or ALL good. All good people are good and all bad people are bad, whether any of them are from any church or any religion, any race, creed or nation. But I want to believe that the good still outnumber the bad.

      The risk is from the Fanatical Extremists, and we must all stand together to fight that. You and I have found each other at last. Please meet Cheech here. He will shake your hand, I am sure.

      Go well my friend. God bless you.

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