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Abdullah and the Truth

April 24, 2010

I study perceptions and much [maybe most] of my work in Blogging has to do with perceptions as conveyed by the man in the street.  This one caught my eye.

In comment no. 9 submitted by abdullah69 April, 20 at 12:52 am he wrote [and I quote verbatim]:

“It is naïve to believe the US can exist outside a state of conflict with someone, somewhere. The defence industry has too much control over Congress for that to happen.”

 I wished it was possible to say that he is wrong but I cannot find fault with his statement, or maybe just add my observation that he perhaps omitted to add that it is the same with defense industries and Governments Worldwide.

 War is good business all over and the incentives are enormous.

 What a World to live in?

UK and USA Voter Revenge

April 20, 2010


 All eyes are on the UK in just a few weeks and will then switch to other elections in Europe before turning to November in The USA.

Oh my, trying to be JFK

April 16, 2010

Amy Sullivan reporting:

 “Okay, so the president didn’t go all Buzz Lightyear in his NASA speech today, but he might want to consider it next time. Instead, Obama soberly announced his goals for “revitalizing” the U.S. space program, including a manned spaceflight to Mars by the year 2030. To get an idea of how challenging it will be to reach Mars (hint: it’s not just like two trips to the moon with a stopover at the Big Boys rest area on the way), here’s some essential reading: Jeffrey Kluger’s fascinating 2004 TIME cover story and … “

They must be really worried about that low Poll ratings and the numbers attending Tea Party rallies.

Or is Miss Sarah the one they fear most?  Don’t these guys realize that trips to the moon have been flogged to death for all political glamour there ever was in it?

For the first Time

April 16, 2010

Not a bad Post for Adam Sorensen.

 But it only highlights one small aspect of a bitterly divided country; only a miracle can save that little Kingdom from being torn asunder.

 In fact, add the animosity amongst voters about the “EU marriage” and the “anti-Muslim wars” that are raking the country; leaving you with chaos that may lead to a few small Kingdoms each on its own with nothing of the “United” bit to heal the rift.

 But don’t be too critical [or should I say optimistic?] about America when you quote “(Or, as the joke goes, Britons prefer a hung parliament: they’d prefer them hung.)”

It seems like a universal feeling:

Richard Dawkins, Science and Evolution

April 13, 2010

I am getting on in my years now and the time has come to state my beliefs in the origins of our species.

 For once I am not going to include any evidence or links to research; having just finished reading and archiving so much drivel by believers in science, and vast amounts of intelligent and not so intelligent debating by those in favor of, or against modern science, Faith or Religion, Richard Dawkins, and just about anything or anybody who ever pronounced himself or quoted others on any of these subjects.

 Our ancestors with their names [and names of father and mother; yes that’s how the arrival of everyone in our family has always recorded in the family Bible, every one having a father and a mother and both knowing each other] are and have always been delivered by the stork, fresh clean nappy and all to start with.

 There has never been any recording of apes, monkeys, flying whales, fruit flies or any other living creature as some claim in their “family trees” and supposedly supported by scientists like Richard Dawkins or Charles Darwin.

 We were brought into the World as people; some have done better than others in their daily endeavors to earn a living but we have managed as all our ancestors have done for centuries and millenniums before us.

 I am a People, you hear me.  If you ancestors were anything else, pity on you; read your science if you want to believe it [they must make some money too] but I am a People from generations of People and we are very happy; contented to live with this knowledge and leave everyone in peace about what he/she wants to believe about their ancestors.

 We have faith in the majority of other Peoples; we will continue to respect the great Faiths and Religions of all people, but we shall from this day onwards not participate in the confusing array of squabbles and disagreements that I have just observed [and read] but then decided to archive.

 That’s all for this Post.