Richard Dawkins, Science and Evolution

I am getting on in my years now and the time has come to state my beliefs in the origins of our species.

 For once I am not going to include any evidence or links to research; having just finished reading and archiving so much drivel by believers in science, and vast amounts of intelligent and not so intelligent debating by those in favor of, or against modern science, Faith or Religion, Richard Dawkins, and just about anything or anybody who ever pronounced himself or quoted others on any of these subjects.

 Our ancestors with their names [and names of father and mother; yes that’s how the arrival of everyone in our family has always recorded in the family Bible, every one having a father and a mother and both knowing each other] are and have always been delivered by the stork, fresh clean nappy and all to start with.

 There has never been any recording of apes, monkeys, flying whales, fruit flies or any other living creature as some claim in their “family trees” and supposedly supported by scientists like Richard Dawkins or Charles Darwin.

 We were brought into the World as people; some have done better than others in their daily endeavors to earn a living but we have managed as all our ancestors have done for centuries and millenniums before us.

 I am a People, you hear me.  If you ancestors were anything else, pity on you; read your science if you want to believe it [they must make some money too] but I am a People from generations of People and we are very happy; contented to live with this knowledge and leave everyone in peace about what he/she wants to believe about their ancestors.

 We have faith in the majority of other Peoples; we will continue to respect the great Faiths and Religions of all people, but we shall from this day onwards not participate in the confusing array of squabbles and disagreements that I have just observed [and read] but then decided to archive.

 That’s all for this Post.

10 Responses to “Richard Dawkins, Science and Evolution”

  1. Ike Jakson Says:

    To my readers

    If you really want to read the drivel from which this Post took shape you may do so at:

  2. JM Says:

    Hello, Ike,

    I agree that Darwin, Dawkins, et al take a much simplified view of humanity and evolution – all very Victorian and lacking any depth of view. I fear that science has become so analytical that scientists have lost sight of the wider world in which they live. So focused are biologists now on what’s in their microscopes that they have forgotten that it is people they ought to be studying. They have become like painters who are obsessed with their paint rather than with their picture.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks JM

      That is why I rather make fun of them, and at me too of course. But I know my frailties and limitations; arguments serve no purpose in this case. You can’ even debate it.

  3. Sipu Says:

    Well, Ike, I read it. Not really sure what I am supposed to say. Obviously I disagree with you – you know that – so the purpose of bringing it to my attention remains uncertain. I think you are being a trifle rude in describing my post as drivel, even if that is what you believe, and you are certainly being uncharitable in wishing to make fun of those whose views you do not share. Your logic seems flawed.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      The two of us do not disagree; on the contrary I have already complimented you on an excellent piece of writing and some of the others on their valuable comments.

      The drivel that I refer to emanate from the anti-religion brigade who grab at the follies of the drivel “science” by Dawkins and try to push that down our throats. It is impossible to debate anything with those guys and I decided to make fun of them and of myself too.

  4. Sipu Says:

    Sorry, Ike, perhaps I was being sensitive. I did find it odd that your tone had changed. Take care.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      There is no need for you to apologize; we talk the same language and where we have differed we have always managed to handle it as gentlemen.

      I must confess that I am not in favor of the anti-religion brigade and their incessant attacks on the great Religions, including the anti-Muslim wars and insults whenever they get the chance, or can create the opportunity to do so. My anger was vented at them, and I should perhaps have made it clearer in my Post that it was not aimed at you.

      You did a fine piece of writing, I repeat that, and able as well as knowledgeable people like Nobby and Jamie MacNab supported you. Take that as a complement too.

      [PS: Do take note that I switch my spellchecker to American English on WordPress. I hope you don’t mind].

  5. towp Says:


    As usual you’ve taken a topic with truly no firm answer that you or I shall ever know and reduced it (and all the surrounding BS) to a simple easy to follow statement of opinion and belief. Thank you, I wish all life was that simple…

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Old friend towp

      You must know that I value your crisp comment and the logic of it higher than anything. Thank you.

      Science will serve the World and humanity best if they can work on the problems facing the blind little baby that was born a few minutes ago tonight or provide shelter and food for the hundreds that are arriving while we are on our keyboards; the “scientist and science” don’t have the answers to what and how what happened millions or years or Darwin’s ago and I will show some respect for them if they start working on the problems that these unlucky ones will face at daybreak tomorrow.

      Keep well, and pass my regards to all on your side.

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