Sorry Folks.  See my Post:

 But I believe that our lives are often guided for us when we most need it to be; you have to live your life to the full and do what you have to do; when something needs doing you are guilty of negligence if you don’t meet the demands of the day; however, when divine providence guides you in another direction you must heed the call.  I have accepted the Internet Connection problems [see my other Post under that name] that annoyed me at first to be one of these calls to change direction and I am doing so.

 Tomorrow I am going to sit down on Genesis, by book on perceptions and World Events.  It will be published under another name [already selected] but will be a kind of Genesis to me; it will cover the lives of ordinary people during the previous century with some flashbacks to maybe as far as the middle eighteenth century, thus covering what I regard as the most important historical events leading up to the challenges that we are facing from 2010 and ahead.  The completed historical novel will reflect my research and viewpoints on the period in time that I mentioned.

 My research have mostly been completed and sorted; a few small, but not minor points by any definition still require some elucidation but I am working on them.  Some of you may in fact hear from me as and when I will call on you.

 Therefore, no names now though there are many.  But if you get the links that I refer to in here in one of your Posts to the two Posts that I will be submitting in the next few hours you will know that you are important to me, AND that I may be asking for assistance.

 This will be “a sabbatical before my Genesis but, God willing, I shall be back.


16 Responses to “Genesis”

  1. JP Says:

    Excellent. OH and make sure you “be back” with the same feistiness. Is that a word? 🙂

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks JP

      I don’t intend to disappear BTW. Neither do I intend to return tail between legs [certainly hope not] and with feistiness sounds good to me. A nice lady once called me feisty and the twinkle in her eyes made me feel good.

      What I am going to do is to ignore the “blogging waste” [obviously that description excludes present company] and use my time more productively when the Internet goes slow and hopefully write a best seller in the process.

      I shall pop in when I get lonely.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      What can I say? Dumbfounded is not enough. If you see this soon, please drop a line because your Post Announcement was the last thing I expected. Are you OK old Friend? You know you were much more than that to me ever since we first met and it just grew all the time.

      Whatever you do, go with God and stay close to Him.

  2. towp Says:

    I’m going to miss you Ike many a time I found solace in your writings, travel well thru life bro

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Dear Friend towp

      Please do read my two comments above to JP and let me know whether he is OK in case he doesn’t see it soon.

      For you, I am not leaving everything; you mention such kind words about me but do you know my pleasure whenever I dropped in and found sincere towp on his post? I shall always treasure the occasions [but so reassuring that towp cares] when I dropped in at Katrina Storm and saw towp had just called to wish Sis well.

      You are a treasure my bro. You are the unsung jewels of America my friend. Give all your loved ones and your fine first lady a hug from me tonight. I will need you in Genesis more than you realize.

      If you get this soon, I need to know whether Commander JP is OK. His departure came as a bolt out of the blue. Take care of him for me please. I love that American boy as I love my own flesh brother.

  3. JM Says:

    Hello, Ike,

    This news of you setting down your big thoughts is great. I believe that the world would be a better place if people such as you published more. The only shame is that the task might take you off-air for a while. But never mind that – go to it, Ike. Go to to it with a will !



    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks JM

      I have already got the old research archives dusted off [on the computer] and hope to create a routine soon.

      You will hear from me but just not so often as in the past. Maybe you must tune your ears for a loud shout for help.

  4. towp Says:

    Ike…JP’s leaving was like…well like loosing a member of the family and was truly as you put it out of the blue…I sent him a short email and am happy to say did get an answer…I don’t know why he hung it up but he did say he’d let us know should he ever return…its getting kinda quiet around here..haven’t heard from Sis in awhile and that always concerns me…JP leaving and your (hopefully short hiaitus) just kinda takes a little away from everyday life…but I’ll be here …just kinda hanging out waiting and hoping to see all of you again…go easy…

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi towp

      Thanks for coming in so fast. It’s good to hear that you care.

      Let JP know, and Yojimbo, and of course Lady Rebecca, that I am thinking about them. I am going to set course on Genesis during the week but I will not disappear. In fact, I may do the odd Post now and then on a few things that I need but don’t expect high volumes. I WILL BE AVAILABLE THOUGH.

      We still get connected with the Net but I had to dial nine times once before I got connected a while ago and then the info trickles in. But most of the work on Genesis will be off-line and I will push that as hard as I can.

  5. Nolanimrod Says:

    Man, do you sound depressed! Think Samizdat! More creative, more selective, more intense. Could be a blessing.

    Give ’em hell!

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Nimrod

      Yeah, I hope to turn this into a blessing. Hold both your thumbs for me please.

  6. Nolanimrod Says:

    P.S. In case you go down entirely give us a P.O. address for snail mail.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      PS Nimrod

      Don’t talk about anything to with snails to me right now. Those creatures are faster than lightning compared to the Internet and surface mail out here right now. Hehehe.

  7. Cheech Says:

    Ike, Send me your phone number.

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