Wired by wireless Vodafone

A few of us got together and managed to get a temporary wireless Internet Connection rigged up with a small contraption high up in a very high church tower, giving us an alternative connection.  I get the best coverage of all of us [a full signal] because I reside almost in the shadow of the Church Tower.

My landline has since been fixed [we later discovered that it was a water problem from the first early rains] and I start this weekend with two operational alternative connections instead of one half-dead one the past weekend.

 In the meantime we have contracted with the Government Security/Communication Tower for our own private relay tower on the hill just outside town from where it will pick satellite connections up via the Government Tower for the “grid in the whole area.”  We may even go for Skype when that comes on line.

 Do you understand all of that?  Well, I don’t but I am back half in on two connections and they tell me that we will have two fully operating alternatives before end June.

Hold thumbs, but beware Time Rag.  Your Time has come.

6 Responses to “Wired by wireless Vodafone”

  1. Cheech Says:

    Ike, hang in there, you folks will get modern communications one of these days.

    The bad part is there isn’t much good news to receive over them.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Cheech

      Perhaps in jest I could say thanks and no thanks.

      Thanks for telling me that we will get the modern stuff but no thanks I don’t want more than the bare minimum.

      Do let me know whether you know of any person that does not have television in the area in your immediate surroundings and I will tell you what I think of modern communication. Please do let me know and I shall tell you something that will surprise you to the extent that you may not even believe it.

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  3. By Joan Sousek Says:

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  4. Nolanimrod Says:

    Do you understand that?

    What thinkest thou?

    (hint: no)

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      No, I don’t understand much of it. But I am back in action and looking to improve.

      Thanks for your offer of assistance in the email but at that stage virtually everything was down and I could not even understand what you were referring to.

      You are a star.

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