SOS HMS Britannia is sinking

The once good and proud ship HMS Britannia has lost a rudder; reports from observers of the looming tragedy indicate that the Captain has been released from command but no replacement has been accepted by a mutinous crew [a motley bunch indeed] and the ship is drifting at the mercy of the waves in treacherous unchartered waters off the coast of the European Union.

What went wrong?  The grand ship that once ruled the waves may go down on what was to be a victory cruise.

Passengers from around the Globe had clamored and scrambled for a place on board; rich men and poor men had fought it out for space and the honor to be part of it; financial wizards mingled with small entrepreneurs and minor as well as great ones in an array of political colors when the ship cruised out with the flying colors of what represented modern Britain on a joy-filled cruise to celebrate the wedding between Great Britain and an even greater Europe.

When the tiny island Kingdom was last in trouble they had America to step in and save them but they have since rejected America; thus no Pax Americano to save them at this hour.

Wait for the tragedy as it unfolds.  Observations in the wider Media right through and including small News Blogs are full of it and reports of internal strife abound.  Everyone blames the other one and nobody seems willing to accept responsibility for the disaster.

Will HMS Britannia be able to avoid destruction, or go down in glory?

The reader who is not perturbed by this Post or who doesn’t see it as serious will benefit by reading these links:

28 Responses to “SOS HMS Britannia is sinking”

  1. JM Says:

    Morning, Ike,

    Nope the Britannia will not go down, but she is long overdue a re-fit. Dry dock for five years, I’d say, then new rigging to finish her off in style. What she needs most is a captain and a crew who know how to sail her and have a clear idea of where to go.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Jamie

      I wrote the Post a bit tongue in cheek because as you know I have a major interest in her wellbeing; my affiliations with British crew goes back forty years too [my dear friend Eric Goodall and adoring wife Alysha from Warwickshire were godparents to my 36 year old adolescent daughter] and the present state of Ship Britannia is of great concern to me.

      Your last sentence sums it up; let us hope she gets such a captain and crew; both whom must also care for her and love her. It should be OK then.

  2. JM Says:

    Yes, Ike, we’re short of people who care for and love our country. Power and money are the ruling passions here at the moment. But the people can, and will, change that. :-))

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      “Power and money are the ruling passions here at the moment.” That is the problem everywhere.

      But you say the people will soon change that. I don’t know about “soon” because there is so much greed, which has been fed to more and more of “the very same people” so more is wanted by more all the time. Add politicians to that mess and throw in the crooked banking system; nobody knows how much “new money” has come not from increased productivity but from the printing presses; more people see all this money and want some of it.

      Maybe what the World needs most right now is a real handsome disaster plus five years of drought and famine to get us back to reality.

      I am not a pessimist; indeed and to the contrary I am an eternal optimist but I am also a realist.

      We are in a cold spell and I hardly ever put my nose out of the door this weekend so I read election news. You will be surprised to know how far and how much it circulated. You know what, you try finding me one comment where a guy said: “hey fellows, maybe we made some mistakes here and there and I am going to correct mine” and I will start hoping with you.

      Everyone is disappointed or bitter at the “guy next door” and he at the one across the street or if there is nobody he will blame it on the immigrants, or the school, the telephone company, or blame it on the church, but looking inward, no sir, not me , indeed I am innocent, can’t you see?

      Mow that’s a rant you could do without today but it takes the weight off my chest. I like it that way; you carry it further from here. See?

  3. Turkey The Magnificent – Tourist Flavour Of The Decade | world travel tours Says:

    […] SOS HMS Britannia is sinking « Ike Jakson's Blog […]

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      This comment landed in my spam box but I decided to keep it for my blogging friend Metin Yilmaz who lives in Turkey and to amuse bloggers at the MyT BlogSite with the UK Telegraph in Great Britain.

  4. Anastasia Fitzgerald-Beaumont Says:

    Ike, thanks for linking your site. It looks really super.

    On this topic I agree with Jamie. (Gosh, who does that make me sound like?) The ship may be taking water but she is likely to remain afloat. There has to be a Caine mutiny, though; we have to get rid of the mad captain. 🙂

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      You must realize that I wrote this in satire and freely mixed voters and bloggers in as the crew. The metaphor of the ship is mine but the fears are from observations of British People in Blogs and comments in Blogs and the Media .

      Of course I hope that the Great Ship will return safely to port. We are in what I always refer to as ever-changing Cycles and Circles in World Affairs and I am curious to see what relationship will develop between the new USA and UK Governments.

      I also have my reservations about the ability of the UK People to set aside the ongoing “immigration and religion wars” between Christians, Muslims and the “anti-all Religion” phenomena that is on the increase in many countries.

  5. Levent Says:

    Hello Ike,

    I was under the impression you deleted your blog as your name gives no live links. Happy to find here.

    As for the blog, I don’t think Britain will go down. I believe Britain is having the pre-birth struggle.

    And even if the situation were as bad, I believe the decent people, like the band on Titanic, should carry on what they are doing. That saves the world.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Levent

      No I am here now at my main base and only comment in MyT. I enjoy the peace and being on my own.

      You must realize that I posted my piece as a satirical comment on all the Blogs where everybody is criticizing everybody else. England will be fine if everyone pulls together but if they don’t I see problems.

  6. Metin YILMAZ Says:

    Hello Ike,i rad that link and i don’t know and hear him/her, also i don’t interest what the post says because Ataturk is Ataturk and his name is Mustafa Kemal, not Suleyman so i don’t care it..And my place is known by you on the internet.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Metin

      See my reply to Levent.

      I kept the Pingback Comment for you. WordPress automatically cross-reference all Posts and when yours goes in they publish related articles by others, or other Blogs can “Ping” their links in on what they have.

      It was just amusing me when a Turkey Tourist Operator used my Post to advertise tourism in Turkey and I wandered about the “greenest place in Turkey” where you once told me you were raised.

      Thanks for coming in and keep well.

  7. christophertrier Says:

    Did Britannia reject the USA or did the USA elect an openly anti-British president who rejected Britain? The United States has never been the loyal ally it made itself out to be and has, more often than not, only come to the rescue of its “allies” when its own interests were at stake. Then the whole would had to hear the USA banging on about its selfless heroism for the next few generations. The United States, like France, has a great divide between the political side and the social side of the nation. Both the demos in both are generally speaking solid. The governments in both are equally wretched. The UK is in a similar situation.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Christopher

      “Did Britannia reject the USA or did the USA elect an openly anti-British president who rejected Britain?” Well, probably the latter.

      But thereafter [talking about the reaction of voters as I read blogs] it seems as if the hatred comes more from the British, but then again and regrettably I must agree with the rest of your summation.

      I hope the World will rescue itself, of course I must hope for that, but I don’t see that happening unless we all realize that we are all in one hell of a mess and will all have to work like hell to fix things up.

      • christophertrier Says:

        But then how many Americans are anti-British or, more generally, anti-European? There is now a good number, sadly. There has also always been a notable anti-British sentiment in American culture. The IRA managed to get cast sums of money from the USA and the US government, for example, would do nothing to intervene. During WWI there were many people in the United States who supported the Central Powers.

      • Ike Jakson Says:

        Hi Christopher

        Yes, I take your point but up to a point. I know about feelings in America that are not pro-British.

        But I have come across many who are advocating peace with the UK and many though they may not be fiercely pro-British suggesting a more tolerant approach. I have met many and seen it in their Blogs with an even benign fondness when they tell a British “joke.”

        But I have never observed any virulent personal attacks on the British as you see in MyT on the American People.

        I hope I am wrong.

      • christophertrier Says:

        Living in the USA I have heard it a number of times. Most people are generally pleasant and at least open to the UK but there are many who really, really are not. If you would like to read some of the nastiest comments go to (I believe that is the site, if not, search for it) and read the comments.

      • Ike Jakson Says:

        Hi Christopher

        Thanks for the link. I shall go into it and let you know what I find.

  8. Metin YILMAZ Says:

    Hello Ike again, my native homeland is Trabzon and Trabzon and neighboring city Rize are most green cities in the country..However in the west near the Istanbul. the most green city is Bursa also mount Kaz (IDA) is most beatiful montainsa and it is very close the some historical places..Like Assos,Troy,Ephesus,Pergamun..

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks so much Metin

      It is one of the things that I enjoy at WordPress; one may go off-topic and just talk to the guy next to you. You get the feeling of being with them at their homes and I love that.

      I will find some maps and look the names up that you mentioned and [one fine day] we must do a Post on your childhood days. I would love to see that and participate in it.

      God bless you always.

  9. Ike Jakson Says:

    A good email friend and Blogging buddy emailed this to me and I decided to Post it as a comment in here.

    His note with the links to me read:

    “More proof your sad eulogy for Britain probably wasn’t premature.”

    The Posts all appeared in ‘National Review Online” and makes sad reading.

  10. Cheech Says:


    You know that I have been posting with the Brits for a few years now.

    It never ceases to astound me how many of them have turned their backs on religion and pronounced the those who still believe a bunch of dolts.

    I’ve said it over and over, “Nature abhors a vacuum” and thanks to the atheists and agnostics in the UK there is a vacuum in the soul of the country.

    But not to worry, it is rapidly being filled by the very religious people they rail against. Folks who, if they ever sieze political power, will probably make them an offer they can’t refuse.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks for dropping in Cheech

      I get the impression that the “anti all religion” movement is just a phase in America and limited to the younger generations.

      In Britain however, it is a full scale rebellion against Church and State and mixed up in the “anti all Muslim” hue and cry; that makes it dangerous. Maybe the Brits simply cannot handle Freedom; they are like a bunch of children but the problem will manifest in anarchy at the end.

      It is a sad development.

    • Levent Says:

      Hello Cheech and Ike,

      I liked your comment and the reply. I wonder if your reading of British is limited to Telegraph, Cheech. I’m just hoping the ones we know do not reflect the majority. I’d love to know what young people think.

      • Ike Jakson Says:

        Good morning Levent

        Welcome to my humble little Site.

        Cheech must answer for his own opinions [smile] but if you look at the three links in my comment above you will notice that they are not from the Telegraph. I do believe that I read a lot more about the English than the English do; in fact sometimes I get the impression that they don’t read anything.

        Are what we see the average? It is difficult to believe otherwise when Englishmen tell you that their country is going down the tube. I do not wish that on them but I do fear for their sake.

        Young people all over the World are confused by current Politics; some young people are too clever for their own good; others don’t care for anything except sport …. And they all have it too easy; if anything does go wrong they all blame the other guy.

        We are in for a tough time in the entire World but this is going to be tougher on the Anglo-Saxon nations because they are so divided amongst themselves. You should pity them.

        Finally, don’t let this be your last visit. I am taking things easy right now and mostly just read. Do pop in though whenever you feel the urge [chuckle].

  11. Ike Jakson Says:


    Just look at this article and note the News source from whence it comes. Read the comments; it’s sickening.

    This must hurt the old English pride.

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    […] […]

  13. Ike Jakson Says:

    Thanks for the tick Chris Elsom. I hope you read all the comments.

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