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To honor America

June 22, 2010

I would have posted this direct into every home in America if I knew how to do it but I am just an old guy and virtually IT ignorant.   It came to me from a friend in Iowa … from a friend … from a friend … to all those who love and honor America.

It’s just a short slide show with beautiful pictures … and music that will blow your mind away.

To honor America

America the Beautiful!

Life is a Journey for Two

June 17, 2010

Some will observe that this Post will complete a trilogy on why I describe life as a journey; there will be more but this one is required now.

Many people prefer to travel alone because it is as hard to find a good travel companion [some say it’s much harder] as it is to find a good spouse.  In fact, some have said that before you tie the knot or declare someone your best friend it is wise to have a holiday with the chosen one first.  One “expert” declared that there is no better way than a holiday together to ruin a friendship or prevent a divorce.

When I decided to retire towards the end of 2000 I bought a large comfortable caravan [a live-in trailer for Americans] and fitted it out with a “self-designed” computer desk while I ran the business down and wound up my other affairs.  My plan was to leave Sodom and Gomorrah to head slowly south towards the region of my birth north to north-west of the city of Nineveh.

An old friend came around every few days to see how things were going.  Towards the end of four months of preparation she thought out loud one day about the wisdom [or stubbornness] that makes a man at my age do such a stupid thing.  I had confided in her that I was planning on taking two years for the initial one thousand miles down south and then maybe another two to rediscover my roots and I had no intention of finding a travel companion.

One day having finally stacked everything into place I took the entire contraption off the parking supports on the four corners to test things for correct and overall stability between all the wheels pending departure.   She  observed this quizzically I had noticed and after once more enquiring whether I was really going to go it alone she looked at me wistfully and out of the blue she said, “You must not forget to take yourself along with you.”  It stabbed me in the right place and I felt what Steinbeck must have experienced when he described the young children looking in on him each day while he was preparing Rocinante for his 1960 journey across America.  It is the best travel journal ever written; find it and read it ten times like I have.  The title is Travels with Charley [the latter as in Charley for a thin-legged poodle that wasn’t black or white or any of the other usual colors reserved for poodles].

Well, I started out with myself and a dog named Gypsy, as a present and a travel companion from our daughter.  This blessing of an animal bonded well with me “and myself” but died of tick bite fever five months later.  She is buried somewhere on the road six months north from here but it took another eighteen months further south from her burial place before  I found this little hamlet where I now live.  My roots shot out when they smelled home-soil and anchored me firmly to the ground.  They would not hear my protests and my other self did not say a word.

There is utter peace around me now; no argument has ever cropped up between me and my other self though the latter does admonish the former on occasion whilst strengthening and/or even supporting the former when a 36 year old daughter admonishes him unduly.

I have never been lonely, perhaps because, now that I think about it while sitting on the keyboard, my friend up north was so right when she said almost ten years ago by now, “you must not forget to take yourself along with you.”

We talk a lot; we laugh and banter with each other.  And on occasion we pray for each other too; this we do quietly, when and so that it does not disturb the other one.

You will find the first two deliveries of this trilogy in:

Joe Klein and the Truth

June 13, 2010

Congrats Joe

 It’s taken you a while though we have been telling you but you probably had to face this your own way.  It has always been a mess.

Now all you have to do is find a way to tell the President.

Rest Area at next exit

June 4, 2010

You have read my Post [I hope] but if you have not done so before you may take a while and read it now:

Every traveler needs to rest during long trips and provision is made for it by thoughtful planning of wise authorities in Government and public design.  It may just be a bench in the park or if you are really tired one of the beautiful well equipped Rest Areas on the American Interstate Routes where you can get your coffee and even take doggy for a stroll in landscaped surroundings designed for this purpose.

If you are the unwise sort traveling from one city to another and yet another you may have to make do with coffee shops or the steps in front of City Hall but there will always be some place to rest the weary legs.

Rest Areas on Life’s Journey are by nature different because the Journey is in the mind; the spirit or the soul of inner man however, needs to rest; it needs replenishment of your inner resources; you need to recharge the spirit.

For that Governments do not cater.

You have to know when you need rest and you will have to find the time and the place to do so.  But you have to do it; in fact it is more important than physical body rest because spiritual weariness is far more serious than the needs of the body.

It may sometimes be possible to do both at the same time and in the same place; fisherman do that I think [why else somebody will go fishing I cannot fathom] and I have known some who do it with great success.  Once I met a fellow in a large State Park on the river that forms the Stateline between southern Georgia and Alabama in The States.  I found a secluded spot for my RV and noticed there was only one other fellow.  I walked over the next morning and met a forty year old business executive with his twelve year old son sitting at the waterside.  They had been there a week and were staying another; fishing was just an excuse; father and son were bonding [a most beautiful event to behold] and I left them the space to continue with it; the appreciation in the eyes of man and boy told me all the thanks I needed and we just waved at each other when I pulled out early next morning; their lines were still just hanging in the water; but the brief encounter with them had replenished me too.

I am at a rest area of my own right now but will tell you about it another time.

Take care, my friends.