2 Help Brendano

A change in the weather brought us back from the hills this afternoon; ole Rip is with me and is attending to the preparation of two pheasants for the pot on Wednesday while I assist Brendano.

Brendan, I can see your point about the guy you refer to in your Post on Trolls in your Site but the entire occurrence with your MyT Profile deletion has The Club written all over on it.  Do remember that I spent almost three months there last year, to my eternal shame but in defense of which I do want to place it on record that I offered to go on my own volition when I discovered what they do behind the closed doors of that vile place.

Their sole purpose is the deletion of “Blogs” and they had a method.  One guy, usually Mister Jackal and Doctor Hideous will go in to annoy the victim to react; when he does the cohorts flood the moderators with complaints that the victim was stalking and/or trolling someone.  They used to boast that the moderators would act on three complaints to delete a profile.  They had Bravo, Alanh, Larry, Bubbles and Old Rosie; if you look at any deletion you will find them there.

You, Levent and Metin Yilmaz have long been their prime targets; prior to that the list included Jack Wolfe and Duckham, amongst others.

You may ask why Levent?  Well it is enough for them that Levent is from Turkish descent [and therefore, got to be a Muslim] but that he also resides in one of the places they abhor most namely Ireland.

Don’t ignore Bravo; or do so at your peril.  The guy is a bag of deceit [good grief, in a few months from the head of a large American International Tobacco Company in Moscow, to having his own Team on a Security Contract when the bomb went off and “his contract” ended, a promise of a new contract in Bucharest but now sitting at the pool in Cyprus where his whole extended family of dozens and dozens of cousins have suddenly been domiciled for generations and taking care of his new found library]; he runs The Club; the others are just his minions.

It may be convenient for him to let you think that it is the other guy because he is struggling in his battle to take the Chariot when Boadicea goes.  People have latched onto the real guy; he now gets three to five comments per Post at the Chariot and not a single one in his personal WordPress Site.

That is why he has moved back into MyT, to rebuild his reputation and because he is a useless Blogger on open forums.

Let them have him at MyT.  Write it off.  Build your own Site.  WordPress doesn’t tolerate “trolls and drolle.”  I had one stalking me; when he became a nuisance I trashed a Post by renaming it exactly that “Trashing a Post” and deleted the previous contents in place of which I published his given IP address and one of his messages.  He had previously managed to evade my spam box but he was gone completely two days after I ran the revised Post.

I did the same to Bravo and the Club and ran two Posts on them; Ole Bearsy fumed in his beard while he and Bravo called me names but they skulked away into the sewers.

I decided to Post this in order not to embarrass you in your Site and now leave it up to you to decide.  They have a whole new crowd at MyT; the latter will survive because the problem was never one of their making.  The only problem is that English Bloggers are not capable of handling a “Free Speech” Site and never will be.  Get out of there.

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  1. Brendano Says:

    Thanks for that, Ike. Very kind of you to take the trouble.

    A lot of what you say rings true, especially about the Club’s way of working. I’ll certainly think about what you have said.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Brendan

      I won’t let them get away with this without knowing that they should learn to behave.

  2. christophertrier Says:

    MyT, at the beginning, was not a bad sight. In fact, it was one of the more pleasant ones around. Then two men began taking it down with their ego-maniacal war with each other. The moderators were absolutely remiss in their responsibilities. There were countless multiple IDs, efforts to force commentators against each other… It went from good to bad. Then, slowly but surely, the incompetence of the moderators irked enough people until they left. The decent bloggers and commentators simply stopped caring as the nastier pieces of work remained, some of them preferring to act like the reasonable victims of persecution despite their ability to infuriate everyone. It started out with a couple of bad apples which were allowed to ruin the entire barrel.

    As for England… I’ve concluded that England is much like Amy Winehouse. There is promise and talent to be sure. The problem is that there is this seeming desire to self-destruct. If the English would get it together they would, once again, have one of the greater countries on earth. If not, they will be stuck mired in their slough.

    • JM Says:

      Agreed, Christopher. The Telegraph acted most naively. I agree with your remarks about England, too. But I would add that they have also forgotten what they truly believe in ; and that is what leaves them open to pursuing follies.

      • Ike Jakson Says:


        You have covered the balance well as one can expect from you classic mind. I also agree that the Telegraph acted most naively, but can you imagine what the schoolchildren bloggers would have done if the Telegraph had acted firmly?

        I always find it ironic to see one of them screaming for the rights of free speech and then go straight on to delete an opponents comment.

        Poor ole Bearsy, though he is now Aus went even further because he remained English in Blogging and so many of his old MyT followers are. Its quite laughable but he is trying to run the Chariot which is basically, being WordPress, a total free speech endeavor as a author control restriction of all comment between management and the most despicable kind of Blogger you can find namely the Untouchable Egoist type. But thats why the Chariot is waning so fast and will probably end in the dustbin by years end.

        The English are very funny but remains a cause of great mirth to the outsider.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      There is not much that I could disagree with you in your comment because you summed the situation up so well.

      I do want to raise another viewpoint about the moderators though. MyT was probably wise to have a system of moderation because they knew their readers and anticipated the problem remarkably well except for one thing. They did not fully anticipate the extent of the innate pettiness in the English Blogger who soon saw moderation as the perfect tool to delete the Blogger one did not like and that soon became the primary activity of some.

      I therefore, do not see the problem so much as one of MyT and the moderators but rather a failure by MyT to realize that they had a lot of unruly schoolchildren at bay fully intending to create havoc when and wherever they could.

      Maybe England can be saved from itself but I doubt it. They act like children, whine and complain like babies and have the ethics of spoilt brats; responsibility is non-existent and the other guy alone is to blame for all the wrongs.

      PS: I exclude Ireland and Scotland from my views as expressed above.

      • christophertrier Says:

        I have, in my time, come to know the various peoples of the British Isles extremely well. I have always been extremely fond of the English and remain so — despite their many problems they remain a decent lot. There is something about the Scottish, however, that makes me like them a bit more than the English. The Irish… I will leave that alone. I am loathe to say more than that they were never my favourite people nor will they ever be. That should not be interpreted as a judgement on them, simply a statement of preference. Ireland, I am sure, is a pleasant country and by and large the Irish are a decent and pleasant lot. The English will muddle through simply because they are English. They have done that their entire history, thus I have more confidence in them. I will also assure you that the decent English are as off-put by their nastier bloggers as any of us.

      • Ike Jakson Says:


        I like to hear your remark about the decent English near the end.

        But there is something about the Irish that makes them different from the English in my experience. I only got to know the man Brendano recently but I am getting more impressed by the day.

        He relates to and literally takes you by hand into Ireland the land that he loves. I respect that. But also, and I regard this as true greatness, when he does that he doesn’t belittle anyone else or any other country. He regales you with the stories of old of the land he simply adores and loves. I like that.

        And the guy sings! He takes the family along too when they go singing. I can relate to people like that.

      • christophertrier Says:

        What I appreciate about the Irish is that they have a sense of place and an affection for their homeland without usually sinking into ethnic chauvinism. When I hear the Irish talk about Ireland they very rarely say “everything in Ireland is better”. If asked they will say what they like and dis-like but usually hold more well-balanced, reasoned views than many. The Irish are also willing to laugh about themselves — perhaps the best Irish jokes I have ever heard have been told to me by the Irish themselves. (And never as crass and tasteless as some of the lesser minds would say for the sake of nothing but to infuriate an individual)

      • Ike Jakson Says:


        I agree and I am sure Brendan will look at you with different eyes after this. Good for you.

  3. JM Says:

    If I may say so, Brendan, Ike speaks good sense ; but you will not rid yourself of ‘those people’ by using their same weapons and tactics. Wars are not one by emotion alone.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      May I kindly ask for your permission to address Brendan through you? I have come to have great respect for the man and the company he normally keeps.

      My advice to him would be simply to stay out of MyT and build his own Site up. You and he are the only two ex-MyT Bloggers that have succeeded so soon, and young Ana most excellently in her field of experience. Yours truly is humbled by your success but he is just in there for his own weird personality traits, being Sefrican you know.

      • christophertrier Says:

        Brendan is not a stupid man. Sometimes, well, often he chooses his battles very poorly and makes enemies out of people who would otherwise not be inclined to be his enemies. He usually writes interesting, sometimes witty, commentaries which can be appreciated for their quality whether one agrees with his perceptions or not. I have learnt a lot from the man, especially about Ireland. He isn’t always as tolerant with the opinions of others, however. Even if it would be fair to view their opinions as a bit eccentric.

      • Ike Jakson Says:


        He also speaks his mind when he has to. I am not saying the man is perfect [heck, who am I to talk about perfection] but he is not a wimp. I like the person who can tell me straight that he doesn’t agree with me as long as he doesn’t lose his manners.

        I can’t stand wishy-washy “I am oh so nice and you are so nice too” people who speak from the other side of the face when they turn around.

        Genuine is a good word for Brendan, and I respect him for that.

      • christophertrier Says:

        I have known Brendan for some time. At times we have managed to get on well, at times we have clashed. The problem is, I think, that both of us feel very strongly about certain beliefs and these beliefs often clash. We both can be very stubborn as well. I do not necessarily bare the man any ill will but will say that I am not nearly as fond of him as you.

      • Ike Jakson Says:


        I have not always agreed with you, neither have you with me, but we have always done it with good manners and I place Brendan in the same category; that is enough for me.

  4. Anonieme Drol Says:

    Ike old chap, and they do not get much older than you without being dead. Have you ever thought of shaving that awful beard off? I think it makes you look ten years older, say 95. You are correct about the Club they are plotting to make me have another mental breakdown and then flounce. I will not let them get to me this turkey is not giving up without a fight.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      I regret any inconvenience to my regular readers and plead for your indulgence while I try to get to the bottom of an unpleasant task.

      The aforementioned comment is from some coward that is trying to drive a wedge between me and another reputable Blogger. I edited the name of the person who submitted it [calling him/her Anonieme Drol for more or less the Dutch equivalent of “Anonymous Troll”] but not the contents; that I am leaving verbatim as submitted to show the reader what kind of vermin we sometimes have to deal with in Blogging. The IP address and other relevant data are being forwarded to those who must deal with this sort of dirt.

      At this stage I cannot say for sure who the lowlife is but we have a fair idea and will take all the necessary steps to bring him/her to justice.

  5. Anonieme Drol Says:

    Ike, I do not suppose you could sponsor Ron Broxted in an event at this years Gay Pride Week in Belfast. He has asked me but I am rather strapped for cash at present. Ron is going to attempt to break the world record for the most cottages visited in a 24 hour period. The current record I believe is 209. The rules state that he has to enter the cottage, meet a fellow cottager or three, exchange pleasantries/bodily fluids and then carve is name on the back of the door. Ron is confident he can break his old record and add another 41! I think he is being rather optimistic but he has assured me he can pull it off, if not he knows a man who will.
    I have offered him the equivalent of 20 rand, could you match or better that? He will be very grateful.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Re: Anonieme Drol [self edited by Ike Jakson because I had previously repeated my own comment].

      OK Mister Anon

      You caught me a little off balance earlier tonight and I called you something else at the time.

      I wish to retract that and will in future address you as above because I am interested in continuing the dialogue. Really, dead serious, I would like to but you know as well as I do that you are not the person whose name you use and I happen to know and like the guy.

      You may also choose any of my Posts though I suggest this one for starters because you are already in here.

      Unlike MyT and one other Site that you obviously also know about where the primary function of most “Bloggers” seems to be to delete each other’s Posts I promise you that I shall not delete any of your comments. I will edit them, yes, and I shall change the name but will not delete the comments as you will note from the others.

      Contrary to what I said in my first response I have also decided not to report you, maybe for the simple reason that I don’t have a clue how to go about it but mainly because I find you interesting; really I do. You seem to have some sort of gripe and I understand that too; most of the English Bloggers have lots of gripes. You are English aren’t you? I am only asking because it is interesting; you don’t have to confirm if you don’t wish to.

      Now I must be off; there are two guinea fowl to attend to but I shall be back later in the day but I look forward to finding lots of new comments from you when I return.

  6. Ike Jakson Says:


    I am not sure what is happening now. Just check this Post and two others and let me know ASAP.

  7. Ike Jakson Says:

    Sorry Brendan

    It seems the “funny guy” is up to his tricks again. I have archived the comments with the IP addresses and look forward to hearing from you

    • christophertrier Says:

      Brendan has had this happen to him a lot. People have published pictures of him, posted his e-mail address, and even posted his home address unless I am mistaken. Some bloggers did that to another blogger who never did anything to bother anyone — I won’t mention her name as she’s had to deal with enough already and I don’t want to give anyone an excuse to do it again.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks Ike, I am sorry to drag you into this mess. I have reason to believe the “Funny Man” has recently carried out financial checks on my current and past financial history, and is in the process of creating a full profile of my life and family history. Why would anyone do such a thing apart from wishing to cause me acute embarrassment?
    Any chance by the way of you sponsoring Ron?

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Mister Anon

      Don’t worry. But it is getting a bit out of hand. Hehehe! No, I won’t be sponsoring anyone. The other guy will just have to deal with Mister Anon any manner he deems appropriate.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Many thanks my hairy faced friend. Any chance of sending me a signed photograph of Nelson Mandela, or a pair of Winnie Mandela’s old football boots for my collection of South African memorabilia? Soutie has been kind enough to send me some World Cup items, including Wayne Rooney’s blindfold that he wore in all three games for England.

  10. Anonymous Ron Says:

    Sorry Brendano troubled you about sponsoring me for my attempt on the world 24 hour Cottaging Challenge for Belfast’s Amnesty Internationals Gay Pride Week. I drove down to County Fermanagh today in my shiny mobility contract hire car with my outreach mental health case helper Theressa Skoda and managed to find two Post offices with poor security.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Anonymous Ron

      No problem man, except all the people commenting from the same IP Address. No, Brendan didn’t bother me none, none at all. For a moment I thought somebody was trying to take me for a ride but I realized soon enough that he was just riding along by his own good self.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Many thanks for that Ike, your neanderthal looks hide a canny mind. Unlike Hmb who has turned into a veritable swine towards me. I fear the Club is out to get me. Who is Dr Hideous again?

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Anon

      Thanks for the compliment but I have told you how old the photo is and you wouldn’t want to see me now, nor ole Rip. Ole Rip and I were walking up the hillside the other day; we had our heads down to avoid falling over lose stones or into a mole tunnel when two baboons confronted us. Ole Rip saw their shadows out the corner of his eye, straightened up and let out his Tarzan yell. Two full grown baboons jumped straight down the cliff and killed themselves.

      Doctor Hideous, you ask. I dunno but I remember an old movie Mister Jackal and Doctor Hideous or something like that; about a two-faced guy talking with both sides of the mouth [split tongue like a snake] and through all four sides of the face.

      Tell you one thing, if The Club is after you it means that you must have done something right.

  12. Anonymous Punk Says:

    Two full grown baboons? How absolutely terrifying! …. Severely edited by Ike Jakson.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Mister Punk Anon

      I have told you before that you know and I know and now I tell you that everyone with any brains will know that you are impersonating someone else.

      I have so far accommodated you and did not delete any comment but I edited the filth out of this one, just leaving the first line so you know which one I am referring to. I thought we had a deal but you ain’t worth it, PUNK!

  13. Punk Anon Says:

    I just love men with beards…….severely edited by Ike

  14. Ike Jakson Says:

    Allow me to sum up please.

    Mister Anon is an interesting case; he may not be fascinating but he certainly is interesting. Perhaps that is all that needs to be said about such a person.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry about sharing my early sexual experiences with you Ike, I had no idea that anybody who resembles Moses grandfather would be so easily offended or a prude come to that. You have my word as a honorary leprechaun that I will not again cause you to blush again, not that anyone would notice with all those whiskers. If you think my sex life is somewhat bizarre you should see what Ron gets up to. One minute he is Ewanme or Kiska on my telegraph getting half hard old men to write filthy emails to him thinking he is a wanton strumpet, next thing he is pretending to be straight on his Indy blog as Ron. He has told me he is bi-curious but has gone past the curious part and is now well informed both in theoretical and practical sense. He has shown me your emails to Ewanme, you sly old goat. 😉

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Mister Anon

      Calling me a sly old goat takes the cake.

      In our country, the Rainbow People you know, way back when your momma was a lady and your daddy always a man, well I still live by those Rules.

      You knew who your Daddy was and your momma knew who he was. If it came out that she didn’t know who your Daddy was she was going to be a corpse before the day was out.

      The Rainbow has brought about a lot of change out here. They have done away with gender and replaced it with orientation. You can marry any damn orientation you want but those of my generation still remember when it was illegal; now that it has been legalized most say that they are leaving the country before it becomes obligatory.

      You must get rid of these hang-ups and obsessions that you have about other people.

      Do tell me, pray. Are all the English like you?

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Ike, you are irrepressible. Yes I suppose for someone of your age the concept of same sex relationships is hard to grasp, as is using an ordinary can-opener or buttoning your own shirt cuffs,or remembering to fasten your trouser zipper. Still I suppose living in a country where anal sex has always been the dominant means of birth control amongst the native population and boars, I suppose it is viewed as not unusual.
    I think I can see why you look back on the days when overt homosexuality was viewed as disgusting and not a subject to be discussed over ‘Sun downers’. I think the fact that it was viewed as abhorrent and disgusting probably made it that more exciting for your fathers generation. How do you feel about lesbians? I’m talking about good looking ones now not bull dyke’s who resemble night club bouncers, both in their haircuts and style of dress. I have to admit I quite enjoy seeing some girl on girl action with lots of muff diving and toys. Would you like me to send you a copy of a DVD I have titled “Bad bitches on heat serving life”? I find it very exciting, Ron on the other hand prefers “Hairy bikers homo forrest fuck fest” But who are we to judge? If it keeps him happy.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Mister Anon

      I have had some serious doubt about this comment and still have but I won’t delete it yet because I would like others to judge it for themselves.

      You can call me whatever you wish; that is not the problem. But I do object to the use of my Post as a public forum for the character assassination of someone that I don’t even know. I shall have to think about the comment and make my decision about editing it later.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Ike, buggery to be made compulsory in the Rainbow Nation? Ron’s ears just pricked up when I read that out to him here in the office. He has popped in to show me the photographs of him and other gender benders mincing down the main road in the last weeks Belfast’s celebration of Gay Pride. This year he wore a Laura Croft outfit of Tomb Raider fame and very fetching he looked in his black mini-dress, complete with two toy guns in holsters strapped to his milk white thighs. I had suggested he had a waxing, but Ron being Ron ignored my advice. He also rather over did the make-up. Still he managed to gain a third place in the ‘Queen of the Parade’ competition. Originally he had planned to go as Tina Turner, any excuse to flash some thigh….Hee Hee! If you decide to leave South Africa where will you go….have you considered Ireland? The economy if shot and unemployment is rising, but if it is craic you’re after it’s the best place in the world. 😉

  18. Brendano Says:

    Ike, I’m sorry you have been pestered by my stalker, D.G. Haslam … a sad loser if ever there was one. On genuine comments from me it will always be possible to click on my name and be taken to my blog. That is not the case when the Haslam sicko calls himself ‘Brendano’.

    Perhaps one day he will get a life.

    I’d like to thank Christopher for hos generous comments here.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Many thanks my hairy faced friend. D G Haslam whoever they are has been sending me some disgusting emails insinuating that like Ron I bat for the other side.Additionally only today a large vibrator arrived at my home with the suggestion that I insert it somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine. As you are well aware Santa I really am straight and also very butch, I follow rugby and I have played the odd game for my local sides third team when there has been a major flu epidemic and they have been hard pressed to put a team out. Just because I have some, shall we say liberal and politically correct views and like poetry along with Leonard Cohen doesn’t make me a woofter like Ron does it?

  20. Ron Anonymous Says:

    Who are you calling a woofter Brendan? 😉 I’m off to England this week for my ex-boyfriends civil ceremony. Just my luck, always a bridesmaid never a bride……Oooh matron! 🙂

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Sounds really cool Ron, what are you wearing? I like the pictures you sent me of you at the Belfast Gay Pride Amnesty International sponsored annual mince around town. You looked really cool in your Laura Croft outfit. You legs looked as if they hadn’t seen the sun since 1983, or were they white hairy tights you were wearing my dear? 😉

  22. Anonymous Says:

    I would appreciate it Brendan if you stopped sending me emails with photographic attachments showing your………….breaks down crying…………with laughter………….”Little Soldier”!!!……..actually it looks more like a walnut whip. You are awful my dark brooding Irish answer to Sarkosy

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Cymber’s my sweet mango how I envy you sat in your bleached wood rocking chair on your rickety veranda outside your hut, naked except for a battered straw hat, with the warm caribbean sun kissing your beautiful face as you draw hard on the long caribbean pipe, carved lovingly from the thigh bone of a long dead pirate, and the beads of perspiration trickle slowly from your brow down your face and fall upon your ample heaving bosom. Whilst from atop a swaying King Palm tree a solitary Parrot squaks, “Brendan, Brendan where for art thou.”

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Cymber’s did I ever tell you of how I dabbled with elicit substances and drank to excess in my youth as I struggled with my inner demons? Once after a three day bender I believe I saw the face of the Virgin Mary in a beer mat. On another occasion I was chased by a terrifying group of small green men with wizen faces and hats made from a four leaf clover. I shall always be grateful for Fr Mooney’s intervention and spiritual guidance.

  25. Ike Jakson Says:

    My, I daresay, sure I do, you guys without names and all those multiple ID’s are having a ball while I was out. Do carry on fellows. Have fun.

  26. Ike Jakson Says:

    OK Guys

    I have made it. Tree score and ten it is.

    I have not seen anything that surprises me in anything you say; it’s all the normal stuff one would expect from you okes.

    Why don’t some of you say what you think of The Club, or Mister Jackal and Doktoro Hideous? I mean, that was the purpose of the Post and the Great Doktoro can speak, write and read about seventy languages at his own Library in Cyprus.

    I may read very little of your nonsense and I know some others aren’t really interested but I can see from my readers count that the Doktoro and his friends are dropping in all the time. Entertain them a while; shucks they will love you for it.

    Chiau for now. Enjoy!

  27. Anonymous Baboon Says:

    Ike in future I shall be posting here as anonymous if that is OK by you? Naturally I will keep my normal avatar so you will know that it is me. The problem is that I may soon be forced to apply for a real paid job in the near future, and some potential employers now google names to see what sort of person you are.
    Hope you are in the pink my hairy faced friend and steering clear of the randy baboons. 😉

  28. Anonymous Scumbag Says:

    By the way Ike I think I might be under surveillance by members of the evil ‘Club’. Yesterday as I was leaving Mrs McEgan’s by the back door, I heard a noise and I am sure the lid of her dustbin lifted slightly and I heard a person cough. Do you think the ‘Horrible Doctor’ could be responsible, and just how far will they go to silence the voice of reason?

  29. Anonymous UK Cockroach Says:

    Hi Ike, sorry to be so late getting back to you my fungus faced friend, but I’m really swamped with work at the moment, Pauline has left me a pile of ironing and other jobs to do around the hovel today, god knows why she thinks I can multi-task is beyond me. I think it was brought on by the fact that of late I have been sitting at my workstation all day typing childish comments and insults in the comment section, whilst only wearing just my underpants, and surrounded by empty coffee cups. This did not go down well with the Brit Pig and she decided that I should not be idle whilst she was out busting her fat arse trying to pay the bills. This regime change has caused me to neglect my own site as well as My T in recent days.

    Have you any further news with regard to the fiendish Doctor Horrible and his scheming hench persons?

  30. Anonymous Sewer Rat Says:

    Good morning Ike I trust you are well and still considering my suggestion to have a decent haircut and a shave to remove that hairy bush you are hiding behind.
    I was rudely awakened this morning by the boss who immediately shoved a long list of household duties and chores to be carried out by me today. Needless to say my protests fell upon deaf ears and after much finger pointing and shouting on her part I reluctantly agreed to carry out her wishes. Prior to being shaken from my slumbers in the old wank chariot I had been experiencing a delightful erotic dream featuring Cymber’s. Needless to say I was just getting to the good bit when the angry Pauline woke me.
    She has now gone off to work so I am able to fire up the computer and ignore the list of jobs she has left me to do.
    Some good news little Ron has managed to open a new Shanghai7 account on MyT after being recently banned by Kate on orders from the ‘Club’ no doubt. His return in terms of support is most welcome as I have been taking quite a lot of stick on the site of late from Club members. I may have to close my site due to lack of interest by readers. I really thought my devotees would follow me, but I guess the content was…. shall we say too cerebral for most of them.

  31. Anonymous Fake Says:

    From the same fake as above yet under another name.

    Brendano, please do not close your site down, after all you still get more comments on it than I do on all my different sites combined. I only have one comment on my latest Shanghai7 post and that is from badger and less than complimentary. My Indy blog hardly get any comments apart from the ones I place on it myself. I am wondering whether or not to replace my Ewanme and kiska characters with new faux female ones, as most people have cottoned on to the fact that it is little old me pretending to be a female, hence the private emails from randy old baboons like Ike and badger trying to chat me up have dried up. I was thinking of introducing a new face and calling her Kylie age sixteen, what do you think? I so enjoy Internet cross dressing. 🙂

  32. Anonymous Gutter Rat Says:

    Ike, I have been dealing with the Clubs leading troll on the other site. Incidentally I posted a link in one of my comments which hopefully should bring you some new readers. That has to be worth a case of fine South African red methinks. 😉

  33. Gutter Punk Says:

    By the way Ike thanks for the men’s magazines, they just arrived via the postman. I cannot believe they took less than a week to travel all that way. Believe me even in modern Ireland it is still almost impossible to be able to walk into a newsagent and find adult material on public display, especially in a rural area. Many thanks again old pal. 😉

  34. Anonymous Filth Dealer Says:

    Ike, these wank mags are dynamite. Bush Bitches are truly easy on the eye. It’s amazing how they put up with all those piercings……I bet it makes their sweet brown eyes water. Talk about brown outside…pink inside….grrr grrr. 😉 Cool.

  35. Man with no Shame Says:

    Bloody Norah Ike, I have just had a quick look at Township Tarts, talk about Rainbow nation! I would love to afford to be able to visit South Africa but sadly the economy here goes from bad to worse, even the weather here in the last month has been rain, more rain and permanently cloudy skies. These mags have perked me up though Ike, many thanks again. 😉

  36. No shame No Pride Englishman Says:

    Ike, just a thought is it true that adult Zulu men have large Knobkerries?

  37. Nameless Scumbag Says:

    I think I can answer that Brendano. If they are anything like Somalians that are hung like Baboons. I just asked my old mum.

  38. Filth of England Says:

    Thanks for that Ron. By the way I thought you were going to England this week for your ex-boyfriends civil partnership ceremony, are you in England now?

  39. English Scumbag Says:

    Ike, I have just thought by mentioning that the wank mags had arrived safely, I trust I have not caused you any embarrassment by revealing the supply chain? If I have please accept my apologies. 😦

  40. Sick Scumbag Says:

    Ike I wrote this song sometime ago and still regularly perform it on a friday night at my local. I did send it to Leonard Cohen with a view to him performing it, but sadly he never got back to me.

    This poem/song was the deliberate act of a very sick, sad, perverse mind at 3.00 AM in the morning on a very dark night. An equally perverted friend Ron in time had inspired it and asked me to complete the song as a joke.

    Unfortunately for the general public, I did complete the song and have performed it by request at my local bar the Crosskeys. To my complete shocked surprise and horror, it has become a popular item on the agenda.

    I include it here so that maybe some others can learn it and perform it and save my singing voice for the lower bowels of anonymity where it belongs.

    (To the tune of Big Bad John)

    Copyright; Brendan O’Brien
    (Admittedly) one sick night in 1998

    From my book ‘An utter Cunts tale’

    Sunday morning, in the S-bend, you could see him arrive,
    He was nine inches long and two inches wide,
    Kind of broad in the center, narrow in the tip,
    Bobbing in the bowl like a brown battleship,
    Big Poo.


    Big Poo…oo.
    Big Bad Poo.
    Big Poo…

    He emerged from the bowels of a girl called Jane,
    With a fair bit of grunting’ and a whole lot of pain.
    He squeezed through her cheeks with fire and ash,
    And into the bowl with one hell of a splash.
    Big Poo.


    Well, he started his life the day before,
    As a nice, juicy steak that was medium raw.
    Alfalfa and vegetables hung him long,
    And two hot cross buns made him awfully strong.
    Big Poo.


    Six glasses of wine lubricated his wake,
    With some added propulsion from a chocolate cake,
    And the big, lumpy midriff that bumped in the bowl,
    Was the seed from a lichee she’d swallowed whole.
    Big Poo.


    It took fourteen flushes to send him away,
    But the skid-marks he left clung on ten days.
    This wasn’t the end of his journey south,
    He collected eight tampons and one dead mouse.
    Big Poo.


    This was Just the beginning of something’ more,
    There were curried prawns buried deep in his core,
    They brewed that gas they run engines from,
    And this floating log became an atom bomb!
    Big Poo.


    Well, he snuck through a valve at the treatment shed,
    Where he lurked in the chemicals ’till they ate his head,
    Then with a rush of gas and an almighty bang,
    The whole plant went up, and the fat lady sang.
    Big Poo.


    Well, there wasn’t a whole lot left of the site,
    It was leveled to the ground by brown dynamite,
    So they in-scripted a plaque, and upon it was writ:
    “At the bottom of this sewer, lies a big, mean shit…
    …Big Poo.”

    RPT. CHORUS (fading…)

    Did you like that Ike? 🙂

  41. Chicken Bag Says:

    There Was an Old Man with a Beard

    User Rating:

    8.0 /10
    (14 votes)

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    Add this poem to MyPoemList

    Ike, I thought of you when I read this. 😉

    There was an Old Man with a beard,
    Who said, “It is just as I feared! —
    Two Owls and a Hen, four Larks and a Wren,
    Have all built their nests in my beard.

    Edward Lear

  42. Man in a Bag Says:

    Hope this cheers you up Ike my fungus faced friend.

    Bosveld Mampoer
    Da´ bo innie Bosveld stap hasie eendag so deurie gras en kom oppe borrel Witblits (Mampoer) af wat innie son gele het.
    Hy vat toe so paar slukke ,ma´ die witblits skop hom so lat hy net daar uit-pass op die naat van sy rug.
    Jakkals kom verby, sien vir hasie ennie bottel, dog toe hy sal ook so sluk vat voor hy vir hasie eet.
    Maar die warm witblits kap hom ook om.
    So le die twee nou daar toe Hayena verby kom, kon sy geluk nie glo nie maar maak dieselfde fout en drink ook eers anie bottel, selle storie, val net daar neer, uit-gepaas.
    Leeu kom op die storie af. Besluit hy eet nie aan jakkalse en hayena´s nie en die haas is te klein om eers oor te worry.
    Vat toe maar so paar groot slukke aan die borrel witblits en daar slaan hy ok neer.
    Met die begin hasie roer, sit regop mette moerske kopseer. Maar hy skud sy kop, trek sy ore reg en kyk toe so om hom.
    Toe sien hy nou hoe le leeu, jakkals en hayena bewusteloos en se :
    -* “#$!@#, maar ek raak darem aggresief as ek gedrink het !!”

  43. Trying to be better Says:

    You just have to laugh Ike. 🙂

    Famine in Skibbereen

    Oh father dear, I oft-times hear you talk of Erin’s isle,
    Her lofty hills, her valleys green, her mountains rude and wild.
    They say she is a lovely land wherein a saint might dwell,
    So why did you abandon her? the place has gone to hell.

    Oh son, I loved my native land with energy and pride,
    Till a blight came o’er the praties and my sheep and cattle died,
    My rent and taxes went unpaid, I could not them redeem,
    And that’s the cruel reason why I left old Skibbereen.

    Oh well do I remember that bleak December day,
    The landlord and the agent came to take us all away,
    They set my roof on fire with their cursed English spleen,
    And I heaved a sigh and bade goodbye to dear old Skibbereen.

    Your mother too, God rest her soul, fell on the stony ground,
    She fainted in her anguish, seeing desolation ’round.
    She never rose but passed away from life to immortal dream,
    She found a quiet grave, my boy, in dear old Skibbereen.

    And you were only two years old and feeble was your frame,
    I could not leave you with my friends for you bore your father’s name.
    I wrapped you in my cóta mór in the dead of night unseen,
    And heaved a sigh and bade goodbye to dear old Skibbereen.

    Oh father dear, the day will come when in answer to the call,
    All Irish men of freedom stern will rally one and all,
    I’ll be the man to lead the van beneath the flag of green,
    And loud and clear we’ll raise the cheer, Revenge for Skibbereen!

  44. Ironic Decency Says:

    You just have to laugh Ike. 🙂

    It was last year when the Irish economy went tits up and the world’s economies were in a state of shambles. Outside the small, independent Kerry Bank the crowd were gathering, all anxious about their finances.

    Tell us the facts,’ shouted Brendan O’Brien. ‘Remember, I was one of the first people to deposit money with you!’

    ‘Indeed you were,’ said Banker Kennedy. ‘And because of that you are what we call a preferential creditor.’

    ‘A preferential creditor!’ shouted O’Brien, louder than before. ‘What does that mean?’

    ‘Well,’ said Kennedy. ‘It means that you will be the first to know there’s nothing to come you lunkhead!’

  45. English Scumbag Says:

    Thanks once again for the wank mags Ike, they were great and luckily I had the place to myself today I’ve spent another day doing nothing . Ike do you think it is true that every time a bloke has a wank it takes a minute off his life? If it is true I stand no chance of collecting my old age pension. 😉

  46. a Man with no Shame Says:

    Ike please put some comments on my blog nobody is visiting it…..sob….sob, you would never believe I have forty-eight friends on MyT. It is only the daft Turk that bothers to leave a comment now. What is the secret of your success fungus face?


  47. Brendano Impersonator Says:

    Ike my hairy faced friend, pray why do you keep changing my name? I am not without shame. Indeed I have much to be ashamed of as little Ron can vouch for. That is the reason I still regularly sing in the church choir and spend longer and longer each week in the confessional confessing my lustful thoughts about the creole tease and Caribbean temptress Cymbers. Father K.D Fiddler who takes my weekly confessions has advised me to try bromide in my tea and to take regular cold showers. He also has told me, that some times whilst hearing my sexual fantasies he has found himself becoming sexually aroused due to the graphic details I relate from my dreams and pent-up mucky thoughts to him and he has often called time-out.

  48. Ike Jakson Says:

    Well well, I see you young punks have had a good time while I have been away. Don’t overdo it though; my pleasant disposition may change if you don’t start behaving like civilized people at some stage.

    Impersonating a person of good character is really a lousy thing to do but I have decided to let all the comments stand for a while. It will tighten the noose around your necks if I decide to take action at a later stage. Now I am just saying that; don’t let it deter you or say that I am trying to intimidate you.

    I am off to sleep. Go crawl back into your sewers for the night.

  49. Ike Jakson Says:

    Dear Readers

    At last I can say mission accomplished. I cannot say that I enjoyed this Post and at times I found myself wishing I had not done it, but I am not altogether regretting it because we have at last isolated the lowlife English Troll to his IP Address at:

    He managed to sneak two more comments in while the process to blacklist him was being attended to but after that his last one went straight to spam where I am keeping it in case we decide to take further action. It is pretty damning and I have archived it for this purpose. He seems to have got the message at last and has gone hiding in his own sewer hole.

    Any future comments by him will all go direct to Spam and he hopelessly underestimated the power of WordPress though I am sure knowing and having observed the type of weasel that he is, he may of course, try again but should he do so let us know and we will get WordPress on him.

    In the meantime I sincerely hope that we are rid of him for a while and hope that you have not been inconvenienced too much.

    Thanks for your assistance Brendan. Keep well. Give us more Posts of your Irish Ancestry and their writers and let us build something beautiful and positive. I would love to be alongside you wherever I can assist. Let us ignore the negative from now on.

    Ike Jakson.

  50. Doctor Hideous Says:

    What a complete load of crap you bewhiskered oaf.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      You must learn to face the truth but I am afraid that you will fall right over it and break your neck in two places and still not know it was the truth that you fell over.

  51. Ike Jakson Says:

    Hi Ferret

    I wrote you this comment in reply to yours in:


    You forgot the old before loon; and the children are saying “Ole Dad is not only half-blind, he’s half deaf too.”

    I like your comment in its entirety. Yeah, you summed it up well. You are not a bad sort either.

    Nice to see ya. Keep well.


    The system accepted it, then flashed and boom!! and it was gone before I could archive.

    You are most welcome to visit here with the ole loon. We don’t delete Posts or comments in a proper WordPress Site.

  52. Ike Jakson Says:

    Soutie, old chap

    Don’t make a fool of yourself; this comes in kindness.

    I never said anything about “Bucharest and Bulgaria” and did not link the two anywhere. Neither did I say anywhere that “Bucharest is in Bulgaria” as stated by Mister Bravo in his Post:


    It is just another twist of the truth from the fertile mind of a liar. You have dug yourself into a hole in that Blog, Boet; don’t make it your grave.

    Come visit me; you will always be treated with courtesy.

  53. bravo22c Says:

    Hi Bronco Bravo

    You will note that I am now keeping my promise to reinstate your comment without editing. Unfortunately I had done the editing straight in my Dashboard on WordPress Admin and hence I have had to go back to my Google Inbox to retrieve the original but you will note that is identical word for word as you submitted it. I hope you feel better. Here it is: I only added the inverted commas at the beginning and the end to indicate what exactly came in from you.

    “Author : bravo22c (IP: , static-86-125-24-18.rdsnet.ro)
    E-mail : tjudge@rocketmail.com
    URL : http://bravo22c.wordpress.com
    Whois : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=
    So you are a liar as well as a loon. Your original post, which you have now edited, referred to ‘a new contract in Bulgaria.’ Trackback the ip of this comment to see where I am now, whacko.”

    I hope it is now OK but do let me know if you are not entirely satisfied with everything.

    Whacko Jacko. PS: I don’t in the least mind if you call me that. I rather like it.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Bronco Bravo

      In accordance with our arrangement I have therefore amended my comment so that we can continue in this vein to consider all the points that you raised at a later stage.

  54. bravo22c Says:

    Hi Bronco Bravo

    So here as with the previous one is your second comment, also just with the inverted commas at beginning an end to show your comment exactly as it came through my Goggle Inbox.

    “A new comment on the post “2 Help Brendano” is waiting for your approval

    Author : bravo22c (IP: , static-86-125-24-18.rdsnet.ro)
    E-mail : tjudge@rocketmail.com
    URL : http://bravo22c.wordpress.com
    Whois : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=
    Just as you edited the post then, whacko.’

    Now I have kept my word and we can attend to the rest. If you don’t mind I shall have to do it point by point as I find my old archives because I want to be accurate and you have raised a number of points.

    Whacko Jacko.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Finally I adjusted my comment on this one by referring you to my next comment in dealing with it. That means at this point all your submissions are back in your original words.

  55. Ike Jakson Says:


    Talking about editing Posts; don’t you?

    I had to hunt this down but found it:

    Time for a pep-talk
    April 28, 2010 Bearsy Leave a comment Go to comments

    Gawd, there’s enough inertia in you lot to keep a B-dub going for ks down the track and halfway up a mountain. How many times do I have to remind you that this is not MyT? The rules are different here.

    Now, this post is going to be a bit difficult for some of you, because it’s going to be a mixture of BASM1 and BAH2, so you’ll have to figure out which is which, all by yourself. Furthermore, although it is written in what I consider to be a humorous vein, if anyone would prefer to misinterpret my bons mots, to take my words seriously and thereby become offended, be my guest.

    Let’s get a few things straight –

    • If Bravo wants to have a Brendano-free post, he can.
    • If Brendano wants to post a load of SJC3 attacking Bravo’s parentage, education, moral fibre and rectitude4, he can (within the confines of the ToS).
    • If MoO wants to endlessly post splenic attacks on Anglo-Saxons, in French or English, he can (so long as he avoids outright racism).

    Likewise, any author may delete, should they so choose, any comment within his/her post –

    • For any reason or no reason, without getting labelled as ‘an opponent of free speech’.
    • Which calls him/her ‘an opponent of free speech’, a ‘racist’, a ‘bigot’ or similar terms, with my manifold blessing.
    • Preaching a ‘holier-than-thou’ message, such as “I never delete any comments … “ [Oh yes you do!]
    You should also remember The Club for what you call editing, which is after all what my Post is all about.

    What is good for the goose …?

  56. bravo22c Says:

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Caught red-handed. Just lash out wildly, that’ll do it.

    Go spin some more tales about how I’m trying to take over DNmyT and MyT itself, why don’t you.

  57. Ike Jakson Says:

    Bravo old Chap

    It is true what Brendano always said; you don’t want to debate the topic but I shall try.

    As far as I know the topic was deletion and editing of material. You made the accusations. Tell us the facts that worry you. Point it out to me and I shall listen and see what comes up.

    I wasn’t lashing out at anything; all I did was to copy and paste Bearsy’s own Post about you and Brendano and your deletions of comments the same you used to do at MyT and from The Club, and the deliberate editing of comments in your Posts at the Chariot to strip the debate. Go read Bearsy’s entire Post that I quoted from above.

    Be a big boy for once.

  58. Ron Broxted Says:

    Oh dear Ike, I see you have a troll problem. Contact abuse@bt as they can deal with it. Dooi, R.

  59. Ron Broxted Says:

    Hi Ike. That address is for dealing with illegal stuff, posting gay porn, racist death threats and the rest of Haslam’s opus. Bedfordshire Constabulary are dealing with at least one complaint as far as I know. 😉

  60. bravo22c Says:

    Nope, I don’t edit posts, and if I make a mistake I out my hand up. As for whacko…

    Don’t ignore Bravo; or do so at your peril. The guy is a bag of deceit [good grief, in a few months from the head of a large American International Tobacco Company in Moscow, to having his own Team on a Security Contract when the bomb went off and “his contract” ended, a promise of a new contract in Bucharest but now sitting at the pool in Cyprus where his whole extended family of dozens and dozens of cousins have suddenly been domiciled for generations and taking care of his new found library]; he runs The Club; the others are just his minions.

    Ring any bells?

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      I wrote that. So what is your beef?

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      There is one other thing. In your current Post in MDNMT you state that “September 2, 2010 at 3:42 pm | #41



      “Whacko Jako has a down on Bravo because I dicked* him while he was still doing his information gathering on MyT.

      As for Brendano, stop winding the guy up, Araminta, you are too smart not to dick him for the whining, self-opiniated, bigotted, ignorant bag of SJC that he is. Never apologises when caught out in another piece of prevarication, or of bending the truth, or attacking people for things they have not said, or blustering over his ignorance in favour of his knee-jerk prejudices.

      * Jargon for penetrated his cover; used particularly in covert surveillance ops. Now you know.”

      So you “dicked” me while you were doing “covert surveillance Ops?” Do tell our readers what you found. I don’t mind at all. Let the truth be out.

      And in another comment towards the end you state:
      September 2, 2010 at 4:29 pm | #43

      “Good grief, whatever gave you that idea? Do you know I used to defend him against his detractors in the early days?

      Who were my detractors that you so gallantly defended me, the very same man you had under covert surveillance?

      I have one more example that I will post later on in here. Do work on the above first. I promise I will not edit or change anything in your comment. In fact, as a special favour to you I shall reinstate your full texts of your previous two comments that I once edited. You will see them in their full glory here tomorrow some time. I need to have a rest now.

  61. bravo22c Says:

    Well, there you go. The covert ops reference was a description of the jargon.

    As to the ‘detractors’ quote it referred to Brendano.

    As to the farrago of nonsense, it bears no relation to anything I wrote anywhere, just like this comment.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Good morning Bravo

      Let us try to get it all clear, please.

      What exactly do you mean when you said “I dicked* him while he was still doing his information gathering on MyT.” Don’t bother about explanations of some jargon. Let’s have it straight. What did you mean by that?

      In your second par: You now say it referred to Brendano. I have no recollection of anything on which Brendano was a detractor to me or that I needed or asked for such assistance. Please explain.

      In your third Par: What “farrago of nonsense” are you referring to?

      I appreciate you coming forward. Let us drop the name calling now and see whether we can sort this out.

  62. bravo22c Says:

    Do you read what is written in front of you? I defende Brendano from his detractors in the early days of MyT – the comment has nothing to do with you whatsoever.

    1. ‘From the h head of a large American International Tobacco Company…

    Fabrication. That came from nowhere except out of your head.

    2. ‘..to having his own team…’ which is true, as it may be for any manager in any sphere of activity.

    3. ‘..when the bomb went off and “his contract” ended,..’ The Moscow subway bombings happened on the 29 March. My contract ended on the 30th June. No connection between the two whatsoever.

    4. The contract in Bucharest began on 1 August. Check the ip address of this post.

    5. Sitting at the pool in Cyprus… and? http://bearsy.wordpress.com/2010/08/22/trust/

    6. ‘…extended family…’ When you marry a Cypriot – or anyone from that general area of the Med, you marry a family.

    Farrago of twisted nonsense. And you’re dicked again:

    appreciate you coming forward. Let us drop the name calling now and see whether we can sort this out.

    …playing Mr Nice Guy while you collect all your little snippets and weave them into your fantasies, like the evil mastermind trying to take over all the sites he posts on. You are a whacko.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Right Bravo

      Now we shall see. You must realize that I have to consult archives but I shall get onto it and come back here.

  63. Ike Jakson Says:

    Contrary to everything that I intended to do today this comment “was formulated for me” by this Post that opened with the computer:


    I was confronted by the most extreme irony that I have ever observed in my life, but it seems that I am the only one to notice it, though I hope someone amongst the more than one billion peace loving Muslims in the World will notice it and remember me [as I am sure millions will] that the author is only one person who is guilty of the same distortion and personal hatred that is eating away at his innards as are the small number of terrorists that he mentions compared to the rest of the billion. The author however, is more proficient in hiding his personal inner turmoil.

    That people actually comment on drivel of this nature is beyond all comprehension. To allow publishing of this kind of hate-filled personal prejudice is a crime that must rest heavily on the consciences of the sane; the worst fanatic extremist but he points a finger ….; that’s the ultimate in irony.

    That the twisted contorted mind that produced it is actually proud of his achievement boggles the sane mind. If this is Freedom of Speech it is time to start restricting it for the good of the entire sane World.

    The detail in the Post itself is not worthy of comment though a few with their own similar prejudices may relish it.

  64. Araminta Says:

    Hello Ike,

    With the greatest of respect, I think your view of Bravo is incorrect. Whilst I appreciate you are entitled to your opinion, I have not seen any evidence to support your view that Bravo is somehow taking over Boadicea’s Chariot.

    It is most unlikely, in my opinion. How could he do this? Bearsy set up the site and Boadicea is now in charge. Bravo posts there; that is all.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Araminta

      Thank you for popping in.

      You have always been the one at MyT and at Bearsy’s to present the alternative [more balanced, cool and sensible] view when matters get serious. You should be even more appreciated than you already are.

      With utmost respect to you therefore, if I may ask you to read my previous comment once more, I have taken my last decision on Mister Bravo since his most recent Post called September.

      My interest in Blogging was always mainly for research though I allowed myself to be drawn into the “side issues” which I now regret and my work being nearly finished I am freeing myself from that as well.

      I therefore, have no more interest in Bravo and prefer not to discuss anything about the man.

      You must do more work in your own Site and visit mine. I am not leaving altogether though I have withdrawn from all participation at MyT. I am going to remain in American Blogging but at a reduced level there too; hope though that we shall see each other now and then.

      Go well.

  65. Ike Jakson Says:


    This comes after due reconsideration of your second paragraph; you deserve a better answer because you are one of only a very small number of people [and please, this is not just to flatter you] with a sufficiently clear and logical mind to understand and analyze the situation.

    Boadicea never owned the Site that you refer to because Bravo fully owns it already. Bearsy lost control over the Site after Bravo’s very first Post; both of them will of course deny this but when it got through to Bearsy he “passed ownership” to Boadicea; that was just in name, however. Bearsy “wanted out” but had to save face; so they did it this way.

    Bravo effectively controls the Site already and it is only a matter of time before Boadicea goes.

    I reckon I can prove this to you if you are interested. Do let me know.

    Meantime go well.

  66. bravo22c Says:

    Araminta, now do you believe he is a total whacko 😀

  67. bravo22c Says:


    Right Bravo

    Now we shall see. You must realize that I have to consult archives but I shall get onto it and come back here.

    When it comes to put up or shut up time, it appears that it’s shut up, innit?

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      All will happen in due time Bronco. Patience is a virtue; no use rushing and burst a vein in the wrong place, mate.

  68. Ike Jakson Says:

    Thank you Bravo

    You made it so easy for me though you didn’t know it.

    Take something from an old man, young lad. Sometimes it is best to keep your mouth shut. Don’t try to kill the truth by attacking the messenger that is bringing it home.

    But I have come to realize that you just don’t know and I don’t have to prove what I have said because you have done it for me. Do publish this comment as well, and you will see from the reaction whether I am right.

    But I do like it if you call me Whacko Jako. Nobody has ever done that and I love it.

  69. bravo22c Says:

    Ha, ha, so it’s shut up then. Can’t make good so weasel out. It figures. Where’s the proof you promised Ariminta then, whacko?

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      I done tole yah awreddy, it’s in your Posts. All in good time young lad. What’s the hurry? You have a team to handle, Bronco; you do have a team, don’tcha?

  70. grumpylarry Says:

    Of all the nutters on these sites, you my old jake are the best. Where do you blog from the inside of a padded cell.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Good ole Larry

      I was wondering when the insinuations were going to start; that’s old hat from you and your buddy allanh. Naw Larry ole Bean, I am as free and sober in body, soul and mind as a bird. You okes in The Club will never understand that. Try though to free your minds and you may make it. To be really free you need a free and healthy mind, Larry.

  71. bravo22c Says:

    Bluff and bluster, that figures.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Bronco

      I wonder why I see all the activity, energy and new Posts being expended on just “bluff en bluster” as you call it. I see others who seem to think differently. And as I said before, silence is a virtue; all things will happen when the time is right.

      ‘Nuff for now; I see your brought your ole buddy from The Club around as so often.

  72. grumpylarry Says:

    What do you call this comedy of errors
    2 help brendano.
    Don’t you know that, like you, the irishman is beyond help. I suspect that all you brain dead types stick together for mutual back slapping.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      No Larry

      I find Brendano a courteous and knowledgeable man with an open mind; and I prefer courtesy above rudeness. I have learned a lot from him and others who come through his Site.

      No back slapping is required amongst his visitors, and our brains are free to explore and that is what we do.

  73. Ike Jakson Says:


    Sorry mate, but you won’t get that one past me.

  74. bravo22c Says:

    Still waiting. Still nothing. How surprising.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Bravo

      Why, I am not called Whacko this time? I shall call you Bronco Billy then, or just Bronco for short.

      You seem to be in a hurry so let’s get right down to it.

      In one of your previous comments [point 3 of September 3 above] you confirm that you and your team were in Moscow on the morning of the bomb. That’s all I wanted to know; I did not refer to any connection between that and anything else; you now confirmed it and also that you and your Team had been there for a while. You also previously explained what kind of work you and the team does and that you were in Moscow on a contract.

      Now then, about this Team:

      1. Were you and your Team on an official contract with the Russian Government or any Government agency?

      2. Did you report on the bomb blast in this official capacity?

      3. Did you and the Team officially and in terms of your contract assist the Russian authorities in the clean-up after the incident and the investigation that followed?

      4. Have you got any news about whether anyone has been apprehended yet and details of the suspected criminals?

      This will do for starters and I await your detailed reply.

  75. bravo22c Says:

    None of that is any of your business and it is all entirely beside the point which is:

    Boadicea never owned the Site that you refer to because Bravo fully owns it already. Bearsy lost control over the Site after Bravo’s very first Post; both of them will of course deny this but when it got through to Bearsy he “passed ownership” to Boadicea; that was just in name, however. Bearsy “wanted out” but had to save face; so they did it this way.

    Bravo effectively controls the Site already and it is only a matter of time before Boadicea goes.

    I reckon I can prove this to you if you are interested. Do let me know.

    Where is the proof, whacko? Apart from in your fantasy world, that is.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Bronco Billy

      You know Bravo, sonny bo, you are funny.

      Now you come and tell me what the point in my entire Post is and you miss the point by …. Well you miss the whole darn point because you try and wiggle yourself out of the hole that you dug for yourself.

      So I shall summarize it for you once more.

      The point of my Post and several others before that is that you post drivel in the so-called open public discussion forum where you don’t allow free discussion and delete any attempt at it by others. Consequently all the drivel and lies in all your Posts from the ego-song in “Me” to the [what you deem] great presence of you and your team at the Moscow bomb incident are just plain lies and distortions. You weren’t anywhere near that incident, neither did you have a team there to assist the Russian authorities. That, mate, yes, that is imagination. I simply asked for some facts on this matter; remember, you once said “Shermeen, something is not so just because you say it is so; you have to provide proof that it is so.”

      You have now with your diversion tactics proved that you have been telling lies all along.

      But let us say that the point is what you now say is the point: I shall quote your view in a previous Post long time ago. “For god sake people, this [blogging] is not real; it’s all ephemeral. I don’t care whether you learn a friggin’ fig [that part was aimed at me on a comment I had made] and how many times must I tell you to stay with established Bloggers and ignore the freaks?”

      Bronco son, if what you say is the point and that it is just my imagination, why are you getting so railed up about it? Or is it perhaps the truth and you don’t want the cave-dwellers to realize it. That’s a good name for the Patterson place, ain’t it now.

      You have a lot to learn, son. But you are, yeah sure are funny in a way, sort of sick funny, you know.

  76. bravo22c Says:

    So, it’s all bullsh*te.

    ‘Boadicea never owned the Site that you refer to because Bravo fully owns it already. Bearsy lost control over the Site after Bravo’s very first Post; both of them will of course deny this but when it got through to Bearsy he “passed ownership” to Boadicea; that was just in name, however. Bearsy “wanted out” but had to save face; so they did it this way.

    Bravo effectively controls the Site already and it is only a matter of time before Boadicea goes.

    I reckon I can prove this to you if you are interested. Do let me know.’

    So, where is the proof? There’s only one whacko wriggling on the hook here, and it is you. Put up or shut up time has come and gone and all you are left with is shut up. Prove what you said you can prove, or admit that you cannot.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Bronco Billy

      Don’t burst a vein in your silly head.

      You have proved me right by not answering the real point; indeed you evade it like the plaque. I don’t have to prove anything else because you have proved that you are a freaking liar and a cheat.

      Go back to school [of life, son] and learn to keep your mouth shut.

  77. bravo22c Says:

    Ha, ha. Bluff and bluster well and truly punctured. The real point is that you live in a fantasy world.

    Out of your own mouth:

    Boadicea never owned the Site that you refer to because Bravo fully owns it already. Bearsy lost control over the Site after Bravo’s very first Post; both of them will of course deny this but when it got through to Bearsy he “passed ownership” to Boadicea; that was just in name, however. Bearsy “wanted out” but had to save face; so they did it this way.

    Bravo effectively controls the Site already and it is only a matter of time before Boadicea goes.

    I reckon I can prove this to you if you are interested. Do let me know.’

    Put up or, finally, shut up, whacko.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Bronco Billy

      You are an amazing kid, you know. I really fail to see any sense in submitting the same comment twice.

      Your problem in your fantasy world is that you like to hear your own voice, kiddo.


  78. bravo22c Says:

    More evasion, whacko. You are well and truly busted. You cannot prove what you have said you can prove – because it is all fantastic nonsense made up in your own whacky brain. Demonstrate to Araminta that you have the ‘proof’ that you claim, or admit that you cannot.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Bronco, young feller

      You are in a bit of a fix in the cave now, ain’tcha? It was only a matter of time, son. They are all watching ya. You know that, you bet. Too big for your shoes, weren’t ya?

      I have a suggestion for you. Go to this site”


      There is a photo at the bottom. Copy and paste it to save in your archives. I shall discuss it with you here as soon as you let me know that you have studied it.

      Suffer it baby Bo.

  79. bravo22c Says:

    So, that’s it. The big revelation is…nothing. You are a busted flush. Enjoy yourself in La-la land.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Bronco, Baby, that’s not the way I see it in the cave where you dwell.

      Posts are down; nothing worth anything in two weeks except a rant on education; two guys that post some music every day; you and two others with your normal anti-all-religion-superstition tirades in which most have lost interest no matter how hard you try [even with Bearsy joining in] and six authors participating while all the others are sitting in wonder in lulu Land. It has all changed since you took over.

      Busted? Wow Me? I am free Bravo Kiddo. You can’t see it of course; one needs to open one’s eyes to see, see.

      Thanks for your daily contact, however. I enjoy it.

  80. Ike Jakson Says:

    Bronco Billy

    Find out who wrote this during the night and get your Team in to save the Country [and the Cave] before it goes under.

    [Commence quote] “Oh dear – God save us from the zealous new immigrant.

    “deep seated racial tensions” – where on earth did you dredge this up from, you whinging Pommie bastard? [note, that’s humour, in case you don’t recognise it].

    No, of course everything is not wonderful – we have our problems, like any nation. But we don’t need publicity-seeking bleeding-heart liberal johnnies like you diving onto committees like the ” Australian National Development Index” in order to bleat about fat kids and drugs.

    Go back to the UK and sort out your Muslim/Union/rorting pollies/cowardly police/sinking economy problems before you pontificate any further about a country you’ll never understand.

    Please.” [end quote].

    Verbatim as is in inverted commas, no editing.

    Your moment for greatness has arrived. Get on that gallant steed of yours and rush to the rescue like you did in Moscow but make this one real.

  81. Ike Jakson Says:


    You know full well that I cannot comment in your Site because you don’t take independent comments but you refer to my Blog and impersonations of Bravo that you claim to be there.

    Isn’t the big man able to speak for himself?

    And for you to talk while you cozy it up in your cave with three of the top felons in The Club hierarchy is laughable. Tut tut.

  82. Ike Jakson Says:


    See my comment addressed to Bearsy. Speak for yourself as a big boy should.

    I also notice that you are back in the Tobacco/Cigarette business and look forward to hearing how it’s going.

  83. Ike Jakson Says:


    I don’t know you but you seem a good sort.

    Refer to your comment in:


    However, I gather that you don’t know the full history of the Jack Wolfe incident[s] when you say “To my recollection nobody in “The Club” (Das Klub?) has gone to the extremes of impersonating anyone. Though the J.W incident was rather distasteful,”

    You will change your mind if you see the whole picture. I stopped commenting in MyT but I still read on occasion and I have enough records of The Club. Just ask me if you want to see it.

  84. 2010 in review « Ike Jakson’s Blog Says:

    […] 2 Help Brendano July 2010 130 comments 3 […]

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