Life’s Journey does go on ….

And you must go with it.  Rest you must, and there are times for stocktaking; crossroads will come up and decisions will have to be made; the Journey does go on though and you must move with it if you want to be a full person.

It’s so easy to find excuses and land in a rut.

“This is not for me; life was not made for this” will come up.  “I have other and better things to do with my life” will often sound like a good way out.  “It was a rotten thing that bastard did to me” will be a nice easy way out.  Or “I will get that bastard for it” is a nice easy way to do nothing.

There are better ways.

“Heck, I made a mistake” is a very good one.  How about “I need to apologize to that guy and ask him to forgive me” is always a good idea when one is in doubt.

One I like best is “I must talk this over with my good friend Pete and listen to his advice.”  After all that is what friends are for; your enemy is hardly likely to give you any advice.

Whatever you do must be to get on with the Journey.  To continue to strive for a better tomorrow for all; to do the best a little better next time; to let the past be the past if you absolutely cannot change it [which is almost always the case] and to consult your inner self for wisdom to do the right thing.

I am now moving on.


2 Responses to “Life’s Journey does go on ….”

  1. christophertrier Says:

    Yes, life’s journey does go on, usually in unexpected directions.
    At the moment I am once again in the quiet rural dwelling which has been my haunt for just over a year and was, prior to my far too brief sojourn to Polynesia, my haunt. It should, if there is any justice in the world, be my last week for some time. This delay came quite unexpectedly. As you may recall I had intended to move to San Francisco. Yester-day I went with my father to San Francisco to give my lease papers to the property management firm, pay the first month’s rent, and get my keys. The plan was, after that, to move into my new flat and set up the furniture when it was delivered. That, alas, was not to be the case. The company which started the leasing process had many properties taken over by a new, better if I may so say, firm. That did not stop them, however, from signing leases on properties which they no longer owed and then dis-appearing with the funds. Instead of paying rent and getting keys I was met with surprise and found out that I was only the 5th person that week to have had an invalid lease. Worse, the original flat was occupied by the new property manager who had just arrived from Philadelphia and knew even less than I. There was another, less attractive, flat in the same building which I was given at a lower rent but which is not yet liveable as the previous tenant disappeared without a trace and didn’t bother doing anything other than taking her possessions. The carpet is tatty, the wall peeling. It will have to be re-done before I can move in.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Christopher

      What you now suffer through are the vagaries of rented accommodation; you have my deepest empathy in that.

      But no comment of yours is ever uninteresting because you manage to cram so much in there.

      Thanks for this one too and I look forward to receiving many more. I also hope you sort the accommodation matters out soon.

      Thanks for visiting.

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