Press Freedom and “Press Freedom”

I have often said that Blogging in England leads the race for first prize in Filth but Time Warner/CNN Blogger Michael Scherer is miles ahead of anyone for sheer stupidity in a Swampland Blog.

This must be the daftest nonsense ever written by any journalist:

“To be clear, Assange’s crime, according to Thiessen, is intentionally receiving and republishing classified information, something that is done with some regularity in the United States by respectable and responsible reporters working for top flight news organizations.”

Mister Scherer comes close to courting the terrorist organizations to repeat 911 and literally gives them the assurance that the American public will not harm them in any manner if they plan the next one right under their noses.

Indeed Mister Scherer advocates that the American media must assist them with all the information that they need to just walk in and destroy America.  All he should now do is give them all American passports and citizenship [note 911] and add suitable accommodation, computers and free open access to the Internet.

What is almost as amazing as Scherer is that most commentators applaud and support him.  Only one person steps forward in a comment with this:

“Why bother? Just declare him an enemy combatant and blow him to bits from 15,000 feet (and never worry about the collateral damage).”

It makes you wonder why America should even bother to fight Iraq and Afghan if Scherer suggests that they be invited to hop over at their convenience and do whatever they want right inside on American soil.

4 Responses to “Press Freedom and “Press Freedom””

  1. christophertrier Says:

    I wonder at times what would have happened if the United States had so many people with that mentality during WWII or the Cold War. Sure, there were some who could hardly be considered loyal but that they would be so brazen in their lack of loyalty or even lacking the ability to keep their mouths shut is unheard of in post-Bellum US history.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      I can’t imagine a United States of old where this Swampland treasonous stuff would have been allowed to be printed. These guys don’t know it that in Africa where they [Swampland] can’t make up their minds of whether Africa is free or not free] anyone, reporter or messenger of such stuff, will simply vanish overnight never to be heard of again.

      Thanks for dropping in.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I think he is a wonderful chap. As for journalists and whistle blowers disappearing without trace in South Africa, no surprise there fungus face the country is corrupt from top to bottom. Look at your Chief of police getting gaoled last week for fourteen years. Rainbow nation? Just a load of Kaffir’s on the take and shit scared white hand wringers like you letting them get away with it. Disgraceful.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      I won’t say that if I were you. Those guys aren’t fools and tolerance is not one of their strong traits. They will come get you wherever you are.

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