Joe the Peacemaker

It’s just plain unfair to Joe Klein, Folks; he didn’t know all the facts when he wrote again and again on the matter of a church building in New York.

But he admits it now and tells us all it is not the first building in the area.  There are at least two more at this stage already and as the Founding Fathers decreed there will be many more as the Country assimilates more and more immigrants from all over the World.

In fact, says Joe, President Obama is a hero standing up for the new citizen who arrives here with his religion just like way back in the days of the Mayflower.  You can’t welcome the new arrival whilst telling him that he must send his religion back home where he comes from.  Be reasonable Folks; try and understand everybody is an immigrant in this mighty land and must be treated the same.

In the same breath he criticizes me for an old Post that I once wrote when I didn’t understand Joe or his other colleagues at Time because I just didn’t know all the facts.

I am sorry Joe.  You are a great guy and I apologize for my previous bad behavior.

2 Responses to “Joe the Peacemaker”

  1. bydesign001 Says:

    In the meantime, the Time continues to lose readers and for good reason. Good post Ike. You’re great, I can’t stomach this guy.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Lady BD

      The entire Time Rag bunch, yes the whole lot of them, are really idiots who speak with both sides of the face. They “made a President” and now that He has Failure written all over him they don’t know how to handle it.

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