Are all Americans …

You can try this any way you choose.

 One way would be to put any adjective or adverb behind the word Americans; try good for one, or try the word bad, or try pretty.

 Next step, you leave the last adjective that you have in but change the word Americans to British, or Italians, Greeks, Muslim, Christian, Catholic, or anything that you wish to.

 The answer to any combination will be an emphatic capital letters NO.

 Blogs have been agog with references to all, half or all sorts of percentages of ALL this and that and everything but, sadly, produced nothing worth reading in the first place and zilch worth remembering of the floods of accusations, analyses, solutions and plain common petty personal clashes.

 There is a reason for this.

 The word ALL or “any percentage of ALL this or that” is the most mistreated word or description in the use of language.

 There is only one situation where the use of ALL would make any sense and only two variations thereof:

 All good people are inherently good, as will be that all bad people are inherently bad.  Both would be equally true.

 Otherwise, please leave me out of wild statements.  I am an individual; not a group.  Every individual is unique; no two [not even identical twins] are ever the same.

 Oh Yeah, that reminds me that there may be one more proper use for All.  It would be true if you were to say that All People [of every religion, race or language, or any color from light blue to dark pink] do have one thing in common, and that is that everyone is unique.

 PS: This Post is dedicated to some old Blogging Friends; the inspiration for it was however, provided by a person whom I met for the first time in My Blog Stats on My Dashboard on my Blog only an hour ago.  I will reveal his name later but in the meantime hope that he will recognize the theme.  These are my words but he was the catalyst to Post it.

 The debate is now open for discussion and questions.

2 Responses to “Are all Americans …”

  1. Nolanimrod Says:

    How’s this? All people buried in graveyards are dead. Although not inherently.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Nimrod

      Yebo, they aren’t; in fact a whole lot vote in all our elections; many even draw their old age pensions and social security for ten years or even more after going down the cemetery way.

      Do you want to tell me that you have the same statistics there? I have heard of Acorn etcetera; is that what they do? Shucks, it sounds like home.

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