Are all of us not just heading the same way …

Two articles [Posts] reached me within hours of each other today.

 One is by well-known American columnist Victor Davis Hanson:

 It sobered me but gave me some hope; it depressed and annoyed me at the same time.  I found the contents and the comments too true to ignore; yet I wanted to scream out at the World “to do something” about it.

 The second article [Post] was forwarded to me by an American Friend with connections in the UK:

 My reactions were similar to that on the first one but I was also driven to despair by the “anti-all religion” brigade that is sweeping across England and Western Europe at present.  It’s feeding the Liberanarchist Monster with its “all religion is superstition” slogan as if a World without Religion can save us.

 John Steinbeck turned Rocinante east after visiting his “Monterey of old” in the waning last weeks of his trip across America in 1960 and headed out for the desert he had to cross before hitting the home leg to Long Island on the other side of the States.

 An encounter with a desert coyote produced some of the most beautiful prose, if in fact not the best ever, on life and the desert.  Do read his Travels with Charlie.  He saw strong signs of enduring life in that place that seems so devoid of life and posed the question whether it may be that life in the desert will survive, and populate the World again, when we have destroyed the present one. 

 I am not that desperate yet to believe that will be our fate but I am not greatly encouraged by the current lack of action to stem the tide of wanton destruction of life and all Faith and/or Religion as we knew it when we were young.

2 Responses to “Are all of us not just heading the same way …”

  1. Nolanimrod Says:

    As the Glen Campbell character in True Grit said, “I ain’t dead, yet!”

    Of course, soon after that, he was.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Nimrod

      Thanks old friend. Have you heard the honesty one: “I do hope that the two of us will survive but don’t be too sure about me; do take care of yourself.”

      We are all heading the same way.

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