Biography of the Species

It was different once.  Give or take a few Darwin’s the World as we know it today started only last week; most people don’t realize that the Internet came hardly twenty years ago.  Just think about it; if you are 21 this year you were born before the Internet.

 Will we be able to archive all new discoveries?  Internet archives two thousand years from now may tell the story if we can keep it on the Net and if the Net survives.  I am going to try.

 This Post will remain open forever; new thoughts will be added as we go along and you may comment.  For starters I want to refer to my good Blogger buddy Nolanimrod in his Post at:

 Next please read my Post at:

 And lastly for this time:

 This story is the first of a quintet that I want to publish today.  Look out for all of them and add your views.

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