Our Legacies for Posterity

The written word long served as the only real legacy to future generations but many nations or peoples did not write and left a void.

 The rich often left money but most of today’s money is worth less than the entry on the computer chip in Cyber Space.

 What legacy will there be for the vast masses, the majority of those who are now young when the Internet implodes as it surely will and pretty soon too.

 China has indicated the need for control over the Net; the entire World screams back “oh yeah, and what about Freedom of Speech.”  Meantime the irony is that very few people or nations of the World can handle responsible Freedom; perhaps China is right to be concerned.

 I pity the young people of 3010.  They will be poor and they won’t be able to read or write when the Internet “floats up in the skies towards a non-existent Blogosphere.”

 My final Post in the quintet will deal with the situation.

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