Times of our Lives

You are now looking at the third Part of my quintet that will all be published today.

 We live in times of change; the lives of Countries and History go in Cycles; we have just finished one such Cycle and half entered into the next one.

 I want to dwell on that with you but shall conclude the day with some Ikepedia on the times of our lives in any Cycle or Era.

 This is dedicated to the Female Species Homo Sapiens.

 Age 0 Age 10 – the suckling years

 Age 10 to Age 20 – the baby years

 Age 20 to Age 30 – the early childhood years

Age 30 to age 39 – the adolescent years

 Age 40 to Age 50 – the adult years

 Age 50 to Age 60 – the golden years when they are at their most beautiful

 Age 60 to Age 70 – Back to baby days with the grandchildren

 Age 70 plus – Oh God thank you for them because all the men are senile by then.

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