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Obama is out Update

September 23, 2010

It’s the classical case of the unqualified person who got to the level of his own incompetence too soon.

There will be a deal of some sort because the Democrats won’t go down with him but he will be out of the Chair by November.  Time has come for Obama; in case you wonder, I mean November 2010 and not 2012.  He will be a forgotten man by then.

 Barack Obama has always been the “here today gone tomorrow” political opportunist.

Updated Thursday, September 30, 2010

 Obama has now lost all touch with voters and the Time Ragazine will surely withdraw their support for 2012 to save the Rag from the fallout.

What’s wrong with British Education

September 19, 2010

The headline is used by a leading Blogger from England in a WordPress Site.

 He goes on to answer the question with this suggestion if you can call it that; a piece of filth would be a better description.

 No wonder, education must fail with the kind of parental guidance by the same person which seems to be the norm in England.  Indeed, this same person is one of a small crowd actually proud of their achievement as the most anti-religion country in the World.

 It confounds the mind that England is also the most virulent UK Member in opposition to Islam and the Muslim “invasion” as they call it, almost as if it were the Muslim that caused the fall of England; sometimes I wonder whether any Muslim would ever want to assimilate with the horrid mess that England has become.

 Maybe what England needs right now is a Muslim government to save the English from themselves.  

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