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Having a short breather

October 24, 2010

It’s too much for me; in fact I don’t understand how Americans do it.

And the next one starts on November 3rd or shall I say in those places where it hasn’t stopped yet; it seems that with many it never does.

 Will be back momentarily.

Multi-Culture Paradox

October 21, 2010

I am sure you all have email pests as friends too.  This one is special to me though.

 When we first met in Blogging he told me that he had started out as an “email terrorist” on his friends and then went into Post comments before he opened his own Site.  He is a prolific reader with an eye and a mind for the sardonic.

 I won’t tell you anymore of him, AND I have no interest whatsoever in the subject; just the two headlines in one email made me submit it as a Post.

 This is how I got it:

 Don’t ask don’t tell

 Uganda newspaper publishes ‘gay list,’ calls for their hanging

By Faith Karimi, CNN

October 20, 2010 – Updated 1853 GMT [0253 HKT]

Clinton to gay youth:”Hang in there”

Oct 20, 2010 10:06 EDT

What a paradox?

 As I have said, I have no opinions on the topic but it does strike me that Hillary is, just maybe, testing the water temperature, so to speak, for 2012 because I simply cannot believe that the Democrats will risk going in there with a dead Albatross around their necks.  Open the links and make your own assumptions.

Multi-cultured Omelets

October 18, 2010

Goodness gracious me, Peter Sellers once sang.

The word Multi has become the most abused and ill-used word in the English language; multi – this, multi-that and multi-concoctions are produced with a flourish and then they fail.

Learn from the chicken, will you.  Every single egg, if fertile, will produce a chicken in the mould of the “parent chickens” and the strain will flourish.  Break all the individual cultures or eggs and you get an omelet.

I feel the pain of Chancellor Merkel in Germany but it is their pain to live with and to nurture it back to health.  Multi-culture societies have as much chance of producing one single healthy society as any omelet mix.  Once you scramble the eggs individual culture or old successful strains of chicken are lost.

Sort your own affairs out, Germany. It’s of your own making and none of my business.  If you need assistance ask China, Russia or even ole Geert Wilders of Holland.

Much maligned ole Geert has a sensible plan.  It’s bi-partisan and not based on race.  He has been misquoted, labeled a racist and even tried in court but all ole Geert really said was:  “Anybody who wants to stay in Holland must obey the Laws of Holland and may stay if he does; if he does not want to obey the Laws of Holland he must go back to where he comes from or to any place where he can make his own Laws but we won’t allow him to do that in Holland.

That is what Russia and China are really saying too.  We have our Laws and you have yours; we stay out of your affairs and you stay out of your affairs.

No Omelets.  Actually, you can keep your Omelets; we have no use for them.  Get it?

 Inspiration for this Post and recognition to:

Genes from his Father and his Mother that formed Barack Obama

October 17, 2010

Even the most skeptical to the validity of modern science will accept some of the findings on the child born from a fusion of genetics in the parents.  Some DNA concepts are under suspicion but let us accept some of its findings too.

Thus we have a fair idea of genetic Obama.

The father was a philanderer at a very young age but took the opportunity when America decided to accept Foreign Students at many American Institutions of Learning in the year of 1960 when Kennedy was running for the White House.

Having arrived in Hawaii  young Obama, the Father, already married several times to tribal wives soon found a penchant for the high life away from Africa and the charms of light skinned women.  When such an eighteen year old with loose morals arrived in Hawaii and discovered her penchant for dark skinned men they went to it without hesitation.  Young Barack was quickly conceived, probably within the very week of Kennedy winning the Presidency.

Barack Senior soon dropped the young albatross around his neck and returned to Native Kenya where he tried getting ahead in government ups and downs but took to liquor when he was not getting anywhere and one night, motherless drunk wrapped his auto around a tree killing him in the process.

The young wayward mother continued her ways and found her end in some remote part of some island cause of death unknown and except for considerable efforts by the Time Media group to picture the mother with a doctorate and serving the people nobody but Time believe the hogwash.

So telling is the fact that young Obama made no efforts to attend the burials of the two people who gave him his genetic composition.  He became a drug addict like father like mother, then a community organizer in Chicago; he had no church affiliations or any Faith that he took to.

He was in fact a nobody on that fateful day late in 2007 when he decided to run for President.

 Since then he has done everything to hide what he stands for; his genetic make-up must be known however, BUT that remains a secret.  What do those genetics reveal about the man when the cameras are not on him at night?


When Texas goes to China

October 13, 2010

U must find the real China the way you see it.  When you’ve got it come and tell me; in the meantime I am merely supplying you with some Links but there are many others.

 Read Here on China buying Texas Oil Land.  America is giving it to them.

 Then you have to read:

 Time Senior Writer Joe Klein at the time welcomed Fareed to Swampland and I quote verbally:

“I’ve known and admired Fareed Zakaria for more than a decade. I’ve praised his work here–even though he worked for the competition. And now he’s joining us at Time. What fun! A good part of what I love about journalism is the collegiality, the opportunity to kick around rumors, perceptions and story ideas with all our various Michaels: Elliott, Duffy, Scherer, Crowley, Grunwald–and also our fabulous Nancy (Gibbs) and the occasional (David) Von Drehle, and all the others. I’ve always enjoyed talking politics and policy with Fareed; I can’t wait to start doing it as a colleague.”

Now read Fareed a short while later:

 The Real Challenge From China.  Its People, Not Its Currency.,8599,2024090,00.html?xid=newsletter-daily

Joe Klein suddenly changed his mind about Fareed or he obviously didn’t  like it too much what Fareed had recorded and countered with:

It is worth a good laugh.  See Joe Klein explaining how good it is to owe China a lot of your money although Fareed sees a real large risk in all the oceans of debt to China.  I quote Joe verbatim:

“It is important to remember the basic equation here: The Chinese don’t have us over a barrel. We’ve had the better of the deal. We get their products; they’ve got our debt. I’ll take that deal anytime, especially since we have ultimate power over how much that debt actually is worth.”

Try Or this one about another Nobel Prize.  Watch China rise to World #1 with Russia at her side.  Read all the comments too.

 If at the end you still can’t figure who to believe Finally read this before you scream.

 Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Cycles and Circles in World Events 3rd Update

October 13, 2010

I had posted several comments on Cycles and Circles in many Blogs since January, 2008 but my first own Post on Cycles and Circles appeared on Monday, April 06, 2009 at 1:06 PM.

The first Update appeared on Friday, March 26, 2010 7:35 PM.

In this 3rd Update I want to describe a few Cycles/Circles in greater detail by attaching time frames to them.

It’s a vast task and I only have time for the basics but anyone is free to offer amendments, changes or viewpoints to incorporate in a final summary.

Let us also just take the last two hundred years as a start; at this point feel free to suggest your views on earlier ones; it shall be appreciated and incorporated wherever possible with recognition and credit to the participant.

I came to the conclusion that we have had four main Cycles but noticed that though every previous one overlaps into the  one following on it; but that none start spot on the first year of a new century or sharp on the half century year.

America defeated Britain for independence in the closing years of the eighteen century.

My first Cycle for this Post covers 1810 to 1860.  Early in the period England settled the Cape Colony at the southern tip of Africa firmly in their hands and began the drive of Colonialism towards the North of Africa while some other Colonial Powers had started from the North downwards.

America and England outlawed slavery during that Cycle.  America entered the next Cycle with the War Between the States in 1860.  England continued to conquer Africa from the South.  In 1899 to 1902 the entire current South Africa was brought under British control but given self-government in 1910.  It should perhaps be noted that up to that stage no consideration of any nature was given to open suffrage for women or other “minorities” and the First World War was looming around the corner.

1910 to 1960 brought two World Wars, industrial development at a scale previously unheard of, the suffrage for women, a depression, Hollywood and television and international travel by the first jet Planes, and the UN at the end of the big Word War.

 1960 Presented the World with Kennedy from which America has never recovered sufficiently; and enormous growth took place in international trade; Desktop computers came into your private Office.  Harold Macmillan announced Freedom for Africa early in 1960 and just abandoned all logic about it.  By the end of the fifty years everybody was free and most living below the breadline.  Fraud and corruption appeared in the financial industry early in the 90‘ties with the ease of computers and the Internet, and it turned out to develop into the big Cycle when the Colonial Powers opened their doors and immigration gates to all and sundry from the old colonies; the suffrage was handed to them, of course; it was purely the natural result.

 Late in that cycle it became obvious for the first time that these new arrivals had obviously and quite naturally arrived on their new homeland shores with their own Faiths, Religion and Cultures relating to style, food, clothing and  social lifestyles of their own.

 Then America went mad two years before the Cycle ended and elected a man called Obama as President.  Liberanarchism, previously not much more than a theory achieved a new relevance and now had a man willing to ensure that the entire World should adopt it, and adapt to it willingly or unwillingly.

 What will the fifty years Cycle from 2010 to 2060 leave in its wake?


October 10, 2010

It is now Sunday, October 10, 2010 4:25:57 AM [Greenwich -1] on the computer according to Microsoft and still dark outside but dawn is expected in another hour or so.

 That will herald the arrival of another day; a new one will start.

 I have been reading an American article that my Upper New York State buddy emailed to me during the night.

 Another friend from Iowa had also dropped something on my computer and I smiled while having my second mug of coffee [regular no de-caf for me] and I forwarded that to Upper New York State a few minutes ago.  It is here for you.

It is not my fault!

I have been thinking what to do about blogging after the American Election.  We have to get on with our lives whatever politicians do.

 But I don’t think that the American third Republic will end for a while.  China won’t go away; neither Russia nor Africa for that matter.  The former two will grow and progress; maybe they will make any transition in America irrelevant in World Affairs, and Africa is not about to change anyway.  Things in Africa never change in any meaningful way.

 For that matter things never change much for the masses; rulers give the systems new names sometimes and the people all go agog about socialism, communism, old or Nu-capitalism or whatever other label but the proletariat will still need bread to eat today.

 Oh well, I can’t change that even if I had the desire to do so, which I don’t.

 Have a lovely day, all of you.

A very thin line to Wisdom

October 7, 2010

Life is a Journey; so I have said more than once.

I have done most of it but I am still young enough to remember when I was twenty and knew everything; no problem was too big for me not to have the solution in two minutes flat.

But now that I have been on the Journey long enough I have come to realize how thin and fragile the line is that separates wisdom from knowing everything and though I crossed the line backwards and forwards a number of times I think that I have now found how to stay on the right side.

The last few years before I reached my three score and ten recently I hovered a bit but I think that I have now made it.  Some wise guy said something to the same effect sometime but I will put it in the words that cover the Truth for me.

 I have finally discovered how little I know, firstly.  Secondly I have learned to accept that I still have a long way to go and that there will be more things that I don’t have to know.

 I also accept that I shall acquire Wisdom the day when I can work out the difference between what I have to know and what I don’t have to know.

Please also read:

My ole Grandpaw had a donkey cart

October 7, 2010

It’s true folks; ole Grandpaw had a donkey cart and about eight donkeys from which he selected four when he needed to use the cart.  His regular head donkey was named Morkel and pulled on the left front; the other regular Bliksem pulled rear right and the other two were selected at random.

Morkel and Grandpaw had a special relationship; they understood each other.  Gramps spoke to him gently on the out trip but it was rarely necessary because Morkel kept the team on the right side of the road.  Getting ready to return home from wherever we had gone Grandpaw would pat Morkel on the head, feed him the choicest carrot plus a good one each to the other three and hug Morkel before he would take the seat and just said:

“Home Morkel.”

Morkel would see us home while Grandpaw regaled his three grandsons aged eight, ten [that was I] and twelve with his many tales.  Grandpaw was a big tall powerful man with a bald head from the 1918 Great Flu epidemic.  He was born in 1877 and died gently in his sleep at the ripe age of 88 in 1965 when I had just turned 25 years old.

Now recently turned 70 I needed some World Population Statistics as a side thread for a novel that I will call My Genesis for this Post.  It has another name already but you will see it when it is published and it will be in the genre of Historical Novels for the World from approximately 1750 to this year of 2010 and I found myself thinking of Grandpaw; for some reason I interrupted my Internet connection and decided to do this Post.

Have you ever tried to find any reliable information on the topic with at least two experts who actually agree with one another on how many people lived in the World at 4000 BC and then at intervals of 500 years until the World Population reached the 1 billion mark somewhere around 200 years ago?

Try some of this and open some of the links that you get as you go along:*:IE-SearchBox&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&rlz=1I7ACEW_enZA348ZA348

Have a good laugh when you get this far, or smile at least and do what I did to relax in between.  Just Google the word Dinosaurs, and see what you get.  Yeah, spend a little while looking at Dinosaurs.

Things were so much simpler in the days when Grandpaw lived.  It was in 1950 that I made that trip with my brothers when I was ten years old.

 How I miss ole Grandpaw today?

2 an American named Cheechdog

October 4, 2010

Naw, cheechdog, you got it all wrong.  You are forgetting the main point in your Post at:

And though your source comes close to it in one paragraph but not quite because I guess he is American or even an Englishman.

Before I tell you what it is ….

Naw, let me do it right away.  It may be the thing that Obama is secretly aiming for; you know that I have said on many occasions that guy has a private agenda. But he doesn’t count in the stakes at all.  He is a boy-child amongst Presidents but he thinks he can be President of the New World Order; what a joker?

Make no mistake.  Russia and China will find a way to work together but neither of them will ever consent to Global Governance or whatever you call it.

Come on cheech, the two are already ruling the World and they are growing in strength every week.  They don’t make any noises you will notice; that they leave to England and Australia, the latter in which the dissidents are also making too much noise sometimes because they have too many English Expats in Australia by now trying to make that an English Refugee settlement.

 I reckon the time is not far away that the rest of the World will go on their knees begging those two giants to maintain stability, law and order in the World.

 World affairs move in Cycles and/or Circles of events; it is the Cycle of Russia and China that we have just entered.  At least the next fifty years will belong to them.

 Laugh your head off.  It’s OK by me.  But don’t forget to read the automatically generated links below here.