2 an American named Cheechdog

Naw, cheechdog, you got it all wrong.  You are forgetting the main point in your Post at:


And though your source comes close to it in one paragraph but not quite because I guess he is American or even an Englishman.

Before I tell you what it is ….

Naw, let me do it right away.  It may be the thing that Obama is secretly aiming for; you know that I have said on many occasions that guy has a private agenda. But he doesn’t count in the stakes at all.  He is a boy-child amongst Presidents but he thinks he can be President of the New World Order; what a joker?

Make no mistake.  Russia and China will find a way to work together but neither of them will ever consent to Global Governance or whatever you call it.

Come on cheech, the two are already ruling the World and they are growing in strength every week.  They don’t make any noises you will notice; that they leave to England and Australia, the latter in which the dissidents are also making too much noise sometimes because they have too many English Expats in Australia by now trying to make that an English Refugee settlement.

 I reckon the time is not far away that the rest of the World will go on their knees begging those two giants to maintain stability, law and order in the World.

 World affairs move in Cycles and/or Circles of events; it is the Cycle of Russia and China that we have just entered.  At least the next fifty years will belong to them.

 Laugh your head off.  It’s OK by me.  But don’t forget to read the automatically generated links below here.

6 Responses to “2 an American named Cheechdog”

  1. Cheechdog Says:

    Hello Ike, I didn’t get quite as many comments as I hoped to on that one.

    Anyone who thinks Russia is dead is mistaken.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      People don’t think about that kind of thing; it’s much too serious for them. Their World started last month and there is nothing to think about. Someone else must do the thinking and the working; what they want is money and total Freedom, whatever that means.

      But if you promise them that, or should I say that if Obama does, they will believe it and vote for him.

  2. Nolanimrod Says:

    Ike, me lad, you were right. Sort of.

    The threat is from neither Russia nor China. It is from the Global Governance crew.

    It’s funny you should mention this. I was just thinking about it. What got me to thinking about it was an article about California’s disaster. One sentence, actually. That sentence noted that California’s Proposition 13 left local school districts short of money so their financing (and control) shifted to the state level.

    That’s all it took. Whereas before a parent could go to a local school board meeting and express an opinion, or wage a campaign to have a local school board member elected or replaced when the arena shifted to the state level that took things out of the citizen’s hands and the professional lobbyists took over. Most citizens have lives to lead and don’t have the time to do the organizing and the fund raising necessary to support a cadre of lawyers to buttonhole, bribe, and threaten state legislators. Teacher’s Unions or other public employee unions do. So control shifts away from people who are working any putting money into the system and toward people whose occupation is sucking money out of the system.

    That ends up with organizations like the U.N. devoting vast resources to cataloging the skeletal remains from the Cambodian killing fields (because there is foundation and other money in it) and not lifting a finger to stop the Rwandan genocide (because there isn’t).

    The farther away you put the controls the less ordinary citizens have to say about anything.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      Thanks not only for the first line but also the entire dissertation. We have exactly the same system here and the same results.

  3. Cheechdog Says:

    Nolanimrod, You are correct. However, it’s difficult enough to get anyone to discuss our national problems in a civilized conversation, let alone the threat we are facing from the globalists.

    Since neither of the two major parties that run the US ever bring globalization up, we have to believe both are all for it.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Cheechdog

      It pleases me greatly that you have met Nolanimrod on my humble little Site and that you are engaging in conversation. Do proceed whenever you wish.

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