When Texas goes to China

U must find the real China the way you see it.  When you’ve got it come and tell me; in the meantime I am merely supplying you with some Links but there are many others.

 Read Here on China buying Texas Oil Land.  America is giving it to them.

 Then you have to read:


 Time Senior Writer Joe Klein at the time welcomed Fareed to Swampland and I quote verbally:

“I’ve known and admired Fareed Zakaria for more than a decade. I’ve praised his work here–even though he worked for the competition. And now he’s joining us at Time. What fun! A good part of what I love about journalism is the collegiality, the opportunity to kick around rumors, perceptions and story ideas with all our various Michaels: Elliott, Duffy, Scherer, Crowley, Grunwald–and also our fabulous Nancy (Gibbs) and the occasional (David) Von Drehle, and all the others. I’ve always enjoyed talking politics and policy with Fareed; I can’t wait to start doing it as a colleague.”

Now read Fareed a short while later:

 The Real Challenge From China.  Its People, Not Its Currency.


Joe Klein suddenly changed his mind about Fareed or he obviously didn’t  like it too much what Fareed had recorded and countered with:


It is worth a good laugh.  See Joe Klein explaining how good it is to owe China a lot of your money although Fareed sees a real large risk in all the oceans of debt to China.  I quote Joe verbatim:

“It is important to remember the basic equation here: The Chinese don’t have us over a barrel. We’ve had the better of the deal. We get their products; they’ve got our debt. I’ll take that deal anytime, especially since we have ultimate power over how much that debt actually is worth.”

Try Or this one about another Nobel Prize.  Watch China rise to World #1 with Russia at her side.  Read all the comments too.

 If at the end you still can’t figure who to believe Finally read this before you scream.

 Enjoy and let me know what you think.

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