Multi-cultured Omelets

Goodness gracious me, Peter Sellers once sang.

The word Multi has become the most abused and ill-used word in the English language; multi – this, multi-that and multi-concoctions are produced with a flourish and then they fail.

Learn from the chicken, will you.  Every single egg, if fertile, will produce a chicken in the mould of the “parent chickens” and the strain will flourish.  Break all the individual cultures or eggs and you get an omelet.

I feel the pain of Chancellor Merkel in Germany but it is their pain to live with and to nurture it back to health.  Multi-culture societies have as much chance of producing one single healthy society as any omelet mix.  Once you scramble the eggs individual culture or old successful strains of chicken are lost.

Sort your own affairs out, Germany. It’s of your own making and none of my business.  If you need assistance ask China, Russia or even ole Geert Wilders of Holland.

Much maligned ole Geert has a sensible plan.  It’s bi-partisan and not based on race.  He has been misquoted, labeled a racist and even tried in court but all ole Geert really said was:  “Anybody who wants to stay in Holland must obey the Laws of Holland and may stay if he does; if he does not want to obey the Laws of Holland he must go back to where he comes from or to any place where he can make his own Laws but we won’t allow him to do that in Holland.

That is what Russia and China are really saying too.  We have our Laws and you have yours; we stay out of your affairs and you stay out of your affairs.

No Omelets.  Actually, you can keep your Omelets; we have no use for them.  Get it?

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18 Responses to “Multi-cultured Omelets”

  1. bydesign001 Says:

    Truer words were never spoken Ike. Here in the states, we have a major problem with every Tom, Dick and Harry from all over the world making senseless demands, trampling over Americans and disrespecting the country as a whole.

    When you go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to take the test for a driver’s permit, it is in 31 different languages. Total insanity.

    When they call you for jury duty, they have over 50 translators there to accommodate everyone else.

    It’s ridiculous.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Lady BD

      We have only 11 different but all official languages and we know the chaos, but it is also part of our history and we have somehow learned to cope.

      However, it is only on the languages that we have to accommodate. To mix cultures and customs AS WELL when you don’t have to is just plain stupid AND IT DOESN’T WORK IN ANY EVENT.

  2. Metin YILMAZ Says:

    Hi Ike,

    Turkish people were invited to Germany by the Germans, till Soviet Union collapsed they said that we were happy with the Turks and they adapted Germany very well but later years especially last 10 years they don’t want Turkish people people in their country, except pkk’s terrorists and anti- Ataturk Islamists, this is fact that most of Turkish people who came there in 60s and 70s they don’t adapt to Germany and not just Turks are guilty for it, also Germany is guilty too.

    On the other hand we know that there are thousnds Turks who born in Germany and citizen of that country, they adapted that country very well and some of them accept Germany as a their native country, they do military service for Germany too.

    We can understand from Merkel’s address that Turkey can not be joining the EU and her real message actualy was this and she adressed it very strongly via that speech before Germany President Christian Wulff’s visiting to Turkey.

    Chancellor Angela Merkel should say that Turkey won’t be member of the EU and Germany never allow to it. Then it will be most fairly for Turkey and for the Turks who live in Germany.

    A Prime Minister shouldn’t use their citizens or foreigners who live in their country for giving massage to other country like Angale Merkel done.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      I am so pleased that you wrote in. Welcome to my little Blog.

      You know how my views have developed and if you read my stuff to Levent at Brendano you will understand that you and I will always be friends.

      Secondly you must see my Post as “criticism with a smile” on all the “host countries” that took immigrants in and now blame them for not leaving their religion behind in the old countries.

      That’s why I now pull their legs about the omelet. They wanted omelets without the religion eggs but didn’t say so, and now they cry that the omelet was a mistake. But it was their idea in the first place.

      I have decided to stay out of the serious wars and fighting and make fun of the whole lot.

      Please drop in again whenever you walk by.

  3. Metin YILMAZ Says:

    Hi Ike, thank you i will visit here more.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      I would like that if you visit more; do so as often as you get the chance.

      The religious wars on MyT and later at Bearsy’s just tired me until I could take it no further. It is not necessary for us to agree all the time; in fact I want to learn from your differences from me. That way we both grow in friendship and knowledge.

      I have lately come to believe that all countries should stay out the affairs of other countries and rather learn to treat the human being with respect. That includes respecting the man for his friendship, his good manners and for his Religion or Faith.

      Pop in whenever you wish. If you want me to do a Post in your name I shall even do that. You don’t have to; I am just carrying on by myself but I shall do it for you if you wish.

  4. Metin YILMAZ Says:

    Thank you for inviting me i shall visit here often

    Dear Ike i couldn’t find that “criticism with a smile” on all the “host countries” could you send me?

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks and welcome Metin

      The two of us will have to get used to expressions that we use and I am pleased we have one to start with.

      “Host countries” in my comment above refer to the new country where the immigrant arrives. It is perhaps not grammatically accurate but it is often described as such; there is no intended offense in it.

      When I said “criticism with a smile” it was in humor; we often use that. If you just say criticism [or guilty of, or their own mistake] a whole lot of English will attack you and you will have the usual war as on MyT. If you say it is “criticism with a smile” they have to smile with you or shut up, unless it is Larry or Bubbles. They don’t know smiling or when to shut up.

      I was thus really saying to England, France, America, you can name them all that they created their own problems through their own stupidity and must not blame others for their mistakes. You can imagine what they would have called me if I said this on MyT.

      And I, like you, prefer good manners. You are most welcome to use Turkish expressions in my Blog as long as you allow me to ask what it means when I don’t understand. I really want to get to know you and your country better and look forward to seeing you often. You helped me more than you realize to get rid of some of my fears and I shall always be indebted to you for that.

      Go well, my friend.

  5. nolanimrod Says:

    I find Ike’s prescription for a happy life quite profound.

    In Voltaire’s Candidewhen the travelers finally get to Ye Olde Philosopher after numerous hardships (including, but not limited to one of them having had one of her buttocks devoured by a hungry life raft cohort) to ask him about the meaning of life he growls (at least I like to think he does, as such advice sounds best when growled) Work in your own garden.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Nolanimrod

      I shall continue to work in my own little garden but hope that you drop to see that I am doing the right things.

  6. nolanimrod Says:

    One thing that is unique to the world of ideas is that even when they have beyond any rational doubt that they are perfectly horrid and will never bring about anything good you can still find people asserting that they are of great merit and will lead to a perfect world if only they are followed to the letter.

    Usually they can’t be tested like an hypothesis where you set up a controlled environment and see what happens when you do THIS and what happens under identical circumstances when you do THAT. But we have just had such an experiment running for 60 years that has just concluded and the results are exquisitely unambiguous.

    Right after WWII the world set up two such experiments. One in Germany, one in Korea. The German experiment was wrapped a few years ago and the Korean one is still going on.

    Of the two ideas, the one that produced poverty, environmental degradation, shortened life expectancies and, in extremer cases, attempts by some of the study participants to survive by eating grass, is still maintained by a large portion of intellectuals to be a superior lifer strategy, with one of those proponents being the President of the U.S.

    I guess it is just really hard to kill off an idea which has at its core the notion that some people ought to be telling other people how to think, how to live, and how to behave.

  7. Araminta Says:

    Interesting discussion Ike but I have to say that I disagree with your views on Geert. He is in, my opinion, an opportunist politician.

    He is cynically taking advantage of a backlash against Islam.

    “We have much to be proud of in the West; but it is in the arrogant and forceful assertion of the superiority of western values that we have consistently undermined not only all that is most precious in our civilisation, but also our own foreign policies and standing in the world. Another value, much admired in both East and West, might be a simple solution here: a little old-fashioned humility.”

    I quote from

    If you haven’t looked at articles or books by WILLIAM DALRYMPLE, you may be interested to explore his writings. I think they are well written and he is a well respected historian and journalist, in my opinion.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      This is a surprise and I greet you a hearty Welcome, hence the capital W.

      May I point out with respect and very sincerely that I included Geert as an afterthought to emphasize a point? These are not necessary my suggestions because my main theme was that countries should rather each solve his own problems AND STOP interfering in the domestic affairs of others. If we can take the interference out of International Affairs we will get much more done.

      I would therefore, not like to see a whole number of Geerts Wilder arising around the World. Geert is Dutch and he is offering a solution for the Dutch; that may lead to greater voter participation.

      I have lost my fears for Islam. If every country should deal with his own Islam [Catholic, Presbyterian, Protestant whatever] relations Geert can contribute in Holland. If my sources are correct [please advise if you have any reason to believe that they are not] Geert is addressing the real issue of Maintaining Law. I am given to understand that his philosophy is quite clearly “those who obey our laws can stay; those who don’t must go.”

      And with a chuckle, which politician is not an opportunist?

      You must visit more; as soon as you start putting more Posts in your own WordPress Site you will see me there until you want to kick me out.

      I have simply tired of the personal petty insults in other places to the extent that I don’t have the heart to open those things any longer.

      May I also say in closing that I am not trying to persuade anyone to follow my route? Nobody listens to me anyway and I have now started Blogging just for my own satisfaction.

      PS: I do read William Dalrymple and agree with you on his qualities. An American Blogger Friend and I always study his work to compare our own reactions to every Dalrymple piece of wisdom.

      Thanks again.

  8. Araminta Says:

    Sorry “think”.

  9. nolanimrod Says:

    Even with omelets it is possible to be an outlaw. I know several people who will only eat omelets made with the egg white. I think such people must be hunted down and re-educated! And let’s not hear any of this cholesterol nonsense, either!

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      So you say we get many different kinds of multi-cultured omelets; even only using some of the egg. That goes to show you. I have no cholesterol to speak of and eat the entire omelet. It’s real good.

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