Multi-Culture Paradox

I am sure you all have email pests as friends too.  This one is special to me though.

 When we first met in Blogging he told me that he had started out as an “email terrorist” on his friends and then went into Post comments before he opened his own Site.  He is a prolific reader with an eye and a mind for the sardonic.

 I won’t tell you anymore of him, AND I have no interest whatsoever in the subject; just the two headlines in one email made me submit it as a Post.

 This is how I got it:

 Don’t ask don’t tell

 Uganda newspaper publishes ‘gay list,’ calls for their hanging

By Faith Karimi, CNN

October 20, 2010 – Updated 1853 GMT [0253 HKT]

Clinton to gay youth:”Hang in there”

Oct 20, 2010 10:06 EDT

What a paradox?

 As I have said, I have no opinions on the topic but it does strike me that Hillary is, just maybe, testing the water temperature, so to speak, for 2012 because I simply cannot believe that the Democrats will risk going in there with a dead Albatross around their necks.  Open the links and make your own assumptions.

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