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Obama’s Divorce

November 24, 2010

I am taking a break from my break as a result of an article by someone quoting the Wall Street Journal

 Divorce is a messy affair to say the least of it.  Many have said the partner was not the same person he/she had married; it was as if it was an entirely different person.

 The old cliché of there being “three sides” in any conflict comes to mind. You hear his side and then her side but you have to find the third side, the latter aptly called The Truth.

 A well-known man once “I really only got to know my wife for the first time when we were going through the divorce preliminaries.”  It’s much like what the guy at the Wall Street Journal says.

 Well, America of the 50 States, good luck and my sympathies during the divorce.  You won’t enjoy it but there never was a way that the marriage could work.

Open Mailbox

November 13, 2010

This Post is for your convenience and mine.  I need a prolonged break from Blogging while I take a trip down memory lane and you may leave any message on any topic as a comment.  If you want me to read something please leave the link to it in your comment.  That’s why I call it an Open Mailbox.

 It is something that I have to do and I just need to get away from things of everyday life and it may take some time.  There won’t be any new Posts from me during this time but I will probably jot down some memories in the other Post that I have placed just before this one.

 Thank you to all those who understand; you are friends.  I will check in on occasion.

Memory Lane

November 13, 2010

At last I have made a start in this Post but it is still far from the end.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Very little in this World happens in isolation; not even total silence settles when there is not a corresponding sound somewhere else.  In the middle of a dark moonless night someone in another place will say the moon has just come up [look over there on the rim; it’s just clearing the edge now, he/she will say and point to it.]

Joy and sorrow or two of one or the other may share the same moment; when the winter dies spring is about to be born.

What a privilege it is to know that when memory lane takes you through the darkest bends that there have been others who walked ahead and, still others to follow you?  Someone will be there to say “I have been down this road, my brother; if you are in need of company here is my hand”; next time you meet he may be the one who needs your hand.

Don’t ever be lonely; you don’t have to be.

The mind of man is probably the most intricate machine ever to exist.  I was about to close this down at the end of the previous paragraph when it dawned on me that this day of Saturday, January 01, 2011 is the very first New Year’s day in seventy years [thus also in my entire life] that I am alone; that is excluding our two sisters who are both widowed but still alive.  I will talk about them later.

It was the very first New Year’s Day of my life too but Mom and Dad were there and elder brother, Ouboet as we would call him later.  He soon first became Ouboetie as was the custom and he was almost two years old this day seventy years ago.  Young brother came in 1942 and the two sisters came a few years after younger brother had become Kleinboetie [the sisters were later called “meisiekinders” in Dutch tradition] but all five of us were alive when I started Blogging three years ago.

Ouboet left August 2009 and Boetie left us the past year in May, just one day short of nine months apart.  We all knew Ouboet was going because he had told us more than two years before but Boetie was there early in the morning one day but gone by the afternoon.  Nobody expected it

This is a good time to take a break.  There will be much to follow and you may comment if you wish.

Friday, January 07, 2011

I have not done what I really wanted to do as one should in New Year; the few Posts came by compulsion because I had allowed Swampland and Joe Klein to upset me and Katie Couric had added to it with a silly Post about some sort of Bill Cosby show to find her kind of solution to the blah blah Muslim blah blah situation.

My responses were not what I am and my eye is giving me problems; it is time that I should tell everyone about my eye; well, maybe it is or it isn’t but I am in a quandary and found myself in a hole about Blogging by yesterday.

Then I read a Post by Bob Mack this morning; it was good and a submitted a comment and I had saved and archived the Post in MSWord format to read it again without having to go online.  He had included a short essay in his Post; do read it and take note of the essay by Voting American near the end.

Complements and acknowledgement to Bob Mack at WordPress.

 I found myself back when I was ten or twelve years old visiting our maternal grandparents on their little wedge of a farm.  Emotion and nostalgia overwhelmed me and I turned the computer off to take hold of myself.

 Until next time….


Obama was born on a Comet

November 10, 2010

It was so obvious all along but nobody saw the link; it was literally staring us all in the face but we all missed it.

Let me explain something about history.  The most important point is that it writes itself; what is often called history is maybe an incident in time recorded by one person as he sees it.  Its interpretation depends on who wrote it and on who reads it; to understand history you have to read between the lines.  Let me summarize some thoughts for you.

Early 2009 I wrote this; many laughed at me but I acknowledge that I did write it:

The next link will show you what I wrote during the month after and it annoyed a lot of people.  All I can say is that if you read up on events in Europe, Russia, China and the Middle East over the period since I feel that I have been vindicated

Since then everybody in the News Media started writing about China and I added my bit on occasions; one such will suffice:

Towards end October this year of 2010 there was a brief mention on the Internet about Obama going to India right after the mid-term election; some people expressed their concern about it but nothing more and the day before mid-term I wrote this:

In the meantime my eye had fallen on a very strange post in one of these weird Blogs.  I read it but didn’t take much notice.  People write this sort of thing from time to time.

When Obama set out for India all hell broke loose on the Internet and I wrote this:

All along In the meantime I have been considering the future of Blogging, the Media in Politics and my own participation in the din, hue and cry.  The “much ado about nothing” had become a bore.  Quite frankly I had decided to play a diminishing role but not yet entirely withdrawing.

Until early this morning; something happened and made up my mind.  There was a lot of noise outside; dawn was out but I was still half asleep and the other half not fully awake either when Old Rip van Winkel nearly broke my front door down to get in.

“Get up and get dressed,” he bellowed.  It was strange; though a tall man with a strong voice he generally never gets excited about things but he was highly exited this time.

“Get dressed. You are coming with me; and hurry, will you,’ and he started throwing clothes in my direction.

“What’s up, Rip,” I asked, confused.

“There’s a comet coming in to land,” he said, “and if you don’t hurry up it is going to land right on your head.  Hurry up, will you?”

“What comet?” I asked and vaguely remembered the weird article.  This is the one that I referred to a few lines up:

“Obama’s comet, darn Ike, let’s get out of here.  He was born in outer space you know and I had a dream last night that his ancestors were comet dwellers.  Let’s get out of here.

 I asked as gently as I could whether I can log into the Net and showed him the article.

 “That must be the darn thing I dreamt about.  It’s huge, so big it will probably cover the whole continent when it lands; you want to be with me when it happens; you will be safe in the cave.”

 “What about food?” I asked.  Food is important.  One needs food now and then.  You know what he said.  He had calmed down and was the gentle person that I know him to be.

 “Ike,” he said, “we just take food for two days, we are going to talk for two days but then I am going back to sleep for another two hundred years.  You can come down for provisions if you need any but I suggest you sleep as long as you can until this is all over.  This will change the World, or as your new scientists say there will be a lot of rapid evolution to sort out the mess this World is in.”

 We chatted for a while and he sighed before he left.  We had agreed that he will bring his two mules down in the morning to fetch me.

 I shall try and get an update in to let you know.  I have written a lot about Rip van Winkel as many of you should know.  Rip knows things about history that you don’t even get on the Internet.  But one thing I am positively sure is that if Rip van Winkel says Obama was born on a comet you can bet that’s a fact.

Obama and true Genius

November 9, 2010

For once I am going to do a Post without any links; you will find the full gambit of viewpoints and counter viewpoints from A to Z in the Media.

 The Master of Genius

 With one stroke lasting but a few days; you can hate him or stand on your heads in frustration but he has silenced all his critics and opponents with this masterpiece.  Nobody saw it coming; and it took only a quick jaunt out to India.

 What has he achieved?

 Nobody in the Democratic Party will now oppose him as candidate for 2012.

 A wavering Media that started getting ready to abandon ship and expressed some pretty strong criticism on his leadership during the days just before mid-term will fall back in line.

 He will be the unopposed Democratic candidate [forget about Hillary] and win 2012 with an enormous majority because he has now sealed his primary voter base amongst the Muslim, Indian and Black voters.

 The Republican House Majority will be silenced or risk being called partisan and unpatriotic when their country needs them most.

International and UN Implications

 Obama has struck a hard blow at the Anglo-Saxon Nations.

 His support of a seat for India will require a Veto to stop it.  Who is going to veto it?  One of the permanent members may do it, yes, but at what risk to them?

 He has put enormous pressure on current World Leaders Russia and China and I think that he won this round.

Economic and Financial Implications

 That has never been of any concern to Obama.  He is not there to repair the economy and the African in him does not think about long-term little matters like that.

 All he has to do is keep the printing presses running double shifts for two years and get his second term.  Blaming Bush for the economy will see him through his second term; that’s all he needs and wants; then to retire and be one of the richest people in the World within a few years.

 He may even make it to become King and Emperor of the New World Order, a dream I am sure that he still wants with more and greater fervor than anyone has ever wanted anything before him.

 Any other risks

 A further move to recession will benefit him.  Enough voters believed the story that Bush caused the Worldwide Economic Recession.  I see no reason for that to change.

 Germany and a few others that are also eyeing a seat on the UN Security council may be too strong to get India in.  All Obama will have to do in that case is to point out “Look, I tried my best, India, but those fellows beat us.”  I wouldn’t bet a dime of my own money on any promise he makes anyway but he has India in the bag now.  Promises are made in Politics, so what?

The Planning and Genius of the “Jaunt”

It was masterful.  To plan an operation like this needs months; just the security arrangements must have been a massive operation requiring months of work between the two countries.  To carry it out with the surgical precision of 911 without any Wiki-leaks or even a sniff in the Media until one small cynical reference about “another Obama holiday” two weeks before mid-term required good house-keeping and information control.

You may not like him as a person or as President but give the man his due; nobody comes a close second to him on the campaign trail.

 Last little secret

 Whose idea was it?  Who first decided to do it?  Was it Obama or was it Axelrod?  Was it someone else maybe?  You will never know but the idea was true genius and the execution was brilliant.

 And the timing even with how many mid-term results still to be finalized?  You have to admire the sheer Audacity when almost everyone else had given up all Hope.

Insertion for links

 Come to think of it I have decided to name a few Bloggers [with compliments and recognition to them] who unwittingly contributed to my decision to Post this article.  They are:

D-Day for a Messiah

November 1, 2010

Tomorrow just under two years ago on; what was it, the day the Messiah arrived?  I vaguely recall it was a Tuesday too something like November 4th, 2008 when rhapsody erupted over the land.

 The Messiah had arrived to be crowned!  Hallelujah, they roared across the land.  There was never going to be any wars no more; no strife or illness, free food and gasoline and Paradise for all.

 Tomorrow is D-Day!  Or will it be “Scoop the Poop” day for the Exalted One?

 From all places in the World this has to come from Chicago, straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak:,0,6148856,full.column

 Another brilliant concept has been submitted for consideration; compliments and recognition to the source:

This one will be interesting.