Obama was born on a Comet

It was so obvious all along but nobody saw the link; it was literally staring us all in the face but we all missed it.

Let me explain something about history.  The most important point is that it writes itself; what is often called history is maybe an incident in time recorded by one person as he sees it.  Its interpretation depends on who wrote it and on who reads it; to understand history you have to read between the lines.  Let me summarize some thoughts for you.

Early 2009 I wrote this; many laughed at me but I acknowledge that I did write it:


The next link will show you what I wrote during the month after and it annoyed a lot of people.  All I can say is that if you read up on events in Europe, Russia, China and the Middle East over the period since I feel that I have been vindicated


Since then everybody in the News Media started writing about China and I added my bit on occasions; one such will suffice:


Towards end October this year of 2010 there was a brief mention on the Internet about Obama going to India right after the mid-term election; some people expressed their concern about it but nothing more and the day before mid-term I wrote this:


In the meantime my eye had fallen on a very strange post in one of these weird Blogs.  I read it but didn’t take much notice.  People write this sort of thing from time to time.

When Obama set out for India all hell broke loose on the Internet and I wrote this:


All along In the meantime I have been considering the future of Blogging, the Media in Politics and my own participation in the din, hue and cry.  The “much ado about nothing” had become a bore.  Quite frankly I had decided to play a diminishing role but not yet entirely withdrawing.

Until early this morning; something happened and made up my mind.  There was a lot of noise outside; dawn was out but I was still half asleep and the other half not fully awake either when Old Rip van Winkel nearly broke my front door down to get in.

“Get up and get dressed,” he bellowed.  It was strange; though a tall man with a strong voice he generally never gets excited about things but he was highly exited this time.

“Get dressed. You are coming with me; and hurry, will you,’ and he started throwing clothes in my direction.

“What’s up, Rip,” I asked, confused.

“There’s a comet coming in to land,” he said, “and if you don’t hurry up it is going to land right on your head.  Hurry up, will you?”

“What comet?” I asked and vaguely remembered the weird article.  This is the one that I referred to a few lines up:


“Obama’s comet, darn Ike, let’s get out of here.  He was born in outer space you know and I had a dream last night that his ancestors were comet dwellers.  Let’s get out of here.

 I asked as gently as I could whether I can log into the Net and showed him the article.

 “That must be the darn thing I dreamt about.  It’s huge, so big it will probably cover the whole continent when it lands; you want to be with me when it happens; you will be safe in the cave.”

 “What about food?” I asked.  Food is important.  One needs food now and then.  You know what he said.  He had calmed down and was the gentle person that I know him to be.

 “Ike,” he said, “we just take food for two days, we are going to talk for two days but then I am going back to sleep for another two hundred years.  You can come down for provisions if you need any but I suggest you sleep as long as you can until this is all over.  This will change the World, or as your new scientists say there will be a lot of rapid evolution to sort out the mess this World is in.”

 We chatted for a while and he sighed before he left.  We had agreed that he will bring his two mules down in the morning to fetch me.

 I shall try and get an update in to let you know.  I have written a lot about Rip van Winkel as many of you should know.  Rip knows things about history that you don’t even get on the Internet.  But one thing I am positively sure is that if Rip van Winkel says Obama was born on a comet you can bet that’s a fact.

11 Responses to “Obama was born on a Comet”

  1. Anastasia Fitzgerald-Beaumont Says:

    He probably got that from Henry Hudson. 🙂 Interesting post, Ike.

    Oh, I’ve started Andersonville. It’s a bit of a tome, as you know, so, what with other things, it’s going to take a time to finish.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Why Anastasia, what a pleasant surprise, and so quick after I Posted it. Thanks for the compliment. Its a little tongue in cheek but a lot of thought went into it.

      Sorry, but you lost me with the reference to Henry Hudson. I know of the great explorer by that name; maybe I am getting old, unless you wish to elucidate.

      Persevere with Andersonville. I shall be patient though I can hardly wait for just a small comment in my review of the book to see what you think of my meager effort at it. Of course I would like to see your review and you will love the book.

  2. Anastasia Fitzgerald-Beaumont Says:

    I certainly shall, Ike.

    The Henry Hudson reference is from Washington Irving’s story. If you’ve read it you may remember the part where Rip meets a strange silent group of men playing nine-pins when he is out wandering in the Catskills. He helps himself to some of the brew they are drinking and finally wakens up twenty years later. The men, he later discovers, are thought to been the ghosts of Hudson and his crew.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      No Anastasia, you got me on this one. I have read quite extensively on Rip van Winkel of the Catskill Mountains but not the Washington Irvin book. The story, shall I say the part where Rip slept, is otherwise the same.

      Our Rip van Winkel however, slept for two hundred years from 1801 to 2001 and just because he was an idle man. But it is a very long story for another day

      Your reference brings back many happy memories and I now run the risk of what Time and Swampland readers call you if you provide a link to one of your own Posts in a comment. You will find many references in my work to Joe Klein of Time and I am still busy with them. Once I did not feel like repeating myself because I had a previous Post containing everything that I wanted to say and left a short comment with the link. Some snotty fellow called me a “Blog-whore” and all sorts of names.

      Thus I am asking with some trepidation that you read this Post when you get some time. It started a very happy relationship with a black American lady from New York City and wonderful results that you as the historian will appreciate.

      Here is the link:


      Please pop in briefly. It was a delightful experience that makes Blogging worth something positive. It enriched my life and I am sure you will see why if you just drop in when you get a minute.

  3. Cheech Says:

    Ana, Andersonville, the American civil war POW camp?

    Ike, don’t you just love posting with Ana? I know I do.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      First line – Yup.

      Second line – ditto. She does a lot of work thoroughly and enjoys it and she makes time for things. She covers a wide field and I often wish that I knew more.

      And she is a fine lady.

  4. Anastasia Fitzgerald-Beaumont Says:

    Ike, I will.

    Cheech, yes, that Andersonville.

    Thank you both. 🙂

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Anastasia.

      • Ike Jakson Says:


        You are spot on!

        When you have done what you want pass the link on in this Post. I am getting on and if I don’t keep things together that belong together ….

        Of course I know about Dutch courage [chuckle].

        The name of the book about the “Nutmeg Wars” is in one of the comments above if you are interested. It is heavy reading with lots of dates but it’s in a way like a painting of the old ships, the canon and the sea. Actually it is beautiful; almost like the author wanted to paint a lovely picture of the old sailor and the pirate all fighting over a few nutmeg trees.

        And to give the book the name/title ‘Nathaniel’s Nutmeg’ I thought was real nice.

        If you enjoyed Lady BD’s column on the DR Churches in NY I shall pass her link on to you. She has a heart of gold.

        I should also tell you that the Dutch name for gin is ‘jenewer’ and the connotation can be a long story. You really have to sit there with one of them sipping it slowly; you will never call it gin again.

  5. Ike Jakson Says:

    I need to correct something on a comment that was inadvertently placed in another Post when I replied to it straight from my Gmail Inbox.

    On November 11, 2010 at 11:56 am Nolanimrod wrote to comment on the first link near the top of my Post; he said:

    “I did like the part about the pigs having their wings eaten.”

    I replied to him and now insert it here as well right below where you are reading now.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      Thanks, but just remember that it is not my story. I don’t want to get into no fight with Darwin or any of his disciples.

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