Memory Lane

At last I have made a start in this Post but it is still far from the end.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Very little in this World happens in isolation; not even total silence settles when there is not a corresponding sound somewhere else.  In the middle of a dark moonless night someone in another place will say the moon has just come up [look over there on the rim; it’s just clearing the edge now, he/she will say and point to it.]

Joy and sorrow or two of one or the other may share the same moment; when the winter dies spring is about to be born.

What a privilege it is to know that when memory lane takes you through the darkest bends that there have been others who walked ahead and, still others to follow you?  Someone will be there to say “I have been down this road, my brother; if you are in need of company here is my hand”; next time you meet he may be the one who needs your hand.

Don’t ever be lonely; you don’t have to be.

The mind of man is probably the most intricate machine ever to exist.  I was about to close this down at the end of the previous paragraph when it dawned on me that this day of Saturday, January 01, 2011 is the very first New Year’s day in seventy years [thus also in my entire life] that I am alone; that is excluding our two sisters who are both widowed but still alive.  I will talk about them later.

It was the very first New Year’s Day of my life too but Mom and Dad were there and elder brother, Ouboet as we would call him later.  He soon first became Ouboetie as was the custom and he was almost two years old this day seventy years ago.  Young brother came in 1942 and the two sisters came a few years after younger brother had become Kleinboetie [the sisters were later called “meisiekinders” in Dutch tradition] but all five of us were alive when I started Blogging three years ago.

Ouboet left August 2009 and Boetie left us the past year in May, just one day short of nine months apart.  We all knew Ouboet was going because he had told us more than two years before but Boetie was there early in the morning one day but gone by the afternoon.  Nobody expected it

This is a good time to take a break.  There will be much to follow and you may comment if you wish.

Friday, January 07, 2011

I have not done what I really wanted to do as one should in New Year; the few Posts came by compulsion because I had allowed Swampland and Joe Klein to upset me and Katie Couric had added to it with a silly Post about some sort of Bill Cosby show to find her kind of solution to the blah blah Muslim blah blah situation.

My responses were not what I am and my eye is giving me problems; it is time that I should tell everyone about my eye; well, maybe it is or it isn’t but I am in a quandary and found myself in a hole about Blogging by yesterday.

Then I read a Post by Bob Mack this morning; it was good and a submitted a comment and I had saved and archived the Post in MSWord format to read it again without having to go online.  He had included a short essay in his Post; do read it and take note of the essay by Voting American near the end.

Complements and acknowledgement to Bob Mack at WordPress.

 I found myself back when I was ten or twelve years old visiting our maternal grandparents on their little wedge of a farm.  Emotion and nostalgia overwhelmed me and I turned the computer off to take hold of myself.

 Until next time….


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