Australian Humor

I did not see any humor in this ugly piece of writing and found some of the comments offensive in the extreme. It is held out by some as Australian Humor.  Am I over sensitive?

 I am not a member of the Catholic Church but we were brought up to respect all the great religions.  Let me know what you think.  No spellchecker was used for the contents because I decided to quote it verbatim as in the link.

Just when I bury the religion-targeting hatchet, along comes Cardinal Pell

November 30, 2010

Did you know God has one True Church? Here is how to prove where!

Jeez, just when I’d resolved not to pick on God-fearing folk until sometime after Christmas, along rolls Cardinal George Pell, clenching his fists and thumbing his lip and banging his elbow into me as he walks past.

It’s more than a rational man can take, I tells you. So perhaps, for just one last time this year, I might gather my fellow Frisbeetarians, and followers of the flying spaghetti monster, and various aimless, drifting, frightened nonbelievers in pretty much anything but the laws of science, and have at this pompous fool.

And as a special Pepsi challenge, we might even try to restrict this smack down to Pell, leaving those of our friends with their own imaginary friends to get on with the business of believing in the unbelievable. It’s Christmas, no need for unpleasantness.

Except where Pell is concerned. He just couldn’t help himself could he? Perhaps it’s all the talk of ethics classes in state schools that’s given him a fever of the head holes and caused such frantic gibberish to come issuing forth at the Catholic University the other day.

Because rather than restricting himself to a few nice words about the Uni’s new chancellor, Gen. Peter Cosgrove, the maximum Catholic in Vegemiteland just had to lash out, thundering that those of us without imaginary friends have ”nothing beyond the constructs they confect to cover the abyss”.

We are all terrified of the future, apparently, we rationalists and atheists. ”It’s almost as though they’ve … nothing but fear to distract themselves from the fact that without God the universe has no objective purpose or meaning.

Yeah, you got me, big fella. I hardly know whether I’m Arthur or Martha my empty, faithless head is so haunted by spectres and shades and irrational fears of what’s to come next.

Oh, no, wait. That’s your special skill set isn’t it, George, filling people’s heads with boogie man and spooky tales of what might happen to them in the Beyond if they don’t get down on their knees and do as they’re damn well told by a bunch of men in black dresses. A bunch of men claiming connection to moral infallibility despite, you know, the whole sexual predation and institutional accessory after the fact thing we’ve been reading about for the last couple of decades.

You annoy me, George, when you get up on your high horse like this, because as the leading defender of the conservative strain of your church, you stand at the end of a long, ignoble line of shell backed reactionaries who have previously stood proudly in opposition to astronomy, medical science, the liberation of women, the Enlightenment, and the not burning of heretics to death among so many admirable causes.

You annoy me because I’m trying very hard to grow up and accept that not everybody who has an imaginary friend is an idiot. Or even irrational and unreasonable. I’m trying to accept that they may well have come to the belief in their imaginary friend with the best of intentions and even the most rigorous of intellectual processes. Having recently read and reviewed the work of Paul Collins, a leading theologian of your 2000-year-old shakedown racket, I had been willing to think it might be worth putting aside misgivings about the whole crazy, made up magical being thing.

But then you open your ugly mouth and I think … nah, game on.”

That’s it Folks.  Is it humor or filth, or just an attack on Religion?  You may study the comments and give your opinion on any of that as well.

The reader who is perturbed by this trend or who sees it as humor will benefit by reading these links:

Additional relevant source added by the Author on Friday, December 03, 2010.


17 Responses to “Australian Humor”

  1. SOS HMS Britannia is sinking « Ike Jakson’s Blog Says:

    […] […]

  2. bydesign001 Says:

    Truly an angry and equally annoying chap. Yes dear Ike, he is somewhat offensive but being a Catholic, I’ve heard the tomfoolery all my life. My shell is strong to withstand the onslaught of those who would rather live in the dark. But l am a child of God and so I will pray for this lost soul.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Lady BD

      I got the impression that it is the “god and religion bashing” that is sweeping across the World and this guy picked on the Catholic Church because it is the “biggest and most obvious target” for their purpose.

      If the intention were humor it can only be a very sick and warped mind that will go to this extreme.

  3. bydesign001 Says:

    P.S. The humor may have gone over my head. If so, I apologize.


    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Lady BD

      I don’t think it intended humor. The vengeful of this World are hacking away at religion and Faith all the time with their warped minds. This guy in particular seems to make a habit of it [his own words and the description of how he goes about it] and it amazes me that people can see any humor in it.

      You have to be sick in the mind to see it as humor.

  4. Nolanimrod Says:

    I couldn’t tell what it was, because I read it through twice and I still couldn’t tell you what it said.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Nolanimrod

      You probably have a point there and I gave it some thought too. He is angry, yes, and he is vengeful, yes, but he is not saying anything except that he hates the Church and God; he doesn’t say why; he goes on a rant without a reason.

      People who hate God, Faith or Religion that much often have a personal failure in themselves that they don’t want to admit. Instead they rave and rant but say nothing.

  5. Cheech Says:

    It must be the same the world over. The Catholic church is the prime target for every newspaper pundit, talking head, and atheist who feels it necessary to vent against organized religion.

    Just one I would love to see someone like this chap write a similar piece pointing out the folly of Islam. Or better yet get on a soap box in Hyde Park and spout his theories about the whole crazy, made up magical being thing.

    No, it won’t happen, they are satisfyed with beating up on the old standby, the Catholic church.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Cheech

      Thanks for dropping by.

      Yes, you have a good point referring to the Catholic Church seeming to be the main target.

      You must know by now that I read everything on matters of religion [though I have to apply my mind at stuff like the one in question here but do believe that one must if one is to form a balanced view] and I came across a very interesting article in one of the large Blogs just a few days ago. I don’t have it at hand but will find the link and Post it here. Do look out for it.

      However, they go into the decline of Christianity, the given reasons for it and whether it may be possible or not to reverse it, as opposed to Islam that has not changed much and is in fact resisting any decline, and the methods or reasons for that.

      It is a typical well researched calm and civil discussion, by one of the American Blog Groups; that takes me back to my question why the English is so much more virulent in their attack on all religion. You can’t discuss religion or Faith with them without a slanging match.

      Watch out for that link. You will enjoy reading it.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      I found that link. Here it is:

      Take some time on it. It’s a very sobering reminder to the entire Christian Church.

  6. Cheech Says:

    Ike, It does appearto be a fact that the more afflluent a society becomes, the more removed from religion it becomes.

    I have several Brit friends who are either arheist or agnostics. All of them just seem to have come to the conclusion on their own that there is no such thing as a “Supreme Being” and that all religions are simply myths.

    None have tried to swing me over to their side nor have we ever argued about religion. All are fine, upstanding, and hard working people.

    Now, many professed nonbelievers over here are a different case entirely. Most of the non-believers in the US simply don’t want to be burdened with any moral restrictions on their behavior, which professing a belief in God would do to them. It’s either that or they believe they are just too inteligent to fall for such claptrap.

    These folks believe that religion is “old fashion” and not in tune with todays enlightned crowd, which is still going by the 1960’s mantra, “If it feels good, do it”.

    It’s strange to me that even after knowing what brought down the great civilizations of the past, we continue to make the same old mistakes with our own. Maybe that’s what it takes to bring people back to their senses, being tossed back into the dark ages where times are so hard
    people will cry out for help that can only come from the belief that there is something out there more powerful
    than their pitiful selves, that will help them through the darkest of times.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Cheech

      Thanks for a great comment with many points to ponder; that’s why I send you the link.

      However, the affluence analysis does not explain the aggression against Faith. I find that many of the self-proclaimed “atheists” have either no or very little understanding of terminology on what atheism is. In a number of cases in Blogs when pressed for details so many come out with a sad experience “that compelled him to reject God” but somehow he becomes converted to a disciple of hate. His “brand of atheism” becomes an all consuming “religion” in itself to destroy others who don’t agree with him. It appears as if he wears the atheism “Lapel Pin” for convenience rather than inner conviction.

      And whereas you find debate on the issues in America, in Britain, and seems Australia too, that atheism is merely used as a cloak for extremism and hate.

      I would also like to study a little more on affluence. There are many examples where hard times have drawn people closer to Faith. At this point in time I am not convinced that sufficient evidence exists that affluence per se creates or produces atheists or non-believers.

  7. Cheech Says:

    Ike, affluence is more than wealth. The perks that come along with it, like easy birth control, modern medicine, instant communication, the internet at your fingertips, the ability for groups like atheists to reach out and join with like minded, has produced more atheists in my opinion.

    The strange thing about the agressive atheists is this. They get caught up in a cult that believes in nothing claimin organized religion is nothing. Why do they bother?

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Cheech

      That was fast.

      I take the points in your first paragraph that “affluence is more than wealth.”

      As for the second paragraph and the aggressive atheist I still wonder how many of them are atheists [as per the normal definition] and how many are really “anti-theist” because of personal discontent, natural weakness or a faulty character development; plus personal bias or prejudice that develop into extremist behavior.

      I have nothing against, or no problem with the good neighbor fellow who chooses not to be a believer in theism but I have a big problem with the extremist who is trying to shove his hatred down my throat every time we meet be it over the garden wall or, as is the case in point here, every single time he Posts something on the Net.

  8. Bob Mack Says:

    Question: why is it that the “aggressive” atheists never seem to attack Islam? Maybe because they’re Marxists first, and it profits their agenda more to attack the foundations of Western Civilization?

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Bob

      You pose an interesting question and one that I have not previously considered. Do have a look at my comment to Cheech above. For starters, that is.

      Religion and I have come a long way; it is a fascinating subject. However, there is as far as I know not much research, certainly not conclusive, about the relationship between Marxism and atheists of modern times. It becomes even more confusing because the anti-theist having embraced the “anti-all religion” brigade have in fact come out against Islam, or so it seems from what I observe.

      I sometimes think that anti-theism is a greater risk than Islam BTW but I do not have all the answers. Atheism as per the old pre-2000 definition seems to be taking a secondary role but they are in denial about what they truly represent.

      Research on these things are but scant because, or I suppose, the subject is highly politically incorrect.

      I am not really answering your question because I don’t think there is an answer to it yet.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Oh Bob

      I should hasten to add that there seems to be a wide difference between what is atheism in America and England. My above observations are almost entirely based on the English “model” and that is another subject for discussion.

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