Ike-Leaks – Extra, Extra – Better than Assange – Time Morning must Reads – Joe Klein revealed as Treble Agent

Extra, Extra, Read it straight from the Horse’s mouth, direct from Strongman Karzai in Afghan.


It can now be revealed that Joe Klein is a treble agent.


My Post The truth about how Holbrooke died is further evidenced by these facts:


Joe Klein, having served under no fewer than five US Presidents has been a mole serving his own interests to three Nations.  For the Jews he acts as wolf in sheep’s clothing; for the Americans he acts as a sheep in wolf’s clothing; for Afghan he is just a furry little lamb.


Strongman Karzai has just announced:


That they know that Osama [Bin Laden] is well; he has been at War for two hundred years and doesn’t mind another hundred years with Obama [Bin Empty].


That they also know that Obama [Bin Empty] is a little closet Poofter CIC and expressed his thanks and gratitude to Kleine Joe as he calls him, for Joe’s assistance in ensuring that the American Military has now been opened to all Poofters.


On the matter of Joe’s concern expressed in Obama’s Big Mistake Karzai asked Joe to convey this message to the American President:


“Will you tell your President from me to keep supplying a fresh body bag for every new American soldier coming out this way; we will fill the bags for him on our side.  Tell your President I say Poof!”


Eat your heart out, Assange!


4 Responses to “Ike-Leaks – Extra, Extra – Better than Assange – Time Morning must Reads – Joe Klein revealed as Treble Agent”

  1. nolanimrod Says:

    Don’t forget to copyright everything and stay away from Swedish groupies!

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Nolanimrod

      I shall heed your advices but I am really doing it for the country and the People, like Dear Leader does, you know; just there to serve the People, you know.

  2. Briar UK Says:

    I like the part of the taciturn one.

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