Will America Survive

If the question is as simple as in the headline the answer is probably NO.

America has long not been the America of 50 years ago when Kennedy took over and has changed a lot since.  Many people started referring to Two America’s; even Time Magazine has now joined that school of thought.

Clinton came, and Barrack followed after a brief interlude by President George W, the latter who tried but failed to stop the slide.  President W Bush has been blamed for so much but if he failed in anything his biggest failure was in his efforts to prevent America sliding into a decadent Society and from there on into disgrace.

What caused this?

The answer is more complicated than the question; and part of the answer can be found in the definitions of Freedom, Liberty and Liberalism.  There is but a fine line between modern Liberalism and Anarchy; very few countries where they “experimented” with total uncontrolled Freedom managed to survive.

The masses cannot handle all the Freedom to destroy what they want to destroy.  Liberalism for all its good original intentions has been taken over by the evil of Liberanarchism.  Kennedy started it; William Jefferson Clinton perfected it and Barack Obama obviously intends to make sure that he leaves a broken America behind as his legacy.

Liberanarchism destroys mores of responsible behavior; it is only a final thin line that separates it from total moral anarchy and America has stepped into 2011 on the wrong side of that line.  The signs are in the obscene public display of wealth by the neo-rich; an ever growing government that falls into the category of that same neo-rich; a media that benefits from this and gleefully participates; and lastly there is the Internet of the past twenty years that confounds reality by actually convincing the voter that what is taking place is in his best interests.

When the voter has lost his adherence to the tried and tested system of taking responsibility for his vote the battle has been lost.

This year will be the watershed; unless the voter comes to his senses America will take the final enthusiastic plunge into decadence and disappear as a World Power.  Americans may as well take hands with Africa and become part of the Third World at that time

China and Russia may have to save America but I doubt that they will care.

 You may now kill the messenger that brings the bad news but that won’t change the outcome.


11 Responses to “Will America Survive”

  1. bydesign001 Says:

    Truer words were never spoken dear Ike. I weep for my country.

  2. bydesign001 Says:

    I weep that the writing is on the wall, yet so many refuse to see. Unfortunately, many of those who refuse to see where we are going lack the understanding that the loss of America as we once knew it will hit them the hardest.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Lady BD

      I almost missed the second comment. The Tucson speech made me shake my head; it left me speechless. Cry for America, the Beautiful.

  3. kaiology Says:

    while I agree with some of your analysis/opinion, I must say I’m a lot more sanguine and serene about the self-healing power of the United States. The recent re-emphasizing of the Constitution is one sign that things may be turning around. I’m also in some disagreement re your take on George W. Bush…I feel his was truly a disastrous presidency in many respects, even from a (classical) liberal viewpoint. Clinton, on the other hand, was not as awful as some on the right would like to paint him, and certainly a much better steward of the economy than his successors. But that, as always, is of course just my libertarian opinion!
    Best, ~Kai

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thank you Kai

      I think that I should explain one thing about my views on conversation/debating/talking/discussions and what have you in general.

      Sameness and agreement on every single thing in life makes discussion unnecessary and life a boring dreadful pain. I like discussions to be open, polite and civil; that is all; that is the way to learn about where I may be wrong or/and how I can change course to make life a better place.

      When you next get time read my Post


      Don’t worry about all the links in there; some may not exist anymore. It is the general point about my approach that I want to underline. You may leave a few words there whether you agree or disagree. As far as I am concerned I recently met a new stranger that loves writing about one of my favorite Presidents and that was enough for me. Take your time.

      We can get back to specific points in this post about the two names you mention.

      Mainly, thank you for setting out your circumstances and for your friendly natural openness. I like that.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Kai

      You cover much in your comment and I shall comment in short.

      So much depends on definitions. I have been working on a satirical look at definitions of all the ‘isms’ like in this case libertarianism.

      The first point is that the American Libertarian Party is getting nowhere, maybe because very few people understand the underlying principle or care to understand it. But that is neither here nor there.

      Overall though to the “complete freedom” principle of libertarian philosophy can only work in an “ideal homogenous Society” where the desire for discipline, norms and responsibilities are shared by the entire population; if that is not the case we end up with Liberanarchy which is where the USA is rapidly going.

      Libertarianism is a dead duck philosophy in a “multi-culture” country like America.

      Clinton destroyed American respect for the Presidency; the man had no morals. Former President Bush acquitted himself remarkably well given the hand he was dealt with; 911 within months of taking office followed by Katrina would have sunk a lesser man.

  4. christophertrier Says:

    I am of the opinion that the USA will survive. Russia has risen and fallen so many times in its history, somehow it has always survived. China has risen and fallen so many times in its history and, somehow, it has always survived. Germany has risen and fallen many times and, somehow, has survived. The crises facing the USA now are not as great as those faced by other countries. The USA will survive, though it may be down for a while. That’s not always a bad thing, though. Nor will the USA necessarily collapse as hard or as fast as China did during its period civil wars and divisions or Russia did, especially after the fall of the Soviet Union. The USA still has a lot of things going for it — sometimes a crash is what is needed to pare off the dead limbs to make the tree stronger.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Christopher

      I take your point about the big ones that have gone through their stages; it has always been like that and I have often blogged on it.

      America however, is going through her first period of decline if we ignore the depression of the 30‘s that hit everyone. But the reasons are different for America; it’s a different era; they are in a state of denial that it is happening [a very important aspect]; their decay is more of a moral nature than financial; much of their financial problems are caused by moral decay at the highest level of Government, and unfortunately for them they have Obama.

      That is what I tried to say in the Post but kept it short to see how others think.

      America’s “melting pot” was always held up as an example to the World and they were very proud of it but they had A LOT OF MELTING POTS going; it was never really one pot until Kennedy said “throw all the pots together and let us have one for all” with legislated integration.

      In the meantime they added to the pot from the huge emigration/immigration waves that swept around the Globe in the past 50 years. Americans are bewildered; they have managed to avoid the racial hatred between Christian and Muslim that is paralyzing England but they have developed the “big fear” instead.

      Then Obama started stirring in the pot and kept on stirring. He always blames someone else but if you analyze what he is doing him is the master stirrer, stirring, inciting fear, and …

      England is gone Christopher, and external forces helped on by the EU debacle have contributed. In America it is self-destruction. Yes. Countries and Nations have recovered but if you self-destruct you have a major problem.

  5. Monex Says:

    A few weeks back we noted that Operation Save America had begun and screaming at worshipers that Islam is a lie and that Jesus hates Muslims forcing Muslim leaders in Connecticut to actually seek police protection from their harassment..Today that it intends to take its harassment to mosques across the nation ..We Operation Save America are headed to Ground Zero in New York City to begin our nationwide outreach to Muslims in America. We offer to our Muslim friends enslaved in the tyrannical bondage of Islam the true source of liberty — Jesus Christ!.First in New York City then to Mosques across the nation!.The wounds that America is now suffering are by in large self-inflicted.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Monex

      Thanks for visiting my humble little Site.

      I have Googled for ‘Operation Save America’ but I cannot find who is actually backing it.

      I do support life and don’t approve of “abortion on demand” but I have some doubts about “Christianizing” people of the Muslim Faith. Did you know that Islam as a religion is against abortion?

      We should try to end animosity between Faiths and rather find the points that we agree on. I think that the Ground Zero Mosque is a huge mistake purely because the location is the wrongest place that they could have selected at the wrongest of times and the Imam in charge should reconsider the decision but it won’t help if we start “calling them names” or that they have the wrong Faith.

      Politics with Religion is always a bad mixture.

      I fully agree with your very last line and you are most welcome to visit again.

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