Mark the Twain

To mark the twain is an expression used on the Mississippi River boats to measure the depth of the water under the bout.  The captain who knew his stuff would know about most of the sandbanks but even he would have to shout “Mark the Twain” at times and a young deckhand would use a pole or a rope with a weight at the one end to lower into the water and measure the depth.  Two fathoms would be about OK; less would mean trouble or even disaster

Those of you who have had the good fortune of becoming on good reading terms with Samuel Langhorne Clemens will know that Clemens adopted Mark Twain as his penname; they wrote with pens and pencils in those days; computers and keyboards were unheard of then.

The Journey of Life on which I have often written can also be compared with or even called Life on the River because you have to watch the currents and the flows; it is necessary to mark the twains and to change course at times; life or the river isn’t there for me only; others must share it; caring for life and the river must also be the responsibility of all who are on it; all who benefit from it must share to protect it.

I have just changed my course and will be writing about it in this Post and two others that I will call ‘A Long Walk to Freedom’ and the other one ‘A Tale from Africa’ and publish them at the same time.  When they are all in I intend to insert the links of the others in each one to form a kind of trilogy but I cannot tell you exactly how long each will be because I don’t know that right now.  They will all develop afterwards; you will see additional inserts because Life and the River are flowing all the time; you may comment whenever you wish and share your views with others.

While I get the links ready when they have all been published you may page to anyone with the aid of the arrows that WordPress provide at the top of the Post right above the heading; it takes but one click but the links are A Long Walk to Freedom and A Tale from Africa

That is all for now, Folks.

2 Responses to “Mark the Twain”

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