To the judge’s “whims.”

Shucks, I got me a great little Post here.

 Only from America; from Chicago to boot; we even have African connections and Dreams from my Father thrown in with crooked politicians; no. no no-no that’s not Rahm I am referring to [Rahm is a good guy]; what I am referring to is his opponent for the vacancy as Mayor of Chicago.

 “In a stunning setback, an Illinois appellate court tossed Rahm Emanuel off the ballot for next month’s Chicago mayoral race at”the judge’s “whims.”  One guy comments “Obama should just issue and executive order declaring Rahm elegible.” [Spelling verbatim, no editing].  But Obama, I am told, is a Constitutional Law Professor; he surely won’t do that.

 Read it all in The whim of the judges

3 Responses to “To the judge’s “whims.””

  1. Bob Mack Says:

    While Time grapples with the meaning of its own obtuseness, I think I’ll fry up a whimsical flounder to commemorate the derailed candidacy of “Dead Fish” Emanuel.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      That’s a good one Bob, but not enough to lift my spirit today. Really, what does this say of an independent judiciary?

  2. nolanimrod Says:

    I really hope they keep Emanuel out of the mayor’s race because that means Carol Moseley Braun (she has shed her hyphen; used to be Moseley-Braun and what’s up with that?) will probably win. Having as mayor one of the world’s most ignorant people who sports TWO chips on her shoulders (the black chip and the woman chip) would be fit punishment for foisting Obama on an unsuspecting world.

    Then half the city’s residents could volunteer at the food bank while the other half shows up to get the government cheese and other free food.

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