Call of the Hills

When you get stuck it is no use banging your head with a rock; rather call from help.

 My call brought old Rip down yesterday and we will be off at the first crack of dawn; two pack mules will get us to the cave before sunrise and this time I am not going to rush it.  Laptop and technology is left behind; the call of nature has dictated that I shall do so.

 Lots of things on the computer will just have to wait; maybe I will be back by Tuesday, Feb 1st or even later but definitely I hope by Friday the 4th.

 America of the 50 States will survive without me; the one of the 57 States is beyond redemption and I have given up on them.

 Ole Rip and I will be having breakfast in the hills by the time you guys go to bed.

3 Responses to “Call of the Hills”

  1. Bob Mack Says:

    Headin’ for th’ hills, huh, Ike? Well, see you when you get back, reinvigorated, & ready to help chase the Red Armadillos back to their burrows.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Bob

      Thanks for your encouraging words and your confidence. My mail Inbox is [well you won’t like to see it] and may I ask you to read Back and living with my Eye

      I have done the Post as a link so that I won’t have to repeat it every time. Thanks. There is a lot that I must catch up with.

      Fighting Red Armadillos? Well, I shall always do my part though I have been thinking of another approach; they are all over, you know; maybe I should be able to identify their weaknesses and you can go in for the kill. Let’s see how it develops from here.

      My Gmail Inbox was overflowing when I returned and I need a few days to get it under control; by the end of this week I hope to have made contact with everyone.

  2. Back and living with my Eye « Ike Jakson’s Blog Says:

    […] old Rip came round last week.  His invitation to go with him came when I needed it most; my Post Call of the Hills was done in a great hurry and we left soon after […]

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