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Summing up

February 27, 2011

As far back in my life as I can remember I have always lived an organized life even when I was a very young boy; it paid good dividends at school and later studies, my career and my research; it is the one part of my life that I cannot change and at my age it is not very important to change much.

 When I first thought about this Post half of the idea was sort of a notice that it will be my last Post in Blogging but after more consideration I decided that it is not to be that yet.

 However, I now have to accept the fact that I am going blind in the remaining eye and I still have a lot to do before that happens,  For my friends who do not yet know the story of my eye; you may read it in Back and living with my Eye

 But I have decided to do a few more Posts on matters that are important to me; there won’t be many and I shall let you know when the last and final one is posted.  It is necessary that I preserve the remaining eye as much as I can and I will continue to read the stuff of my old friends but I have finally decided to drop the Time Rag and that kind of rubbish; my comments in other Blogs may also be a lot fewer but my enthusiasm for you guys will remain undiminished.

 There is no reason why I shall vanish all of a sudden but I have to reduce my participation to the essentials about life as I see it.  Ole Bli Mo still has some fight in him.

Blah Blah Blah

February 23, 2011

Some time ago during the first half of Election 2008 I was merely commenting in the FoxNews You Decide Blog when I saw a comment from a guy named Blah; the comment was something to this effect:

 “Blah blah blah; blah, blah blah blah; blah blah; blah; blah blah blah blah-blah. Blah

 Vote Blah”

 There was a war on in Iraq and a few soldiers were poking around holes in the hills and mountains of Afghanistan seemingly looking to find Bin Laden.

 Bin Empty was running for the Presidency and leading; that silly woman named Hillary thought she still had a chance and was promising that she would not quit.  The UK had not quit at the time.

 Today we have a World economy in ruins, unrest, rioting, looting and more Peace Initiatives than in all time before and a quitted UK.

 However, with the exception of a few smaller independent Bloggers in America the entire voter public is still going blah blah blah, blah-blah, blah blah blah [repeat six or seven times].

And I have a special boon 4 U; it’s for real, no Blah this time.  U fishing guys will love it.

 Blah!  All over except in China and Russia; they are working and exporting more goods to the World every day.

Media Affairs and Photos of Affairs in South Africa

February 12, 2011

You guys think that you have lefties in the Media.  Well, you ain’t seen nottin’ yet.   I am currently embroiled in a little tiff with one of the worst of the Tabloid Media on a photo.

You must read the comments; this Post itself started as what I had thought would be just a small piece when I had read a Post by them that appeared to be very one-sided because I knew many of the names and submitted a comment but it grew and the story is actually unfolding in the Comments.

 The following is a piece that I wrote to the aggrieved party but who is actually the “bug in the ointment” or as we say in Dutch ‘die vark in die verhaal.”

 A young Sondag bum by the appropriate name of Riaan Bam called me this afternoon and tried to draw me out on some kind of charges that you decided to lay at the police up there against me.

I called our local police and they informed me that I must get the name of your Police Station and the dossier number and they will have it transferred down here.  Get cracking on that, will you.

The young bum also admitted that the only proof that they have of the “affair’ is a photo of a very pretty lady; she is the only person in the photo but she has been labeled as having an affair with another guy.  I asked the young thug whether he was there when the affair was committed.  No, he wasn’t.  I then asked him whether he had seen the affair being committed.  No, he didn’t’ see it but the photo shows that there was an affair.  I tried to explain to him that no court will accept that photo as prove of an affair but he was either to dumb or too arrogant to understand that it.

Do you really want to screw your life up like that?  You must get to a psychiatrist as soon as possible my dear…”

 I shall keep you guys informed but hi fellows, I do need some American comments in here.  I am fighting the Media after all, though it is “the shitty part” but that ultimately affects all of us.  You can’t let me down now.

 That’s the way our tabloid press works.  If they want to kill a good guy and cannot do it otherwise they put the Tabloid thugs on him; they often as in this case include some female with aspirations to take over from Katie Couric.

 Will DOJ Holder accept photo as evidence of an affair?  Please tell me.

 Eat your hearts out, Al Gore sent us a heat wave.

The Evolution of Democracy

February 5, 2011

Everything in the World is part of a continuous process of change; it’s the most natural thing to happen.  In fact change occurred from the very first day of the Creation as all life adapted through centuries and millenniums to climate and the ability of life to progress and improve.  You don’t have to give it a name; it is there and will continue with you or without you; even mad Darwin could not change that.  Change was built in as part of the system long before Darwin ever lived; and that was just the other day that the drunken failure died and relieved his family of his presence..

 The old civilizations adopted processes of Government without armies of lawyers to write myriads of laws that the people never needed or wanted but the people were much happier than today.

 Borders between communities [or countries if you want to call it so] were often indistinct and a natural flow of ideas wrought changes of customs across the lines.  New languages developed in this manner and the arts flourished with the variation of input.

 The ruler of the clan or community or country was a natural process of the most able person in general.  The benevolent Ruler was rewarded by the love and admiration of his people and it was not uncommon to have him/her for life, or even passed on to their siblings.  The draconian Ruler was swiftly dealt with; there were many ways for that.  Read some books, will you.

 People were not forced into medical aid schemes that they did not need or want; the armies selected the men they wanted for the armies; women were excluded.  If the people wanted a new leader the elders would handle the task of selecting him; they would know his entire background for generations of his ancestors; were they had lived and how they had lived; no man would ever be allowed to rule with his long-form birth certificate and the University or College attendance records of his parents locked up where the people could not see it.

 Look up the old history of the Pharos in Egypt.  For more recent examples read up on Kabila in the DRC.  The Father turned out to be a wrong decision and somebody put a bullet through his head real quick; the son Joseph stepped in and everyone seems happy.  In South Africa Mandela was given the prize for five years followed by his personal choice of his successor a fellow named Mbeki; however the latter was a bit too weird for some; the elders got together mid-term 2008 and decided that Jacob Zuma would take over; they made the offer to Mbeki and the choices given him were of such a nature that he decided to opt for his life and moved on.  The population did not even notice the change until months later; that’s DEMOCRACY OF THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE at its best.

 Then life on earth went through a series of rapid change just a few hundred years ago, called colonialism and emigration; it brought with it some developments that were good but some that were lousy.

 People were forced to discard the systems and ways that had sustained them for ages past and told to get democracy.  When they asked what that word meant the missionaries explained but the people were not dumb and said “but we have had a much better system ever since the first Pharos in Egypt almost and we like it the way it is.”

 That’s about all I need to tell you Folks; the rest is history.  I have heard that there will soon be a big meeting somewhere in Europe to discuss the recent events in Egypt.  No, I don’t know whether China and Russia will attend; time will tell.

 One thing I can tell you for sure though is to forget about this lark of a New World Order Government with Obama as Life President.  Main point on the point: China and Russia simply won’t allow that, period.  And in case you don’t know it, neither will Africa.  The entire continent will follow the Big Two because they like it that way.

 And you should know that it requires a certain set of human qualities to be a dogcatcher.  Obama simply does not possess those qualities.  After Egypt no country in the World will trust the guy to appoint him dogcatcher.

Day of Irrelevance for America

February 4, 2011

Respect doesn’t fall from the sky; it needs to be earned; once earned it needs to be nurtured and protected to endure; the day respect is thrown into the wind, by the individual or by a State that individual or State ceases to be relevant.

 This headline White House in talks with Egypt for Mubarak to quit immediately: report datelined 10:14 PM; February 3, 2011 includes this paragraph:

“The report came as the US Senate approved by unanimous consent a resolution urging Mubarak to create a caretaker government.

The resolution, sponsored by Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.), called on Mubarak “to immediately begin an orderly and peaceful transition to a democratic political system, including the transfer of power to an inclusive interim caretaker government.”

If the words above are authentic it marked the time and the day America became irrelevant in World Affairs.

 With as much love as I have always had and with abiding affection for you, America of the 50 States, there is nothing more to say about America of the 57 States.  When it abandoned the great Nation of Egypt “by unanimous consent” as stated above and to hand it over to a handful of lawless anarchists, America of the 57 States became irrelevant in World Affairs, or a “Bastard State” as some would put it.  The blood of the 99.9% of law-abiding Egypt will be on your hands.

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 Cry America.


February 3, 2011

Let me say right away and emphasize it that this Post is not about Egypt.  I have refrained from discussing Egypt and will continue to do so.  In my opinion everyone should allow Egypt to sort out what they want to do; it is their business and nobody should meddle in their affairs.

 What I want to discuss is simply how one goes about identifying a thug or thugs.  According to the old cliché “it takes one thief to recognize another one, or one crook to recognize another crook.”

 A Prime Media report from one of the Great names in the Media tells the Worldwide Public that they have identified thug activity in Egypt and know who the supposed thugs are.  The report actually names them as you can see in Thugs identified in Egypt

 An interesting point develops if the old cliché is adapted to read that “it takes a thug to recognize another.”

 Let us test it in greater detail.

 The Prime Media Author makes a statement [you can read it in the above link] in which I change just one word [a name] and this is what you get:

 Malinowski says the U.S. needs to do more: “I don’t see any realistic solution to this unless Obama goes and gives way to an interim government with the opposition.”

 Who are the thugs in the story?

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 I rest my case.

A letter to Sam

February 3, 2011

Hi Sam

 I thought you were a “He” when we first met in the clothes discussion but now realize you are a “She” and must therefore, apologize for referring to you as a guy in the clothes discussion [though I did say I thought a nice sort of guy]; old guys of my era have not adapted to calling a lady a guy and I am not sure that we ever will.

 But you are a nice lady; and you have a nice Blog.  I am sure to visit, fully dressed for the occasion, and will receive you with the decorum required for such occasions when you visit me.

 The great Blogosphere [I always wonder why they call it that because such a thing doesn’t exist] well, that thing is not really a place where one can make a lot of friends; yuk no, indeed one shouldn’t try that; they sometimes call it virtual reality [another misnomer] but some of the people are more than virtually bonkers; some are real baddies and to be avoided.  But there are some people who are nice by their nature; it has been my good fortune to meet a few and you are one.

 I  shall then call you Sam until you suggest otherwise.  Oh yeah, I did see your name at Bob’s place the first time but didn’t know you; that only came about when our other mutual Friend Denise emailed me one of your Post links and thought that I should read it; that made me leave my first short comment at your Site when you didn’t know that I had one too.  She is a sweet person, is Denise.

 I have now found all that I need and wish you great happiness in everything.


saka OMB – it stands for Ole Bli Mole because I have an eye impediment; it’s all there in my most recent Posts.

More Woes for the DUK Nations

February 2, 2011

This Post comes to you in recognition of and with compliments to my Friend Nimrod of NOLA who emailed me the link.  When I first saw the Gmail headline I gasped momentarily, wondering what might have happened to the great Hunter of NOLA.

 The link is actually about the scrapping of the Nimrod Spy Plane Fiasco.  Read: The sad story of Nimrod, UK version

 It is an utter shame to see this beleaguered and divided little country wracked by more scandal.  The piece is well written by a person in high places and it is good to see two references of humor that the British were once known for in two points that he mention.

 “The MRA4 might have played a big role in counter-piracy operations, but the truth about piracy is that the rich world – and in particular the maritime industry – really doesn’t care very much about the problem. It would be easy to control piracy if there were a genuine will to address it, but there isn’t; so the argument is a hollow one in the case of Nimrod.

 “Of course, there is always the Olympics and the role that aerial reconnaissance will play in the security around that. ‘But a three-week festival of sport is hardly a key argument for a major defence system.’“

 It reminds me of an American who came out with this gem recently “The biggest problems in America are not Obama, socialism or communism, Wall Street with the greed and corruption, or the Unions or China.  No” he said, “the biggest problem in our Country is the Voter who voted the fools in that we have in Congress and the entire Government.”

 It’s good point for Britannia to consider.  Who are the fools who voted the fools in that decided to have the Nimrod Defense System in the first place.  What on earth did they aim to do with it in the first place?

 But the fiasco graphically explains why China and Russia are now the undisputed World Leaders.

You all remember Him

February 1, 2011

I sure hope that you will all lift your hats and rise for a minute or two of silence this coming Sunday, February 06, 2011.

Or those who don’t recognize the date immediately it is about someone who is no longer with us but who would have been 100 years old if he were.  If it helps, it was on a Monday the same date 100 years ago.

 America honors you, Sir.

Back and living with my Eye

February 1, 2011

Let me frankly admit that I was almost “down and out” when old Rip came round last week.  His invitation to go with him came when I needed it most; my Post Call of the Hills was done in a great hurry and we left soon after that.

 It was a nice break but also good to revisit “real life” away from the woes of this World.  Rip and I just talked and talked; in between we ate when we had the need for it and started snoring in mid sentence when the luxury of doing nothing overwhelmed one of us.

 But I felt rejuvenated when I returned this morning; the eye remains with me but I think that I have finally cleared the cobwebs of the mind and learnt how to cope with it.

 It’s become a great bore to repeat the story of my eye every time it comes up and I have therefore done a Post on the full details that may provide comfort to others in similar situations.  You may read it one click away right here in My Eye and I

 I will catch up with you guys soon.