A letter to Sam

Hi Sam

 I thought you were a “He” when we first met in the clothes discussion but now realize you are a “She” and must therefore, apologize for referring to you as a guy in the clothes discussion [though I did say I thought a nice sort of guy]; old guys of my era have not adapted to calling a lady a guy and I am not sure that we ever will.

 But you are a nice lady; and you have a nice Blog.  I am sure to visit, fully dressed for the occasion, and will receive you with the decorum required for such occasions when you visit me.

 The great Blogosphere [I always wonder why they call it that because such a thing doesn’t exist] well, that thing is not really a place where one can make a lot of friends; yuk no, indeed one shouldn’t try that; they sometimes call it virtual reality [another misnomer] but some of the people are more than virtually bonkers; some are real baddies and to be avoided.  But there are some people who are nice by their nature; it has been my good fortune to meet a few and you are one.

 I  shall then call you Sam until you suggest otherwise.  Oh yeah, I did see your name at Bob’s place the first time but didn’t know you; that only came about when our other mutual Friend Denise emailed me one of your Post links and thought that I should read it; that made me leave my first short comment at your Site when you didn’t know that I had one too.  She is a sweet person, is Denise.

 I have now found all that I need and wish you great happiness in everything.


saka OMB – it stands for Ole Bli Mole because I have an eye impediment; it’s all there in my most recent Posts.


2 Responses to “A letter to Sam”

  1. samhenry Says:

    Hi Ike. I have been bogged down with a temporary assignment doing customer service for a floral delivery service over the phone from my home. It’s the valentine crunch and I am exhausted. I am so sorry not to have been here sooner.

    I have been “Henry” since a child when my late grandfather, a doctor who owned his family farm, took me everywhere with him and re-named me after the character in a poem I always recited. Sam is part of my middle name. My late Labrador Retriever had a sire with a form of my middle name so Sam Henry was his name. Henry is also the first name of a great-grandfather. All of this is to say that calling me Sam is as natural as pie. My mom was called Sam in her time because of my middle name (her last).

    It’s your pink shirt. It came across flesh-tone! LOL. I think the whole thing is so funny. An old jerk who calls herself Sam has caused a helluva consternation. You are so kind and a lovely gentleman.

    I am so fortunate in my friends on the net – truly. I am so honored to be in your “conversation” and look forward to your visits to my blog. SamHenry

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Sam

      Thanks for the visit and the story. I love to read all these little human experiences of the ordinary folks.

      That pink shirt has a long story. It was given to me by a lady friend in 1984 and I kept it because it handles well in the Laundromat and is perfect out of the tumble drier. I don’t iron any clothes; if something doesn’t tumble well I wear it as garden clothes or get rid of it.

      This one is genuine soft cotton and I still wear it quite often. I get attached to the old clothes that I like. And you caused no consternation; a friendship rather and I like it.

      Stay with God.

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