The Evolution of Democracy

Everything in the World is part of a continuous process of change; it’s the most natural thing to happen.  In fact change occurred from the very first day of the Creation as all life adapted through centuries and millenniums to climate and the ability of life to progress and improve.  You don’t have to give it a name; it is there and will continue with you or without you; even mad Darwin could not change that.  Change was built in as part of the system long before Darwin ever lived; and that was just the other day that the drunken failure died and relieved his family of his presence..

 The old civilizations adopted processes of Government without armies of lawyers to write myriads of laws that the people never needed or wanted but the people were much happier than today.

 Borders between communities [or countries if you want to call it so] were often indistinct and a natural flow of ideas wrought changes of customs across the lines.  New languages developed in this manner and the arts flourished with the variation of input.

 The ruler of the clan or community or country was a natural process of the most able person in general.  The benevolent Ruler was rewarded by the love and admiration of his people and it was not uncommon to have him/her for life, or even passed on to their siblings.  The draconian Ruler was swiftly dealt with; there were many ways for that.  Read some books, will you.

 People were not forced into medical aid schemes that they did not need or want; the armies selected the men they wanted for the armies; women were excluded.  If the people wanted a new leader the elders would handle the task of selecting him; they would know his entire background for generations of his ancestors; were they had lived and how they had lived; no man would ever be allowed to rule with his long-form birth certificate and the University or College attendance records of his parents locked up where the people could not see it.

 Look up the old history of the Pharos in Egypt.  For more recent examples read up on Kabila in the DRC.  The Father turned out to be a wrong decision and somebody put a bullet through his head real quick; the son Joseph stepped in and everyone seems happy.  In South Africa Mandela was given the prize for five years followed by his personal choice of his successor a fellow named Mbeki; however the latter was a bit too weird for some; the elders got together mid-term 2008 and decided that Jacob Zuma would take over; they made the offer to Mbeki and the choices given him were of such a nature that he decided to opt for his life and moved on.  The population did not even notice the change until months later; that’s DEMOCRACY OF THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE at its best.

 Then life on earth went through a series of rapid change just a few hundred years ago, called colonialism and emigration; it brought with it some developments that were good but some that were lousy.

 People were forced to discard the systems and ways that had sustained them for ages past and told to get democracy.  When they asked what that word meant the missionaries explained but the people were not dumb and said “but we have had a much better system ever since the first Pharos in Egypt almost and we like it the way it is.”

 That’s about all I need to tell you Folks; the rest is history.  I have heard that there will soon be a big meeting somewhere in Europe to discuss the recent events in Egypt.  No, I don’t know whether China and Russia will attend; time will tell.

 One thing I can tell you for sure though is to forget about this lark of a New World Order Government with Obama as Life President.  Main point on the point: China and Russia simply won’t allow that, period.  And in case you don’t know it, neither will Africa.  The entire continent will follow the Big Two because they like it that way.

 And you should know that it requires a certain set of human qualities to be a dogcatcher.  Obama simply does not possess those qualities.  After Egypt no country in the World will trust the guy to appoint him dogcatcher.

23 Responses to “The Evolution of Democracy”

  1. Bob Mack Says:

    You also have to be nimble enough to catch the dogs…

  2. anatheimp Says:

    This is a great piece of work, Ike; well done.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thank you Anastasia

      It is not art like you do it; but as satire with a bit of the old-fashioned truth of time, I thought it would be my contribution.

  3. JM Says:

    Morning Ike,

    I rather like the Saxon rules of monarchy, whereby the successor to the king was nominated by the dying existing king, always after taking counsel with his earls. That way they usually got the best candidate. Naturally, the successor was often the eldest son of the king, but that was not a hard rule. Occasionally a woman would be elected, but more often ruled as regent for a younger son.

    On the other hand, the Saxons could be a pretty treacherous bunch, especially among those outlying branches of the tribes, the Norsemen. Assassinations were done very nicely – a knife in the front (or back if more convenient) – or poison administered by the more adventurous ladies.

    JRR Tolkien was the very expert on the Saxons, and the Riders of Rohan illustrate very well the way things worked. Elwyn for ever!

    A nice blog!

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Jamie

      Your wisdom and the fertile mind that you have will enlighten many.

      Those were the days when everyone knew the system of government and I daresay the citizenry were fairly treated and under no illusions.

      What is called democracy today is not remotely the case; the lawyers have taken over and are getting rich; the economies are run by the Robbing Hoods and Investment Bankers; the people have no say.

      And in the area that I know best they have the best of both worlds. Call it Democracy to keep the American Lefties happy and do your own thing, the latter mostly in the form of stuffing your back-pockets with as much as you can every day.

      I am slowly reaching the fun level; laughing at it; getting serious isn’t getting you anything but ulcers.

  4. JM Says:

    Yes, you have to laugh at the antics of mankind, Ike, or else go barmy. Of course, the lawyers have always used Parliament with a view to their own benefit ; for what does Parliament do, except make work for lawyers? But today, they do it shamelessly, inventing laws for the sake of it ; far more than mere justice requires.

    Have a happy day with lots of singing in it!

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Jamie

      You made me smile so I will return the favor [with recognition to a Blogging buddy, I think it was Bob Mack] who told me the story of a guy in court that was unhappy with the procedures and asked:

      “But, is this not a Court for Justice?”

      To which the very austere personage in charge replied:

      “Indeed not; this is a Court of Law.”

      But I so wish I had you here to share a wee single Malt with me. I am still busy with the bottle I got two years ago. The one of last year has not even been opened and our daughter, the 36 soon to be 37 year old adolescent is flying in with another one or two at the end of this month for her annual visit.

  5. samhenry Says:

    JM – the Saxon law of succession is older than the Saxons – Frazier’s Golden Bough of course tells all. Remember in Apocalypse now, it was on the table where Brando resided?

    We have not evolved, we have devolved. We hold godlike powers yet ants can destroy the homes in which we live. Make no mistake, we have fouled the earth and the skies and the waters and “there is no health in us.”

    Ike – do you live in Africa?

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Yes Sam

      I thought you knew; I reside in the Deep South, the Deepest South on earth in fact. The South Pole is just a little ways down from us with only the roaring forties separating the continent from the Antarctic.

      I am in South Africa; we share the continent with many African Nations but we are not from Africa. There is a major difference.

  6. samhenry Says:

    JM – My favorite king: Ethelred the Unready!

  7. samhenry Says:

    It’s very exciting for an old dog to have traveled all of the way to South Africa. You never did let me know a couple of titles of your books. Are they on South Africa? I’d like to know your favorite among them.

    I’m into shirts again, Ike. Check out my latest post, LOL.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Well Sam

      I am not into shirts today; we are in a heat wave.

      The books are all BEING written. The one that has advanced most is the sixth one but I am now working hard on the third one that I hope to have published by next year.

      After that I hope to work on number nine and number eleven at the same time. Hehehe

      I am currently embroiled in an unexpected family situation that came out of the blue and leaves me very limited time for the Net, but I shall return.

  8. Araminta Says:

    I see exactly what you mean, Ike.

    Good post.

    Thank you for directing me here.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thank you Araminta

      I could have said almost the same about Freedom. That is another point on which you may ponder. Who has the right to define Freedom for the other guy in China or anywhere?

      You have the mind for it. When you decide to Post on it I shall join you.

  9. Levent Says:

    Hello Ike,

    Good post.

  10. Ike Jakson Says:

    I received this comment from my Friend Cheech and Post it with recognition and with compliments to the My Telegraph Author in England.

    Cheech Says:
    February 19, 2011 at 12:08 pm | Reply edit

    Ike, This is a blog on the Telegraph today. I would like to see your response to it.
    From “classless society” to “post-racial society”
    How the Left exchanged a noble ideal for an ignoble one.
    The Left gave up on their ideal of the “classless society” (characterised, not just by class, but by huge differences in income, wealth and opportunity), exchanging it (along with the “moral high ground” it was associated with) for that of a “raceless” or “post-racial society”, and the ideology of “One-Human-Racism”.

    “One -Human-Racism” is the ideology of “colourblindness”, of “race doesn’t matter” (or even exist), of ethnic origins being of no social or political importance (especially in respect to group, e.g. national, identity), except to evil “racists” – like the Nazis, whose abhorrent racial ideology, not coincidentally, it is the exact, but equally extreme, opposite of.

    In contrast to the “classless society”, the ideal of a “raceless society” is much more acceptable to those in power, wealth and privilege, since it doesn’t challenge their status. In this way, the Left were able to become part of the status quo, the establishment, themselves, thereby creating the modern “liberal-fascist” state, which together with capital dominates all western “democracies”.

    Why is the ideal of a “raceless” or “post-racial”, and, by implication, “post-European” society” ignoble? Because it denies (and in respect to white people, demonises, as “racist”) the central importance of race and ethnic origins for an individual’s sense personal and group, e.g. national, identity, on the one hand, and creates an uninhibited “melting pot”, on the other, in which human ethnic and cultural diversity will dissolve and disappear, or at least, be greatly reduced.

    How were we deceived into believing that the ideal of a “raceless” or “post-racial society” was a noble cause? Initially, because of a shock response and overreaction to the horrors associated with the Nazi’s criminally insane racial ideology, but also in overreaction to the unjust and inhumane state discrimination and segregation imposed by Apartheid South Africa and America’s Jim Crow laws. Embracing the opposite attitude, of “Race doesn’t matter” (at all), seemed an appropriate response, which was then opportunistically exploited (principally on the Left) by those seeking power-political advantage by claiming the “moral high ground” for themselves.

    Only it wasn’t appropriate, because race and ethnic origins DO matter, for a deep and meaningful sense of personal and group, e.g. national, identity.

    Humans have a tendency, as exemplified here, to swing from one extreme to the other. My hope is that by understanding what is going on, we can avoid doing that. No one in their right mind wants a return to Jim Crow, Apartheid or, least of all, Nazism, although the surest way of doing so is for the state to persist in imposing the ideologically opposite extreme. We need to find a humane and civilised way between these extremes.

    How? We could make a start by talking about it.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      It is well-written expose and I hope it attracts a lot of discussion in England though I doubt it very much knowing the mind of the UK Blogger. But some changes are taking place; this interesting UK Post came to my attention the other day:

      The author of the UK Post that you sent me recognizes the failure of Democracy to deliver and I am inclined to agree with him from the African Perspective.

      The American Voter is primed to reject any negative expression about his Democracy. But Cheech, in all honesty, does America’s Democracy of 2011 even remotely comply with what the Founding Fathers had in mind? I don’t think so.

      My perceptions of what I get in the News is that the man in China and Africans all over their continent have a far greater degree of Freedom than in countries that still cling to a thing that they once called Democracy but has long ceased to be that.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      I should have added that my sentiments refer to America of the 57 States; you guys in America of the 50 States should make it but you will have to work quite a little harder to make sure you do.

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