Media Affairs and Photos of Affairs in South Africa

You guys think that you have lefties in the Media.  Well, you ain’t seen nottin’ yet.   I am currently embroiled in a little tiff with one of the worst of the Tabloid Media on a photo.

You must read the comments; this Post itself started as what I had thought would be just a small piece when I had read a Post by them that appeared to be very one-sided because I knew many of the names and submitted a comment but it grew and the story is actually unfolding in the Comments.

 The following is a piece that I wrote to the aggrieved party but who is actually the “bug in the ointment” or as we say in Dutch ‘die vark in die verhaal.”

 A young Sondag bum by the appropriate name of Riaan Bam called me this afternoon and tried to draw me out on some kind of charges that you decided to lay at the police up there against me.

I called our local police and they informed me that I must get the name of your Police Station and the dossier number and they will have it transferred down here.  Get cracking on that, will you.

The young bum also admitted that the only proof that they have of the “affair’ is a photo of a very pretty lady; she is the only person in the photo but she has been labeled as having an affair with another guy.  I asked the young thug whether he was there when the affair was committed.  No, he wasn’t.  I then asked him whether he had seen the affair being committed.  No, he didn’t’ see it but the photo shows that there was an affair.  I tried to explain to him that no court will accept that photo as prove of an affair but he was either to dumb or too arrogant to understand that it.

Do you really want to screw your life up like that?  You must get to a psychiatrist as soon as possible my dear…”

 I shall keep you guys informed but hi fellows, I do need some American comments in here.  I am fighting the Media after all, though it is “the shitty part” but that ultimately affects all of us.  You can’t let me down now.

 That’s the way our tabloid press works.  If they want to kill a good guy and cannot do it otherwise they put the Tabloid thugs on him; they often as in this case include some female with aspirations to take over from Katie Couric.

 Will DOJ Holder accept photo as evidence of an affair?  Please tell me.

 Eat your hearts out, Al Gore sent us a heat wave.


31 Responses to “Media Affairs and Photos of Affairs in South Africa”

  1. Ike Jakson Says:

    Please accept my apologies for a short absence; you my word that I shall catch up.

    I have just reached the end [I hope the final end] of an encounter with what they call the Pony Press [which is the Tabloid, or filth is a better word] on a family matter.

    They pretend that they report news but actually manufacture what they want to present to the public; they pretend that their version is the truth and I told them yes it might be the truth if you first convert it to sewage.

    I am not popular with one of our big sewage press corporations right now; before anyone thinks otherwise the issue was not about me. I had taken the swine on to defend a family member and a close friend.

  2. Bob Mack Says:

    That’s they way they work, Ike. Their retractions, when they deign to print them at all, are always on Page 75 in the smallest possible typeface.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      I wish you to know that I deeply appreciate this comment. It is a dirty filthy mess that requires all my attention but I am reasonably sure that the forces of evil are now in disarray.

      Time will tell within this week but there won’t be no retraction this time. This Ole Bli Mo still has some fight in him and won’t consider retraction offers. You should know what Truman asked for and got it.

  3. Ike Jakson Says:

    You guys in America that’s always complaining about Freedom of the Press and Time Warner/CNN/Swampland and Katie Couric; just Google Media24 and read my next Post.

    These guys have a weird idea of Press Freedom, so weird that you will realize that Old Russia was a philanthropic democracy.

    As for decency in language and public decorum it makes Katie Couric look saintly.

  4. Ike Jakson Says:

    Hi guys

    I spent half the night working through this but I am sure that I have found the cancer and it is a big one. Watch out for the Word Sondag in anything you see on the Internet.

    It is a seemingly innocuous word, literally the Dutch translation of Sunday but that is probably the reason they named it such to remain unobtrusive but it is really a clever way to hide the largest international money laundering operation in the World; blackmail; and disposing of opponents in politics or business. I shall have more on this soon.

  5. Ike Jakson Says:


    Sorry I left out racketeering in my previous comment. I am preparing a skeleton Post that I shall probably call ‘Freedom of the Press in Media24’ but I want you all to subscribe to the Post that you are now reading so that you will be notified of the completed one when I Post it.

  6. Ike Jakson Says:


    I won a small but highly strategic victory today. The thugs that I am opposing had to concede to investigate IP Addresses in their filth journal. Hold thumbs for me; they are in a corner now and I am guarding the exit.

  7. samhenry Says:

    Ike – I am not sure I am following. Is it a friend you are defending who has had himself linked to the woman? Is the woman linked to money laundering? Do you have any dirty laundry? LOL

    What a mess. I wish I were scholarly in the ways of the law but I hope you have a good legal eagle on this is you are not yourself one. It sounds kind of big for you to be fighting yourself. Seriously, Ike, I would get some professional help with this and I would take caution with what you say in your blog until all is rectified. All the best, SH

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Sam

      Thanks for dropping by and for your sober thoughts. In this case it started off with a dreadful creature that was trying to extract a huge divorce settlement from a close family member and found one of these scandal tabloid papers to publish a lot of dirt to scare him.

      But they made some awful mistakes like getting friends to write in on her behalf under fictitious IP Addresses. When I first approached them they pointblank refused to verify their sources and threaten me with their in-house tame lawyer who supposedly vets all articles; they then turned their attention to Ole Bli Mo and tried to blackmail him into silence. That’s when he stripped; you should have see OBM when he stripped.

      They have not succumbed but reluctantly agreed yesterday to verify IP Addresses but I have in the meantime found out more of the Group and I am going to reveal what I have. I shall keep you in the picture.

      Thanks, I really value your concern.

      • Bob Mack Says:

        Hey Ike. To quote old Marcus Tullius: “Quid de utilitate loquar sterorandi?”–“What shall I say about the usefulness of spreading manure?” And to answer, another old Roman truism: Cui bono? Who profits? Keep us posted.

      • Ike Jakson Says:

        Thanks Bob Mack

        Today should be the day. Can you guys find me a link to report international abuse [troll abuse, use of someone else’s IP Address, whatever it is called?]

        The entire Group of Companies that I am referring to are not all affected and I have met a few very decent fellows there but I expect a cover up at the sewage section.

        I shall keep you posted.

  8. elcampeador Says:

    Jesus Ike, are you Egypt’izing South Africa? lol. If by chance you are, I’ll try and get a hold of some family members in Sicily. 🙂

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      One bloke I have had to take by the scruff of his neck by going over his head to a big boss; well he is from typical Sicily Stock, just the worst of the lot. But they are all good churchgoing people too; in the Money Church they call it.

  9. Ike Jakson Says:

    Thanks all my American Friends of the 50 States who contribute in this Post. Like in many similar situations, much like George Soros, Acorn, The various Investment banks, Mae’s Fanny and Freddy Mack other things pop up when you start digging in these big names.

    When I came across the innocuous name of Sondag [South African Dutch for Sunday] I had no inkling that it was anything but what it appears to be; a low class filth journolism outfit for the depraved; and having looked at one Post [they call it an Article] I had no idea that it was anything else. Pray tell me who would look for an international racketeering and a Sicilian type extortion operation in the pages of porn and the backstreet language level of participating comments. It took me a while to recognize the real purpose of the filth level of porn journolism; for hidden behind there is the main purpose; racketeering and extortion and the strong arm tactics to dispose of the guy who resist.

    If I should suddenly disappear from this Blog to die an unnatural death anytime soon, do remember this name: “Sondag” part of Media24 South African and Worldwide and call Interpol. Just Google for Media24 and one of the links will get you to Newspapers and from there to Sondag. The present EIC [Editor in Charge – North] is a sleaze ball punk by the name of Peet Bothma but don’t take him on alone; he is surrounded by a ring of Sicily style extortionists and racketeers; any one of them will dump your body in a ditch for a hundred bucks. Remember Wheeler in Biden’s Home State.

    I shall be filling you in on developments as we go along.

  10. Ike Jakson Says:


    Here is my latest notice to the scumbags that I have been telling you about.

    “I regret to have to note that you and the people at your sewage paper, the Sondag, do not want to answer the questions that I have asked about your deliberate lies and slanderous conduct; it is also my clear impression that they know that any answer will reveal them for the lying bunch of thugs they are.

    The filth and the viciousness of their actions and the blatant disregard for International Internet Protocol Regulations have made me enquire about my rights and I shall continue with that as well as any other steps that may be necessary.

    You Sir are a spineless coward and the people you employ at your Sondag fit well in with you.

    Ike Jakson [freelance writer].”

    I also came across this place on the Internet and sent them a copy:

    From that I clicked:

    Cyber Law Enforcement –

    A network of law enforcement officers who specialize in cybercrime investigation and training. Cover child pornography, cyberstalking, cyberscams and fraud online.

    From that I got:

    It’s to this lady that I sent the copy. I had also written to her last night but am awaiting reply. Does anyone know these people? They operate from Canada.

  11. Ike Jakson Says:

    Hi Guys

    I got me self a reply from the big Thug. I am doing a copy/paste job here.

    Ike JaksonMR van Zyl
    9:51 AM (4 hours ago)

    Reply |Abraham Van Zyl to me, Peet
    show details 12:57 PM (1 hour ago)

    Dear Mr. Jakson,

    At Media24 we acknowledge the independence of our editors. We have high regard for our editors and have a policy of non-interference into editorial matters.

    The editor of Sondag should deal with this matter as he sees fit.

    To which I replied:

    Mr Van Zyl

    Peet Bothma is not fit to be an Editor anywhere in the News Media and I hold you responsible for his actions.

    Free lance writer Ike Jakson

    How am I a’doon for you America?

  12. bydesign001 Says:

    Ike, I have been following your post and comments. Do be careful. There is one thing that journalists in your parts and journalists on our side of the world have in common, they’re all a bunch of slugs. Even worse is that they’re good at being downright nasty. Tread carefully.


    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks you Lady BD

      One can expect anything from the bunch of bushwhackers that has been my misfortune to have had to tangle with and I appreciate your concern. It is one of the reasons I asked you guys to call Interpol if I should suddenly become quiet. But I have the filthy scum in disarray now; it’s the old story of the slime ball; big mouth when he starts but they know no loyalty when they fail. Then they eat each other. And we had another small victory today.

  13. Cheech Says:

    Hello Ike, I’ve been trying understand the situation there. Do I understand you correctly, a newspaper reporter is making charges of a woman having an affair?

    If so, it seems really strange to me. What business is it of a newspaper or one of their reporters, or for that matter anyone else, what any woman does in her spare time?

    We have anal retentive recalcitrant news outlets over here, but they usually stick to making life miserable for public figures, and leaving the
    ordinary people alone.

    Do you have a link to any of this??? Perhaps I’m way off on this, please post more.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks for your visit Cheech

      We have the same filth in the Media that you have but we have a sewage Press as well where a few jornolists who think that they are icons go for ordinary people.

      In this case the aggrieved current wife [a real piece of shit] of a family member decided to take him for money and found a garbage reporter in the sleaze press who needed an article; it has since become obvious that the reporter has had a long personal grudge with a very pretty lady and they concocted an affair.

      I won’t bother you with dirt; they published it in the street as well as the electronic editions.

      I weighed in and asked for balanced reporting. They refused to Post most of my remarks. Now Cheech, you should know by now that I am an old softie but don’t take to people overstepping the mark for a friend.

      I ripped into her; she didn’t have a clue and thought I was just an old nobody and threw the chamber pot at me, which was a mistake. I wrote to the editor but then discovered to my amazement that he didn’t have a clue about the whole affair. In the meantime I started this and then they made the biggest mistake and went for me in a follow-up article this past Sunday obviously planning on finishing this old nuisance off. Get me over and done with.

      But in their youthful glee they claimed that I had posted a certain comment that was really bad and yes, they admitted not posting it because it was so bad but they had decided to quote the context of the purported comment.

      Again not knowing their adversary I posted a strong rejection and asked for them to prove it. Another young sod entered into the fray claimed [all in the article where the public could read all this] that my name and email address were in it. I politely at first but much more serious as time went on gave him a short lecture about IP addresses.

      Then all went dead. I then knew that either they had lied about the purported comment of the IP Address would probably reveal that it was one of the reporters or maybe even the aggrieved wife bitch herself.

      But all this lead me to start Googling on the paper and discovered that it is part of a massive conglomerate; that’s my field of expertise from my working days see. I started writing to senior management in the holding company; kept going up the next step to the next level of holding companies.

      The rest you more or less know. Please do hang around on this. I may need some help.

  14. Cheech Says:

    Ike, I’m starting to understand. I hope you get somewhere going up the management ladder, but don’t be surprised if they protect their own.

    With people like these, it’s a good bet this isn’t the first fracas they have caused.

    The IP address was a brilliant idea!

  15. Ike Jakson Says:

    Yup Cheech

    You got it. In fact, read the first reply I got from the van Zyl monkey, the one just before Lady BD where I am saying that I am doing a copy/paste job. He is a real big wig; though it is not my style to insult people for the sake of insulting I made an exception in his case.

    The IP idea I had picked from Brendano in Ireland that time when we had to deal with the troll in my Blog and his. I then Googled for IP Addresses and knew I had them on that after reading it all up.

    I don’t expect much this weekend and want to visits the Posts of my friends that I have been neglecting. Do look in by the week end and I shall of course. Keep you guys fully informed.

    It’s just almost too amazing that Large Corporations allow this to happen One day when you have time just Google Media24 and go down the links. They are big, AND I mean Capital BIG in Internet and they employ monkeys and assholes to run it. Amazing.

  16. Bob Mack Says:

    Give ’em hell, Ike.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Bob

      You have been a rock of support and I won’t ever forget that. I shall sock them one o two for your sake too and I shall soon be back in the Blogs.

  17. Cheech Says:

    Ike, I looked at media24, but not with Google.

    I’ve stopped using Google since hearing they might have been working with the US government. We don’t need that.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      That’s an interesting point about Google; something to keep in the back of the mind.

      But everything out your way dwarfs any similar thing out here by sheer size. I have never really bothered or had any need to examine the entire Media24 Group. In fact, there are a few highly reputable Companies in there and I have had the pleasure of meeting a few guys of honor during this unpleasant episode; three people I had never heard of before stepped forward to guide me; of course I shall never mention their names but I have the highest respect for them.

      However, I feel a little queasiness around the stomach when I see the blatant contradictions by some of their senior executives like this creature name of van Zyl I mentioned further up. And then I uncovered that they virtually run our Internet.

      I am just going to treat it as research but keep on digging. Do stay in touch; something will break on the tiff we have by week end; either way it breaks I will know whether I must find the police or not.

  18. Ike Jakson Says:

    Hi guys

    You all have your lives to carry on with but I thought I would let you know that we came forth victorious from the battle with the Giant Media24.

    They sell their street Edition on Sundays and follow it up with the Electronic Edition, the latter being kind of like a Post in WordPress.

    The First Street Edition two weeks ago caused havoc on our side and the Electronic Edition drew 37 comments. That’s the one I weighed into and as you have seen above I was using handguns, knives and the artillery at their supply routes and warehouses.

    The second article of past Sunday a week ago they came just for me; the family affair was almost forgotten; but I then switched to long distance missile defense and machine gun at close range and went ballistic. They fell apart.

    It was almost pathetic. The second Electronic Edition did not get one single comment and they didn’t even publish anything in the street Edition yesterday.

    Now we are sending the street fighters with the long knives in to finish off the filthy rats that started it. We have the big one down with a bad tummy, shitting all over her make-up.

  19. nolanimrod Says:

    The actor Paul Newman made a movie about this called Absence of Malice.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Nolanimrod

      I never saw that movie; the real life story I am involved in could be called ‘Pure Malice.’

      Thanks for dropping in. I am a bit down and out.

  20. Bob Mack Says:

    Hey, Ike.

    Chin up, keep punchin’. You know the old saying, “If life gives you lemons, add sugar, vodka, and ice.” Well, that may not be the saying, exactly, but I like it better…

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Bob

      We have won some battles with this bunch and it is now time to take them to task and attend to the nice person who called them in. It has caused havoc in family relations however, and that needs to heal. I am just down, but don’t count me out yet.

      I read your Post on cutting the big O down to size and was about to throw my weight in there but in the end the motivation lacked. What is he doing about Libya apart from scratching in his nose? The man makes me heave.

      But I appreciate your caring “for the wounded” and often wish I could be there. Thanks, my friend.

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