Summing up

As far back in my life as I can remember I have always lived an organized life even when I was a very young boy; it paid good dividends at school and later studies, my career and my research; it is the one part of my life that I cannot change and at my age it is not very important to change much.

 When I first thought about this Post half of the idea was sort of a notice that it will be my last Post in Blogging but after more consideration I decided that it is not to be that yet.

 However, I now have to accept the fact that I am going blind in the remaining eye and I still have a lot to do before that happens,  For my friends who do not yet know the story of my eye; you may read it in Back and living with my Eye

 But I have decided to do a few more Posts on matters that are important to me; there won’t be many and I shall let you know when the last and final one is posted.  It is necessary that I preserve the remaining eye as much as I can and I will continue to read the stuff of my old friends but I have finally decided to drop the Time Rag and that kind of rubbish; my comments in other Blogs may also be a lot fewer but my enthusiasm for you guys will remain undiminished.

 There is no reason why I shall vanish all of a sudden but I have to reduce my participation to the essentials about life as I see it.  Ole Bli Mo still has some fight in him.


8 Responses to “Summing up”

  1. nolanimrod Says:

    Hell, I thought you and ol’ Rip were going walkabout for the winter. Just noticed this post by accident. Welcome back to whatever.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Nolanimrod

      I have had my ups and downs as we all do but this one is a bit of whatever as you correctly sums it up. I am taking it one day at a time right now.

      Thanks for your concern and for dropping by. I needed both and appreciate it coming from you.

  2. Bob Mack Says:

    I’m really sorry to hear about your problem, Ike. If there’s such a thing as healing energy, I’ll be sending some your way.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Bob

      Thanks for the words; it means a lot to me. But I am no invalid yet; I know that I must rest the eye and lately I got into a bit too much. I shall see; right now I am a little frustrated. But I shall watch out for the healing energy from your way. I appreciate knowing you.

  3. bydesign001 Says:

    Dearest Ike, I am sorry to hear about your troubles. Like Bob, I too am sending plenty of healing energy your way. You are also in my prayers my friend.

    If you like, may I be so bold as to suggest you looking into possible software called speech recognition. Most laptops are already set up with it.

    I think that there may also be some sort of listening device so that you don’t have to strain your eye reading.

    I would hate to think of you giving up what you love so much.

    In any event, we love you. God bless you Ike.


    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thank you Denise

      I am just down right now. I read some and it gets me down more; how you guys stand it for so long I don’t know.

      I read the current situation in Libya from a link somewhere to the FoxNews report about the British soldiers getting kidnapped while escorting a “junior diplomat through the enemy lines. It made me laugh almost; it is not a laughing matter.

      Fact of the matter is what on earth they are doing there, and at a time when citizens are in peril at home? That protest march by the “Indian Mongrel Cleric” was called off I heard, but how would you ever control a bunch of them if they go on the rampage while half of American soldiers are in Afghan and Iraq?

      It’s a bad time, Denise; but my eye is holding if I give it plenty rest. Thanks for caring; it is wonderful because I know that you mean it.

      Love you lots and may God bless you too.

  4. Bob Mack Says:

    Hey Ike. Just thought I’d check in & see how you were doing. Hope all is well, & you’re back on the ‘firing lines’ before long.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Bob

      I really appreciate your visit, but no I am not well. I am working on it but I am tired; the Media24 thing was ugly and though I have the upper hand now the aftermath has left the bile in my throat.

      I have noticed some nice Posts coming through from some of you guys and almost commented in some a few days ago but the heart was not in it. I have to make a decision in the next two weeks and will let you know.

      It’s good hearing from you.

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