China surging further ahead

The entire News Media in the past month devoted all their time and efforts to Egypt, Gadaffi of Libya and lately the earthquake disaster in Japan.  In America the main news came out of Wisconsin and Obama doing his egg dancing from ineptness in one crisis to more ineptness in the next one.

 Meanwhile China has been busy doing what really needs to be done; they have quietly surged ahead of the pack and there can be no doubt by anyone who watches the World that China has handled their long term planning and strategies in an exemplary manner.

 They have made no enemies, remained aloof about what doesn’t concern them; indeed other countries Worldwide are now queuing for Friendship with China.  Billion dollar deals have been signed in the past weeks; from oil and minerals to mining and technology.

 China can today make an American Cowboy shirt for one third of the cost that America needs to do it and can produce American luxury automobiles for less than half the American price.  They are feeding their people and millions of their young minds leave universities with cum laude degrees every year.

 You will be hard put to criticize these short facts but do feel free to try if you wish.  And don’t forget that Putin’s Russia has not been sleeping on the job either.

 Behold the World’s power axis for the next fifty years and more.

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